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Catherine Churchill
Catherine Churchill


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Catherine is a Medium and Psychic with a focus on connecting with those who have passed to the spirit world. Catherine is dedicated to helping others through her work as a medium and delivers messages from loved ones in spirit with a high level of accuracy, evidence, honesty, compassion and detail.

Catherine has a natural ability to connect with the spirit world and has also spent a significant amount of time studying both mediumship and psychic studies in the US, Europe and Australia. Catherine has been publicly reading for over a decade and has built up a strong client base worldwide. Using her ability to bridge the gap between this world and the next for them, to bring healing and pass on validating messages from their loved ones in spirit.

During a mediumship reading with Catherine, you will discover Catherine is able to bridge the gap between this world and the next by working with a combination of Clairsentience and Clairaudience.

Catherine is able to feel or sense those who have passed to the spirit world, relaying their personalities, as well as clearly hearing their voices and providing specific details from them such as messages, names, dates, events and places. Catherine believes that by providing such strong evidence from loved ones in spirit world, it is proof that our loved ones who have passed want us to know they always remain connected to us and their love never dies.

Catherine also provides Psychic Readings on situations you may need insight into. As a Psychic, Catherine is able to provide Psychic Readings by using Clairsentience and Clairvoyance. Catherine is able to accurately sense and see your future, or current situations in your life that you may need some insight into.

These readings cover most areas of your life, such as relationships or career, or specific questions you may have.

Catherine also holds Certifications in Criminal Profiling and works on both missing persons and cold cases upon request, using her knowledge of Criminal Profiling and combining it with her mediumship and psychic ability to help solve cases. There is no charge for this service.

Catherine believes that we all have a destiny or blue print and certain life experiences or events are preordained but that our futures are often changing. At the end of the day you are still the one with the pen in your hand and can always re write your life story or future as you see fit, as you have free will.

Catherine's readings focus on healing, validation, clarity, compassion, love and respect for those living and passed.

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Catherine offers Zoom and Phone readings. Please visit to book a session with Catherine.

Listed since: Oct 29, 2014


Catherine is as good as it gets !!! She truely has a special gift. I can hand on heart say she is 100% spot on. She has read 5 family members and has been 100% spot on every time. Each reading has blown me away with her accuracy. If you are looking to connect with loved ones who have passed she will 100% do this for you. Each family member she has read has connected with the person that they wanted to hear from. She is amazing. Thank you Catherine for your beautiful gift. Xxxx
Catherine is such a gifted psychic/medium I’m so glad I found her. Her readings are so accurate and her connection to the spirit world is extraordinary my dad came through and she mentioned things no one could guess! Highly recommend this gifted lady
Really appreciate Catherine’s insight into things in my life ! Found them to be very true.
Catherine is truly a gifted medium. I was missing my mom so much and she was able to connect with her so accurately in my reading. I felt as if I was talking directly to my mom. This is my third reading with Catherine over the pass 3 years. She brings through all the answers without me asking. I have loss both my parents by my early 50’s and she has helped me deal with my grief by connecting to my loved ones. Reminding me they may be gone but they are still with me. I highly recommend Catherine.
Catherine is a most gifted medium. As an evidential medium she is right on with all the proof necessary to back her readings up. Glad I met you.
Catherine is a very gifted medium. She always connects so well with my dad and she gives you the honest truth. Sometimes I find that mediums hold their tongue or sugar coat. While she is respectful always, she says what she is getting and I love it. She has got a few family members names exactly correct and she has even got things that I have said in my mind to my dad. I have followed the advice given to me from my dad through her and it has really helped me out. Highly recommended!
Catherine is a lovely lady who has a beautiful gift. She connected me to my long passed Dad, as well as my recently lost Mum, Sister, and my niece. Catherine's ability to give proof positive is amazing, as she was able to consistently tell me names and descriptions, as well as facts that she could never have possibly known. I have seen many mediums, but have now stopped searching. Catherine is the person my family and I have been searching for. ! A very gentle lady with a wealth of knowledge.
My reading with Catherine, touched me like no other. Catherine was immediately relaying precise detail of loved ones that was undeniable. She was so gentle and kind, while providing insight and clear messages. I am blessed to have connected with Catherine and will definitely contacting her for future readings on a regular basis!!
"Catherine’s gift was truly a gift for me, especially when a very vocal loved one is my horse. Her authenticity in the unique experience to communicate for him and her willingness adapt to his communication style that is uniquely him. Her messages gave me a sense of peace and released a heartache I didn’t know I held onto. Catherine’s courageous, loving honesty in identifying and sharing where I block myself from my greatest success was spot on and the key to unlock the door within myself.
Catherine Church is the real deal when she communicates with the other world her evidential information and detail is beyond what most people can communicate. She has a natural ability to communicate with spirit beyond most. It truly is like she has a direct line that is so clear. A blessing to those looking for evidence that those we love and miss walk with us. Catherine I can't thank you enough for your dedication to serve wholly.
I had a mediumship reading with Catherine where she connected with a few of my loved ones who have transitioned over. She was incredible in being able to relay messages from them that only I would know & understand! She even knew their initials which boggled my mind. I've been processing everything she relayed to me. There was 1 thing she told me that I didn't fully grasp until a week or so after our time & now I fully get it! I can't wait to do another reading with her. Highly recommend!
My reading with Catherine was the best reading I have even had. (and I have had a few) She is absolutely one of the most gifted mediums out there. Everything she said was right on. I felt like she was sitting with my family on the other side remote viewing my thoughts and my journal. She was very accurate with describing family members who have crossed over, both within my lifetime and very far back. The messages she conveyed gave me hope and made perfect sense. Truly amazing.
Our experience with Catherine was magical. My father passed away recently and being able to connect with him and know he is doing well in his non physical form gives my mom and I so much peace. Catherine gave us such clear and accurate detail in her messages. She relayed information that only my father and our family would know. It is reassuring to have the confirmation that my dad continues his life in non physical form and we are forever grateful to Catherine for facilitating the connection.

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