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Free call 1800191524 (Australia) 0800300680(NZ) 18336208840(USA) 18332838460(Canada) Or +64273006580 (Mobile - worldwide). I am also on Click4Advisor Instant Readings.


Clients say:
"Love, love, love this lady! Very accurate! Try her!" ~
"So enjoyed her reading and accuracy!" ~
"Wonderful connection! I could feel her connection to Spirit!" ~
"You were very spot on with what you picked up!" ~
"She was very accurate on situation I was concerned with and definitely helped me with my issues in a positive and calming manner." ~
"Very nice lady and easy to talk to. Gave information about my situation right away." ~
"I was very thankful after my session for all of the messages conveyed to me, and received answers and validation in many different topics I had questions about. Very very pleased and feeling grateful for the insight I received." `
"Aurora is an amazing soul. She has clarity coupled with compassion in her reading style as an Intuitive. I give Aurora an excellent rating for her psychic attunement. We are living at a time where we can embrace our own abilities to go deep within for our own answers. Having Aurora being part of your journey is a true gift."

AURORA BROSNAHAN is a psychic medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, an accurate, truly authentic Spirit channel. Enlightened, empowering readings. With 35 years experience and an excellent international reputation, Aurora gives readings on all kinds of life issues to clients in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and worldwide.

Aurora is known as the "Psychic's psychic" for readings on love, relationships, family, pets, business, career, health, messages from spirit guides and passed over people and pets, life & soul paths, spirituality, transitions, personal & cross roads situations.

Aurora can 'hear, see, feel and know' answers to your questions by using all of her clair abilities, psychic medium abilities, channeling, as well as using her advanced spiritual 'tool kit'.

Aurora is authentic, a real (natural born) medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognisant and clairsentient reader.

Aurora is highly regarded in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada as being consistently one of the best phone readers anywhere.

Aurora's readings receive excellent reviews from her clients. She is an intelligent, highly intuitive empathetic reader, who delivers on point and accurate readings with wit and wisdom.

Aurora is a relationship intuitive, a medical intuitive, an animal communicator/pet psychic, an ascended master channel, a Tarot card reader, a psychic life coach, a spirit medium, an angel intuitive, a meditation instructor, an intuitive numerologist, an Akashic record reader, an intuitive astrologer and a chakra/aura intuitive and healer.

She is a caring, compassionate spiritual reader who transforms people's lives with her insightful, wise readings. She gives credible, accurate, real & intelligent, professional readings with wit and wisdom. Providing her clients with psychic answers, clarity & guidance on all kinds of life issues.

Aurora can reconnect you to your Higher Self, Divine Spirit, Akashic records & the angelic realms and higher dimensions, as her readings, while based in common sense and the reality of modern day life, also have a White Light and Divine Love energy focused basis.

Aurora is a channel for Spirit messages, psychic protection & energy healing, an ancient wisdom oracle, weaving divine Light positive powerful energy with the law of attraction and other spiritual laws for her clients. Aurora works with the sacred violet flame of St Germain, the sacred gold ray of Christ, Archangel Metatron, AA Michael, AA Gabriel, AA Raphael, AA Uriel, AA Aurora and other archangels, as well as ascended masters such as Mother Mary, Isis, Quan Yin, and other ancient god and goddess energies, as well as angelic and Higher Light beings in the high dimensions.

Aurora has been vetted, screened and approved by Bob Olson, owner of the world famous Best Psychic Directory. Aurora is a 100% independent psychic reader.



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Copyright owned by Aurora Brosnahan, 2019

