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Aurora Brosnahan
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Aurora is highly regarded as one of the best online phone psychics in Australia, NZ and USA. Aurora Brosnahan is an authentic clairvoyant, clairaudient psychic medium, empath, remote viewer, psychic channel and has been multiple test screened. Accurate, honest and trusted for 35 years, Aurora gives real, down to earth readings on your burning questions.

"BY FAR THE BEST intuitive on this website! Compassionate, knowledgeable, and approachable."

"Aurora is not only accurate but immensely compassionate and caring, a true gifted angel on earth."

"Aurora is an amazing soul. She has clarity coupled with compassion in her reading style as an Intuitive. I give Aurora an excellent rating for her psychic attunement. We are living at a time where we can embrace our own abilities to go deep within for our own answers. Having Aurora being part of your journey is a true gift."

"Fabulous! A must call! I called her almost a year ago and her predictions came to pass! Very calm and sweet - but truly the real deal"

"Love, love, love this lady! Very accurate! Try her!"

"So enjoyed her reading and accuracy!"

"Wonderful connection! I could feel her connection to Spirit!"

"You were very spot on with what you picked up!"

"She was very accurate on situation I was concerned with and definitely helped me with my issues in a positive and calming manner."

"Very nice lady and easy to talk to. Gave information about my situation right away."

"I was very thankful after my session for all of the messages conveyed to me, and received answers and validation in many different topics I had questions about. Very very pleased and feeling grateful for the insight I received."

AURORA is an empath and a natural born authentic psychic medium with open clair-senses and a gift for accurate prediction. She is a clear channel for psychic spirit messages and guidance. Aurora can 'hear, see, feel and know' answers to your questions through a form of psychic channelling.

Aurora has read for tens of thousands of people across the world and provides enlightened, empowering psychic phone readings and has over 30 years experience. It is advisable to book ahead for a reading.

Aurora can reconnect you to your Higher Self, Divine Spirit, Akashic records & the angelic realms and higher dimensions, as her readings, while based in common sense and the reality of modern day life, also have a White Light and Divine Love energy focused basis.

Aurora is a channel for Spirit messages, psychic protection & energy healing, an ancient wisdom oracle, weaving divine Light positive powerful energy with the law of attraction and other spiritual laws for her clients. Aurora works with the sacred violet flame of St Germain, the sacred gold ray of Christ, Archangel Metatron, AA Michael, AA Gabriel, AA Raphael, AA Uriel, AA Aurora and other archangels, as well as ascended masters such as Mother Mary, Isis, Quan Yin, and other ancient god and goddess energies, as well as angelic and Higher Light beings in the high dimensions.

Aurora is a relationship intuitive, a medical intuitive, an animal communicator/pet psychic, an ascended master channel, a Tarot card reader, a psychic life coach, a spirit medium, an angel intuitive, a meditation instructor, an intuitive numerologist, an Akashic record reader, an intuitive astrologer and a chakra/aura intuitive and healer.

She is a caring, compassionate spiritual reader who helps her clients with her insightful, wise readings. She gives credible, accurate, real and intelligent readings with wit and wisdom, providing her clients with psychic answers, clarity & guidance on all kinds of life issues.

Specific questions will bring specific answers for your important life questions. Please come to your reading with Aurora in an open, receptive frame of mind. Take a minute to think about your questions and be specific as possible.

Aurora is a Featured member of BPD and has been vetted, screened and approved by Bob Olson, owner of the 'Best Psychic Directory'.


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Additional Information: 

A message to you from Aurora Psychic Readings during the Covid-19 pandemic:

These are very difficult times but we are all in this together.

If you would like to request a healing, balancing, calming, supportive Violet Flame guided meditation during your Reading session with Aurora, please let her know at the start of your session or when you book in.

Aurora Psychic Readings will remain open for you as much as is practically possible throughout the Covid-19 duration.

If there is no reply to your phone call then send a text to Aurora with your booking request.

