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I am an Internationally known verified born Psychic Medium

Born gifted, a reading with me is practical straight forward compassionate and positive. I have a successful global track record over 12 years of guiding all sorts of careers and lives including competitive athletes, public figures, judges, artists , actors, heads of companies I also advise on business concepts branding and starts ups and conduct interactive workshops on empowerment and spirituality.
Most importantly I love working with anyone who is willing to get proactive with their life to make that shift into living a progressive life.

If you’re willing to move forward in your life to be empowered, inspired and clear in your purpose then book a reading with Omar. Readings can be done in person, Facetime or Skype. please check him on instagram omarkahnmedium

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Omar currently holds private/one-on-one readings via Telephone or Skype. Available for Weekly or monthly sessions, Life Coaching, Intuitive Business Coaching, Medical Intuitive and Grief Counseling. He travels worldwide to numerous cities and countries please visit his website and Instagram for further information on his locations for face-to-face readings . Instagram omarkahnmedium, Facebook Omar Kahn medium ,

Listed since: Nov 5, 2015


" I had a reading with Omar in Sept 2019. It was amazing - inspired me to reach for my higher dream - what seemed not possible became possible and I was successful in gaining my desired 3 day job in a great organisation. Last week was a tough week as I deep dived into self doubt again - I re read the notes from my session with Omar that was now a whole year ago. I read Omar's words and felt back on track immediately. Highly recommend a reading if you’re looking for direction
Omar is the best! I trust in his every word. He has been spot on with everything he has told me, even exact time frames. I have seen Omar many times and I feel very comfortable with him. If you want to know anything about a lost loved one, your future, or a life coach please see this man. He is highly motivational and recommended by me.
Omar does some numerology and as he held my hand during the reading, he spoke from a very practical point of view – advising on work choices, health issues – very specific, relationship challenges while providing life coaching at the same time. Throughout the reading, Omar often blinks his eyes and channels spirits. He picks up on past lives and took me into great detail about the time in history, location and people present. I was left with sense of connection and belonging. Omar angel
I wrote this upon meeting Omar the first time... I feel tonight that I have been given a tremendous gift by meeting Omar Kahn , I am not the man I was prior to this afternoon....and I mean that in the most humble and grateful sense. As long as I can remember, I have felt the presence of those that have gone before...and I was so deeply moved by Omar's reinforcement of my beliefs. It was without a doubt, one of the most profound days of my life, and I will be forever grateful.
Hi there! I just Love Omar for the charismatic person he is not to mention the energy he reflects on to people he meets! His unselfish love for helping others is just beyond humanity.. And it does not matter what i say because this is something other people need to experience once you have a session or a conversation with Omar! If you feel like you are stuck in life or in need of guidance, Omar is the right person for anyone. I am looking forward to meeting Omar next time! Peace and Love
I had 3 reading with Omar since I was introduced to him, all of which were just amazing!! Omar delivers truth, important messages and clarity for the future and I MEAN IT!! I truly believe Omar is a time traveler and a blessing to all of the ones that cross his path as a medium and as a person, he has helped me understand my life better and shine light where it was needed. I cant wait for another reading!! No doubt hes THE BEST!!!
You won’t meet many people as talented and intuitive as Omar in your life. Omar has given me career, health and life readings over the last 10 years and these have helped me reach my potential, see my road blocks and opportunities differently. He gets to the point, gives incredible guidance but also explains it is up to you to change and use this information should you want. Omar has a special gift, he also wants to make everyone reach the best they can be. Book and see for yourself.
I was introduced to Omar through a mutual friend many years ago. During my first reading Omar gave me some very detailed information that (at the time) seems absolutely ridiculous about the coming months. Every last bit of it came true. Omar is extremely gifted and offers a wealth of knowledge with a compassionate heart... he reads for my entire family. Thank you Omar!