Listed since: Nov 27, 2012


What a fantastic reading from Aurora! I was instantly impressed with how concise, accurate & confidently she was answering my queries. I highly recommend a reading by her, what a pleasure!
I recommend a reading with Aurora: she is positive, practical and accurate. The part of the reading I appreciated most was about my furbaby Bluey. Aurora has a unique connection with animals I've not seen in other psychics. She picked up on what a cheeky character he was and that he died instantly (he was hit by a car, rather than dying from illness). Her comments gave me genuine comfort as I miss him terribly. I will definitely be booking another reading with her again in future.
I called Aurora when my kitten Luca went missing. I got off the phone with Aurora as she was going to call me back and do a reading. I sent her through pictures of my Kitten and address and half an hour later he came home. He was missing for 24 hours. She gave me much needed comfort when I was very distressed. Thankyou Aurora! Would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.
Great read from Aurora. Thank you for making me feel better about my current situation and putting things into perspective.
Dear Aurora you are brilliant! I am writing in to let you know that your reading a few weeks ago was truly amazing and i am just realising how amazing it was as things fall into place for me over the last few days and weeks as you said they would. My direction is now mapped out and things are in place. Thank you and what an amazing conversation we had that day with so much revealed and uncovered so I am very very grateful.
Enjoyed my reading! Aurora is very kind, but honest and thorough. I gained a lot of clarity from a blurry situation. Thanks, Aurora!
I spent a really productive hour in a reading with you and we discussed a whole lot of things in detail which was very beneficial for me and laid some ghosts to rest so to speak. I am VERY grateful for your psychic insights. Thank you so much for your observations they are all correct. I will be calling you again soon!
Thank you Aurora for a stunning reading and bless you too because you are one talented amazingly psychic person! In a field of mediocre you are a bright shining STAR.
Aurora has been my go to support in my times of need for the past 6 years and it has always been an absolute blessing each and every time I speak with her. She gives honest, intelligent readings for clients who want substance, detail, quality & solid real answers. Her beautiful heart shows through in everything she says and her accuracy in all my situations still astounds me. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking any form of guidance in their lives. You definitely won’t be sorry!
Had an amazing reading with Aurora. She was calm and really told me straight up my next steps. All of it made sense and was the guidance I needed. The road ahead will be rough but she assured me that it was the right path to take which gave me some peace of mind. Couldn't reccommend her enough. Thanks!
The time I spent with Aurora was amazing. She is able to tell your truth gently and kindly. She is accurate, and takes the time necessary to discuss results. I will definitely keep in touch with Aurora.
Thank you very much Aurora for your reading . You answered for all my questions and it’s sort off my mystery about my love for my Edward dog . Will book another reading regarding to different subjects . Thank you again
Thanking Aurora very much for a clear and helpful reading. I found an item within 24hrs with the help from Aurora. Things have moved forward during a very stressful time and I found her guidance and vision ease the stress and heaviness I was faced with. A very compassionate, kind and insightful woman. Many blessings to you and thank you.
I received a reading from Aurora last week. I was unbelievably impressed at her accuracy. It was in relation to my relationship. She completely described him and the surrounding circumstances. Even telling me if things he had told me that she just couldn’t have known. I would see her again.
Aurora is authentic and genuine.. She is not only talented in her gifts, she authentically cares for her client. I highly recommend a reading with Aurora and look forward to connecting with her again.
My reading with Aurora was so special and resonated with me at a deep level in all respects. She is a special authentic soul and very gifted.Thank you!!!
Hi Aurora, thank you so much for another informative reading. Lovely to talk to you as always. You were right about everything too - as per usual! Blessings to you, Rose.
Aurora gave me detailed information, which she could not have possibly known.She correctly predicted the eventual positive outcome of the situation - which happened recently. I would call Aurora again in a heartbeat if I needed to get some psychic input and clairvoyant insights. A true talent!
I have never engaged a psychic/medium before and came across Lara. I found her to be very insightful, professional and ethical. I am under the impression that there are other mediums who extort peoples vulnerability however, I have always found Lara to be honest and true to her role - she is not someone who consults just to make money. I would highly recommend Lara to anyone looking for clarity.
Lara is an amazing medium, who we found in a time of desperation, when we were in search for our lost cat. She immediately answered our call, helping us search for our beloved Leo. She was able to connect and speak to him, giving us information on his whereabouts, which was truely comforting and lead us to him. Lara is compassionate and loving, without her guidance we would have been lost. We are forever grateful to Lara, and are blessed to have found her.
Lara was fantastic and answered my specific questions to a difficult situation. She gave me some good advise going forward to get back on my feet. Very gifted and I would definitely recommend if your looking for some clarity about anything in your life.
Lara's reading was my first and her insight proved invaluable to my situation. I was hesitant to entertain that Lara may actually help however my life was challenged by a major personal impact and it was a last resort. Lara's insight was so accurate that during the reading one of her insights actually occurred simultaneously which was confirmed in a text to me at the end of my reading. I was shocked and amazed but most of appreciative of her sensitivity and accuracy, I will use her again.
Lara you are amazing, you are pretty much accurate with your readings, thank you confirming things for me.
I recently sought my first reading from a psychic medium. I'm so glad I chose Lara & highly recommend her! Lara certainly has profound psychic abilities. She easily made contact with my recently passed over pet, was able to reassure me on aspects of his life & death which demonstrated not only her utterly genuine abilities but also a very real compassion for her clients.Her reading gave me renewed hope, useful, actionable advice and precious messages from my beloved boy. Thank you Lara!
Lara, Thank you for your time, attention and professionalism. I'm very happy to have had an opportunity to converse with you. Our conversation was very deep, detailed and clear. Regards,
Lara is very intuitive and is a compassionate. As well as providing future insights Lara has a great gift into providing guidance for the now. Lara's kind and caring nature made me feel at ease and is very good at guiding towards spiritual awakening/awareness/development. I recommend Lara highly as a trusted advisor for life's journey
Lara is amazing! During numerous times of stress and worry her insights have been strong , direct , sincere and honest psychically . A true talent without any false over glossing . Her readings gave me the strength and perspective to overcome some very dark depilatating times in my life . With kindness Lara also offered other tools and knowledge to help me . I am very grateful to Lara and highly recommend her.
I have been a client of Lara's for many years. In this time I have had Lara guide me through many life experiences and every time she has been my spiritual angel. If you want a medium who is experienced, genuine and compassionate then I highly recommended Lara.
For the last 3 years I have been a regular client of Lara's, in which time, she has successfully guided me through some major life decisions. She is amazingly gifted in reading situations with great accuracy and always gives advice full of extraodinary insight and wisdom. I am very blessed to have found her and cant recommend her highly enough to anyone seeking answers.
Lara was accurate, insightful, thorough and brought information to light that clarified many issues. I was able to steer away from danger. Because of her gifts I was able to turn matters around and live a positive life without being dragged into future problems. I would use her services again without question.


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