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Amy Morgan

Amy Morgan
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West Hollywood


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$200/hour $100/half hour

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Thank you for visiting my profile, I am passionate about astrology and sharing information to assist clients along their personal journeys. As a young child I was involved in an accident which caused a near death experience, this served as an instrument to activate my clairvoyant abilities.  I was introduced to astrology at the age of sixteen and was instantly fascinated. I am in awe of the depth of accurate information available through the art of astrology and the practice of metaphysics in our daily lives.  Over the last 25 years I have journeyed deep into the study of metaphysics, including many perspectives on astrology and developed a style of my own to read from.

I work with the western wheel system of reading charts, however, I use the sidereal ephemeris, similar to those of the Vedic system. Meaning,  I read from the astronomical locations of the constellations as opposed to the tropical ephemeris found in western magazines and newspapers. Through using this combination I have found a profound tool for accessing large amounts of information for my clients.  During my readings I feel huge rushes of energy within me and simply remove myself from the conversation allowing for a channelled flow to move through me.  At heart I am an artist and a mathematician so the ability to channel information based on scientific accuracy appeals to both aspects of my belief system.

When I give channeled astrology readings, I use the date, time and location of your birth to create a star map. This map, referred to as your Natal Chart, is used as a tool to access the Akashic field and provide specific information for you on every aspect of your life.

During your 30 or 60 minute reading, massive amounts of information will come through for you about all aspects of your chart and how they directly correlate to your daily life.
In addition, the current planetary map, or Transit Chart, will be compared to your Natal Chart in order to explain what specific events and occurrences are influencing you now and what is to come in the future.

Additional Information: 

All readings are done via phone.

Listed since: Jul 11, 2015

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