Omar is an all around amazing guy. His gift is undeniable and he's able to pinpoint certain details of your life and past that will certainly blow your mind. He will give you the peace of knowing and give you a no bullshit directional push. Omar is not just a psychic/medium but also an amazing friend and counselor. He has helped me along with many friends and family and has always treated me with the utmost love and respect. Don't miss your chance to speak with him...........He's the real deal.
Omar is fabulous! He puts you right at ease and is spot on. He can see ways to improve what is happening in your life. He can also connect you to loved ones that have passed. You will be amazed at all of his insight. Do not hesitate to contact him. A++++++
Omar is the best. My first recommendation to clients unsure of direction and choices. Omar is real authentic and straight to the point. I like his realistic direct approach. I recommend and respect his view above any psychic mediums I know. He was able to connect and help me more than any other.
I have had the pleasure of having a reading from Omar on a few occasions. The first reading was months after losing my husband in a very traumatic way. I had a lot of unanswered questions and was suffering a great deal. Omar was able to provide me comfort not only by giving me closure I had not had before but also by allowing me to see that our loved ones are always near us. My friends and family who also went to him had the same life changing experience. I Am ever grateful to have done this.
I didn't know if Psychics were real before but after meeting Omar Khan, I know now they do. In fact in the perspective I gained I learned a lot about our world that we live in and am so thankful I took the opportunity to do so. I strongly suggest taking a pen and paper to write everything down. It all makes sense eventually. Omar is truly committed to helping others and helped me to focus on my authenticity. Omar can help you see what truly matters to you now and in the future.
Omar has done my reading and a dozen other people that I know. I can without hesitation recommend him to anyone because he is always amazing. I have seen him motivate and inspire a friend who was lost to the point that my friend has radically changed his life immediately after talking to Omar. I have seen him speak to friends deceased family members and help them get closure. He was spot on in guiding me in a relationship that was in trouble. Omar is awesome!
A network of friends who are very sophisticated about spiritual and healing matters were jumping up and down about Omar. About 20 of us were in disbelief at the "spot on" advice he was able to see. He successfully warned be about an accident that in fact happened weeks later to a family member and as he predicted, exposed a larger problem. Last year I came to him for vision on a complex family betrayal and his advice exceeded any lawyer or therapist. I consider him essential to my life guidance.
Ive received readings and intuitive guidance from Omar over many years. He has provided me with insights that have reigned true,even when I could not have forseen the possibility at the time. Omar only comes from a place of light when speaking to you and I have always held certainty in his intentions and intuitive guidance. He can be firm when you need him to be and soft and understanding when other times permit. I highly recommend Omar in his abilities and is a pleasure to converse with.
My mother went to the Angels in 2000 at just 61. Omar gave me the BEST birthday present in 2013, a conversation with my dear mum. I was able to chat with my.mum just as if she was alive. She motherly advise and talked about my family and issues that NO ONE would know about. I will cherish that conversation forever. Thank you Omar
I have been having readings with Omar for 6 years. He has helped guide me through everything from loosing my mum to my own health crisis. He is the most genuine and honest Medium I have ever met. He tells you what you need to hear to make the best life decisions going forward .When I made contact to tell him I was finally cancer free he said “I know”, I felt very blessed and still do.
The most authentic reading l have ever had, astonishingly real & delivered with a focused communication with precise messages. Omar has a way to identify what is needed to be realized, manifested & understood with the intent to serve only a positive change or outcome. He did not skirt around issues that are not warranted, he delivered for me life changing information, he was clear that his work was to deliver what is needed not necessarily just wanted. He is not a recommendation. He is a must!
I had a mediumship session with Omar because I wanted to connect with my father who had passed years ago. I was very nervous but once the session started I felt at ease. He is very practical & spiritual but not airy fairy. Omar goal is to shift you in one session. I truly felt like diving timing everything he told me at that point in my life. I have done a few more sessions with Omar over the years. Omar is highly recommend him for love, career and business. My family members have seen him too!

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