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Debra Sinclair

Debra Sinclair
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Instant Reading Fee: Click Instant Reading buttons above for rate per minute

Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$65 for 15 minutes $100 for 30 minutes $180 for one hour

To Schedule A Reading Call: 

1800 090 280


"With many happy clients in AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND, I am pleased to now be available for readings for the USA and Canada, and UK".

Deb Sinclair is proudly screened and approved by BEST PSYCHIC DIRECTORY.

DEBS INCREDIBLE PSYCHIC ACCURACY IS BACKED BY MANY EXCEPTIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS & REPEAT CLIENTS! You will quickly understand why this highly talented reader is so popular. Readings by phone, chat, email, see my website for more information....

With a very strong and pure connection to Spirit and the afterlife, and her caring and realistic approach, you will enjoy time well taken to talk to Debs.

No time wasting with lots of questions, all Debs requires is a first name and the insight begins right away.
With many fantastic reviews,you will find Debs to be accurate, authentic, and wonderful to talk to. Positive, accurate insight with an impressive depth of Spiritual knowledge and experience.

"Validation is a key factor, points of evident reference that the client relates to. This connection is made very quickly and once in place , we are also connected in Spiritually, and readings flow from there. I have complete confidence in my ability and what Spirit shows me, they have tested me many, many times, in order for me to become very fine tuned".
My readings are specialised to each individual to help them with what ever it is they are requiring. I do not generalize, or refer to anything other than the clients energy and Spirit. This means your reading is Purely intuitive, and remains that way throughout the session"

What makes Debs readings stand out is her innate ability to provide very intricate and detailed readings, that go above and beyond. Her depth of insight, and abilities with a Spiritual and practical understanding of each individual is truly inspiring. A true psychic and empath whose non judgmental nature means your reading is from a pure intuitive source. Spirit has developed an ability to read through the subconscious layers of clients as well, and Debs is currently studying under the guidance of Spirit and One Consciousness to further enhance her medical intuitive abilities.

Her understanding of the world of Spirit and how it all works, and the ability to integrate this special spiritual energy into your life, means you will experience a truly accurate and relevant reading.

Additional Information: 

AUSTRALIA Phone 1900 9 52515 for minute by minute readings $4.40 per minute AUD including GST or phone 1800 090 280 to book your readings at a fixed fee.

Spiritual Counselling  Medium-ship  Emotional healing Soul Reach/Retrieval  Automatic writing  Life Coaching Aura reading and insight  Clairvoyance  Psychic Vision Clair-audience  Clairsentience  Empathetic Energetic reading Heart Centered Balancing  Chakra healing  Validation of your journey, past, present and future  Soul Mate Connections Life LessonsHigher Awareness  Health and well-being energy psychic readings  Medical intuition  Near Death Experience Insight  PTSD insight  Life transitions Relationships  Psychometry Out of body experiences  Déjà vu Past Lives Empath Astral Travel Understanding the Higher Self  Arch Angels  And more…..

