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If you're a psychic or medium, get your Free Listing today. It all begins with you Registering For Before you register, read the requirements to be listed below. If you qualify, register now and you can then submit your listing for approval.


  1. You must use your real FIRST and LAST name.
  2. You must own a website.
  3. Your website cannot be a page on a psychic hotline, psychic directory, any website with multiple psychics listed.
  4. You cannot own a psychic directory or pay-per-minute psychic website.
  5. Your website cannot be a social media page.
  6. You must upload a photo of yourself.
  7. You must provide a link back to (click here for the Certificate of Approval).
  8. You must agree to accept email from Bob Olson and
  9. You must NOT offer "spell casting services," "curse removal," "demonic removal," "spirit/entity exorcism," or anything similar.
  10. Your website must present you as a psychic, medium, medical intuitive, or tarot reader, etc.
  11. Bob Olson (Olson Media Group, LLC) reserves the right to refuse approval for other reasons.

OTHER CRITERIA BOB OLSON LOOKS FOR WHEN APPROVING NEW LISTINGS: We prefer you upload a photo headshot & have one on your website (do NOT use a graphic as a photo).

  1. Bob prefers you own your website rather than use a free website service or blogging site.
  2. Bob prefers that your website gives your full name.
  3. The more professional your website appears, the better.
  4. Bob is looking to approve people whose "primary" service is psychic, medium or tarot readings, even if you offer other services.
  5. Bob likes to see testimonials on websites, preferably those with first and last names.
  6. Bob prefers to see your headshot photograph on your directory listing and your website. No graphics, logos, or other photos are allowed on your directory page.
  7. We encourage you to take the time to create a well informed directory profile. Many visitors do not click through to websites before choosing a psychic so give as much information as possible.

If you qualify, please REGISTER below.

Bob Olson


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