Lauren Sietzema

Lauren Sietzema
Lauren Sietzema


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$50 for 30 minutes $90 for an hour

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Face to face, online, over the phone and emailed readings can be booked through my website. All payments are processed through paypal


My name is Lauren and I am a psychic medium living in Brisbane. I offer mediumship, tarot, psychometry, channeled messages, healing, chakra balancing, aura readings and identifying etheric cords.

I have had an interest in the spiritual from a young age, feeling drawn to question and understand the nature of the universe and the other side. I have spent the last few years studying and becoming an accredited psychic medium reader in order to work with others and help pass on insights and guidance from their loved ones, guides and spirit. Etheric Tide is the platform from which I intend to demystify some of the ideas about the spiritual, help reconnect people to the divine, guiding them on their personal spiritual path. I help bring clarity in multiple areas of your life including relationships, career, development, health, home, family or finances.

I like to approach the spiritual with an open, loving but scientific lens and hope to marry what we know about known physics with metaphysics, and pass on to others any knowledge and wisdom found upon this journey. It is my overall visions to channel what I have learnt from spirit to inspire people to break free from culturally constructed beliefs or blocks. Ultimately I want to empower them with the tools to make the right actions for them to follow their passions.

As a medium, my purpose is to give validation that life continues after we pass and assurance that your loved ones are still with you in spirit. I reconnect you with your guides and loved ones on the other side, passing on any messages they may have to help you move through any life obstacles you are facing.

It is important to me to deliver high quality evidential readings, I will always be open and honest with you because the thing I value above all else is integrity, respect, growth and joy.

I look forward to working with you and helping you with any challenges that you are experiencing.

Additional Information: 

I have completed training and mentorship through The Temple of Love, Soul & Spirit with Leanne the Barefoot Medium. This course has been accredited by the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists

If you wish to connect with me you can visit:
Facebook: @etherictidewithlaurenpsychicandmedium
Youtube: Search "Etheric Tide" or go to

I am always updating my social media, blogs, articles, videos and readings share things that I've learnt to help support spiritual development.

Listed since: Nov 1, 2017

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