Listed since: Mar 21, 2016


Debs did not use cards or anything like that for my reading. Straight away she started describing people and events in my life that no one knew about. She predicted accurately the death of an overseas girl friend, whom I thought was in perfect health, a relationship break-up, a move to another town, accurately describing it's surroundings and much more. I recommend Debs work to anyone who takes Spirit seriously. May her healing energy propel her to great success and recognition.
Debs is exceptionally accurate and wonderful to talk to as a reader. She has predicted an unusual situation for me and had his name, location and situation correct (and it was a foreign name at that!). She comes highly recommended and I will return to her time and time again. Some pyschics can be airy fairy but not Deb. She tunes in very quickly and is very clear in what she sees. One of the best.
This women is amazing had my first session with her & wow !!!! well on point with her readings recommend her services to anyone outstanding work Debs and thank you so much.
Wonderful insight into what is happening in my life currently and what will unfold in the future. Her ability is undeniable and real. I truly enjoyed her reading and kindness.
Deb is amazingly accurate and insightful. Instantly made a connection to me about my query, absolutely spot on! Her clarity and depth was so helpful in reassuring me and reflecting my own understanding back at me in a way that was helpful and full of guidance. One of the best readers I've ever encountered.
Debra is wonderful she was so accurate and gave me detailed information to help me in a kind and meaningful way. She is truely authentic and I look forward to her help again. I highly recommend her to anybody wanting an authentic psychic reading. Thanks Debra
Deb has been amazing, i have been and am still going through some personal trauma and the peace of mind she has given me through these readings are just incredible. Her accuracy continues to blow me away. She is a genuine, honest, amazing person. I have only known Deb for a little over a year but I feel like I have known her my whole life. She has this amazing connection with you. Deb is someone that if you are lucky to meet her, you will never forget her.
I had a phone reading with Debs after my cat went missing. She tuned in so quickly only knowing my name and my cat’s name, got straight to the point and never wasted any time. She instantly made me feel comfortable and was extremely reassuring in what she said, and of course my cat returned home just as she said he would! She gave me so much hope and comfort in a very stressful situation and I will never hesitate to recommend her to anyone or to get another reading done by her in the future
Deb has a very strong connection to spirit and it didn't take long at all for her to tune into myself and those around me. With messages flying through, Deb did well to communicate and pass these on with ease. I left my session feeling lighter with having clarity on a couple of situations as well as an understanding of my higher purpose. I wouldn't hesitate to have another reading with Deb and highly recommend her to others seeking guidance, clarity and connection.
I have returned to Debs for several readings as she has proven to be accurate, extremely accurate in fact. I like the way she gets to the bottom of what is going on, her readings have revealed things I never even realised, this has helped a lot with my own growth. She is the real deal and is very honest, and there is no judgement whatsoever. I shall continue to have readings from her, and recommend others do the same.
Deb was lovely to chat with and gave such positive details and suggestions to take with me and ponder on. I definitely suggest you get a reading from this lovely lady she is like a breathe of fresh air amongst the flowers.
I've been to quite a few psychics in my life and I would have to say that Debs is the most amazing one so far. She is highly accurate and so spot on, detailing certain events and scenarios very precisely!! She knew things about me that no one knew!! She is also very lovely and her ability to see what she does through an email reading without even meeting me is really quite astounding!! If you are after answers and insight and also future predictions, I highly recommend you see Debs. Xox
An exceptional reader and yet so down to earth. No judgement, only guidance and very accurate. This one has a true Spiritual Connection, and has helped me a lot. Gave me understanding of my actual purpose and why I have been thorugh what I have, and what is to be learnt from it. A great Spiritual Counsellor. I could go on and on...
I had an email reading from Deb, and it was amazing. She was really​ spot on about everything going on for me and it gave me a lot of clarity. I felt so comforted by Debs caring and warm nature. I highly recommend Deb for a reading, she has a really special gift of sight. Regards Sherelle Borthwick
Had a wonderful email reading and Deb was very accurate in a couple of the questions and now waiting to see how the others go, as the months go by... would certainly have another reading in the future
I am happy to say that Debs was absolutely spot on with everything when she did a reading for me. She was so fast to link in, and I am so pleased that she did not need to ask lots of questions to start the reading, the only thing she wanted to know was my first name. She picked up on how I was feeling, and what I had been experiencing both in the past and now. She is very, very good!!!! If anyone is considering phoning Debs for a reading, definitely do so!
I have phoned Debs on several occasions for readings as she is very accurate, easy to understand, and provides definite and clear answers. She clearly described people and their mannerisms so I knew exactly who she was talking about, and told me intimate details of my life that she could not possibly know. I also received a higher perspective regarding my life path. Debs is a true and pure psychic, and I will continue to phone her in the future.
I am so impressed by Debs ability. Her Spiritual connection was immediate, and her empathetic insight is incredible! She told me personal things that no one else knew of, and was spot on with everything. I felt calm and reassured after my reading, and have no hesitation in recommending her.

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