Please stay safe! Be Well! Love & Blessings to All.
With Love from Aurora xox

Copyright Aurora Brosnahan 2020

Listed since: Nov 27, 2012


Without a doubt Aurora has psychic and medium capabilities beyond the normal range. I had an immediate sense of peace, healing and release during and after this reading.
I thought this was a very good reading. I have been looking for someone very psychic like Aurora for a while and I think I may have found her now! We had a great reading, such an interesting lady she is! Thank you! I will call again! Jilly J.
That was a fabulously helpful reading as it turned out, so thank you! This is an overdue review but I just wanted to let you know that everything you said in my reading that day was completely true. I had taken notes and I am now looking back at them and it was all so true. So thank you and bless you for your honesty.
Simply the best one for me! Love her reality checks! Aurora tells it like it really is. No sugar coating. No BS. Worth it. Try her.
Tremendously helpful reading!!! I cannot thank you enough. Really really amazing. Wow!
I rang Aurora recently and had a reading with her which I found to be very very good. I was trying to make a decision about some matters and needed to figure out the right action. Aurora provided me with many insights into my future situation. I have since acted on the things we talked about in the reading. Everything Aurora told me has turned out to be correct, so I am eternally grateful and glad I chose Aurora for my reading!
Aurora is spot on. I am writing this after having spoken 3 times to her and already things have come to pass. I love how she gives advice and knows situations. Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend Aurora!
Finally a really believable honest reading! I have been having readings for years from other psychics. I decided to give Aurora a try. She was very onto it and I was not disappointed in the least. A very down to earth reading which is what I really needed.
Thankyou so much for your guidance at a time I didn’t know which road to take. I am single and struggle with major decisions.Talking to you was like talking to a friend. Your intuitive insight guided me and proved to be absolutely correct. I will be ringing you again. Thankyou
I first spoke to Aurora a few years ago and then just recently. So I have had the benefit of seeing some events coming to pass since the reading a few years ago just as she said they would. I have no doubts at all that Aurora is extremely gifted at what she does. I wouldn't even hesitate to have another reading with Aurora as I have seen how right she was with her predictions all those years ago!
Aurora helped me with a puzzle and she psychically found an answer to something that has been bothering me for years! Thank you. You are really amazing! Much love and gratitude for your gifts.
I came to Aurora looking for help with my darling dog who died recently who was my best friend. I didn't get to say goodbye at the time so I was completely devastated & heartbroken by this. She was able to help me and I feel much more at peace now. I knew when she told me some information about my dog that she had a very direct spirit connection with my dog. A wonderful pet psychic and communicator. Also my dog was so happy to talk! Just a wonderful experience. Thank you!
It is so refreshing to get a reading which is on point, totally real and helpful. Aurora is lovely and gentle but direct and honest.This psychic is ethical. I appreciated how she stayed on track and didn't chew up my time with off topic stuff. Her clairaudience is a real gift - perfect for me as I had a lot of questions and Aurora got all the answers for me bang straight off the mark! Amazing! Thank you.
This was a very good reading with important information given. Most helpful thank you very much.
So I spent an amazing hour Aurora just recently. I can report back that everything she said was correct. How do she know these things? She is just incredible! Spooky accuracy! If anyone is thinking about a reading from Aurora just DO IT!
I was sceptical for a long time until I spoke with Aurora. There were questions which were bothering me about the death of someone special so I decided to turn to a few mediums. Since then over the last few years I have had many enlightened conversations with Aurora about what happens after we die and other topics. After speaking with Aurora numerous times I conclude that I find Aurora very gifted in her field and have no hesitation in recommending her as a real medium.
Aurora your clairaudience is truly amazing! I never experienced an akashic reading like that before in my life! You KNEW ME and what I have been through and what lies ahead for me. I love the way your reading was very loving and caring. You set out some choices for my way forward. You are very special like an an earth angel, your spirituality is honest not fake like some. Bless you!
Very happy to recommend Aurora to anyone seeking psychic assistance. This was my second reading with Aurora this year. She is a very good medium and psychic who helped me considerably in my time of need. Thank you very much.
I am really happy with your reading Aurora. I could have talked to you all day because you are real and honest. I will be calling again in January 2020 to see for what's ahead for me next year. If you haven't spoken to Aurora yet you simply MUST because she is REAL and one of the best psychics in Australia. She is super special and very accurate. She went above and beyond to help me. I am truly grateful I found her. She knew exactly why I had rung her and she knew things no one knew.
My grief following my mother's death was unbearable. Aurora immediately connected with my mother without my asking and told me things only I would know. She gave me comfort and answers to questions I had of my mother. Aurora is not only accurate but immensely compassionate and caring, a true gifted angel on earth. She also gave me insights into the new chapters in my life to come which coincided with the timeline I envisioned and confirmation that I am on the right track. Spectacular reading.
I was so relieved to find that their are psychics for pets. This helped me feel comforted and reassured. . I have made a deposit into their account even though a reading wasn't necessary because my pet returned but information given and a golden cord with comforting advice sent was so helpful for me. I felt so blessed and I am only soooo greatful that I had someone out their caring. Thankyou Aurora.
I was blown away with Auroras accuracy. My cat was exactly where she said he was, two suburbs over and with a lady. She was amazing with her kindness and support during such a tough time and sent me messages of encouragement . I can not recommend her highly enough.
Aurora was great to talk to -- she felt like an old friend and was very cheerful. She did not need to ask too many questions in order to give me a reading, so I feel confident that she used her abilities to give me the great answers she did. I will definitely talk with her again soon (had to stop myself from calling her this evening, in fact). In a nutshell: excellent psychic and seems to be a great person.
What a fantastic reading from Aurora! I was instantly impressed with how concise, accurate & confidently she was answering my queries. I highly recommend a reading by her, what a pleasure!
I recommend a reading with Aurora: she is positive, practical and accurate. The part of the reading I appreciated most was about my furbaby Bluey. Aurora has a unique connection with animals I've not seen in other psychics. She picked up on what a cheeky character he was and that he died instantly (he was hit by a car, rather than dying from illness). Her comments gave me genuine comfort as I miss him terribly. I will definitely be booking another reading with her again in future.
I called Aurora when my kitten Luca went missing. I got off the phone with Aurora as she was going to call me back and do a reading. I sent her through pictures of my Kitten and address and half an hour later he came home. He was missing for 24 hours. She gave me much needed comfort when I was very distressed. Thankyou Aurora! Would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.
Great read from Aurora. Thank you for making me feel better about my current situation and putting things into perspective.
Dear Aurora you are brilliant! I am writing in to let you know that your reading a few weeks ago was truly amazing and i am just realising how amazing it was as things fall into place for me over the last few days and weeks as you said they would. My direction is now mapped out and things are in place. Thank you and what an amazing conversation we had that day with so much revealed and uncovered so I am very very grateful.
Enjoyed my reading! Aurora is very kind, but honest and thorough. I gained a lot of clarity from a blurry situation. Thanks, Aurora!
I spent a really productive hour in a reading with you and we discussed a whole lot of things in detail which was very beneficial for me and laid some ghosts to rest so to speak. I am VERY grateful for your psychic insights. Thank you so much for your observations they are all correct. I will be calling you again soon!


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