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Aurora Brosnahan is a compassionate, exceptionally accurate, gifted psychic medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient reader. She has been listed on the world famous Bob Olson's "Best Psychic Directory" for over a decade.

Aurora gives psychic phone readings around the world on love, life, relationships, work issues, career, business, health, spiritual matters, passed over loved ones, pets, relocations, cross roads, travel, finances and all other pressing issues you may have.

Phone psychic readings are available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and worldwide by phone, Skype or WhatsApp. If your matter is urgent contact Aurora today via her website contact form or call/text her on +64273006580.

Aurora has great reviews and is considered by her peers to be one of the best phone psychics working today.

Aurora is a top rated professional psychic medium clairvoyant, animal psychic, relationship psychic, medical intuitive and spiritual channel with a highly intuitive natural flow in her psychic abilities.

Aurora has a long established and solid reputation among her many clients worldwide for proven accuracy in evidential mediumship and psychic readings. She is an incredibly strong empath and a true spiritual medium who connects with her client quickly.

Aurora gives empowering readings utilising all of her many clair-senses, as well as remote viewing and telepathic abilities.

"Aurora is one of the best phone psychics for accuracy & insights, she is my go to clairvoyant medium.”

"By far the best intuitive on this website!"

One of the top Australian and New Zealand psychics since the eighties, Aurora Brosnahan is a most highly regarded advanced and experienced, professional international psychic medium and clairvoyant reader.

Aurora has been a vetted, screened and approved member of Best Psychic Directory for the past decade and has a devoted worldwide client base of people who regularly rely on her psychic expertise.

Aurora is available most days by appointment, so just send her an email or call or message her on WhatsApp or her mobile or fill out a form on her website.

Aurora Brosnahan is a spiritual medium, a clairvoyant with all the clair-senses, an empath, pet psychic and animal communicator, as well as a medical intuitive and relationship intuitive.

Aurora Brosnahan always gives very accurate readings and is trusted for her abilities by her many thousands of clients for over 30 years throughout the world. If you are interested in reading reviews about Aurora's readings, there are many reviews below this listing.

Do you have love and relationship problems, family issues, work matters, pet problems, spiritual queries, money snarls, life dramas? Aurora can answer all your burning questions about these matters and anything else worrying you.

Aurora will help you navigate and see a likely future pathway through all of it. Screened, vetted, tested, with over 30 years’ experience, Aurora can psychically channel, hear, see, feel, sense & know the answers to help you with your questions and problems.

Aurora has been a psychic medium since childhood and she has read for tens of thousands of people across the world providing enlightened, empowering readings.

Aurora can 'hear, see, feel and know' answers to your questions through her own unique form of psychic 'detective' work.

She connects to your Higher Self and Soul or to your pet or your person of interest by skilled use of her advanced psychic methods, telepathy, remote viewing, skilled use of her Clair-abilities and mediumship. This unique method is highly accurate and helpful to her clients and gets results!

She is a caring, honest, straightforward, compassionate spiritual reader who helps her clients with her insightful, wise readings. She gives credible, accurate, real and intelligent readings with wit and wisdom, providing her clients with psychic answers, clarity & guidance on all kinds of life issues.

Aurora is a relationship intuitive, a medical intuitive, an animal communicator/pet psychic, an ascended master channel, a Tarot card reader, a psychic life coach, a spirit medium, an angel intuitive, a meditation instructor, an intuitive numerologist, an Akashic record reader, an intuitive astrologer and a chakra/aura intuitive and healer. When you book in please let Aurora know what you are looking for in your reading.

If you would like channelled, Divine Spirit and higher angelic realm messages please ask Aurora for this specifically when you make your booking. Aurora can reconnect you to your Higher Self, Divine Spirit, Akashic records & the angelic higher dimensions. Her readings, which are based in common sense and the reality of modern day life, are also very grounded in Light energies and Divine Love energy.

Aurora works with and invokes the sacred violet flame of St Germain, the sacred gold ray of Christ as well as Archangel Metatron, AA Michael, AA Gabriel, AA Raphael, AA Uriel, AA Aurora and other archangels. As well as ascended masters such as Mother Mary, Isis, Quan Yin, and other ancient god and goddess energies and higher light beings.

Clients say Aurora Brosnahan is a real psychic clairvoyant medium and they often write in with praise and testimonies:

"By far the best intuitive on this website! Compassionate, knowledgeable, and approachable."
"Aurora is a true gifted angel on earth."

“Fabulous! A must call! I called her almost a year ago and her predictions came to pass! Very calm and sweet but truly the real deal"

"Love, love, love this lady! Very accurate! Try her!"

"So enjoyed her reading and accuracy!"

"Wonderful connection! I could feel her connection to Spirit!"

"You were very spot on with what you picked up!"

"She was very accurate on situation I was concerned with and helped me with my issues in a positive and calming manner."

"Very nice lady and easy to talk to. Gave information about my situation right away."

"I was very thankful after my session for all of the messages conveyed to me, and received answers and validation in many different topics I had questions about. Very very pleased and feeling grateful for the insight I received."

Specific questions will bring specific answers for your important life questions.

Please come to your reading with Aurora in an open, receptive and respectful frame of mind.

Take a minute to think about your questions and be specific as possible.

Just a first name is required and why you are calling. This is simply to keep us both on track and get your burning questions answered more quickly.

If you want mediumship that's fine but allow time for your person or pet on the other side to communicate with me.

Please don't ask for a ‘general’ reading as the movie of your life is huge and where do we start?

Be specific if you want specific answers.

It is often advisable to book ahead for a reading with Aurora, although she sometimes does have spaces set aside daily for immediate readings.

Contact Aurora directly to find out her availability: so contact her by phone, email, text message, WhatsApp or Skype

Email Aurora at

Phone Aurora +64273006580 on WhatsApp or mobile.

Or contact Aurora on Skype at aurorapsychic

You can choose to use the Best Psychic Directory Instant Reading Click4Advisor service and the button for this is at the top of Aurora's listing on this page.

Or you can connect with Aurora directly from the Contact form on her website and the link is above at the top of this listing

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Additional Information: 




Connect with your cat, dog, or other animal during a psychic pet reading with animal communicator Aurora.


Losing a pet or animal is just as hard as losing a human friend or relative, especially if the pet has been your companion for a long time. If your beloved pet or animal has passed on or is lost, missing or sick and you would like to connect with them, you will be able to do so through a pet psychic reading and animal communication session with pet psychic Aurora.

Experienced psychic medium Aurora can connect with your deceased, lost or missing or sick pet and help pass messages between them and you. A psychic pet reading can help if you:

- are missing a long-time family pet
- were not able to be with your pet when they passed
- were unable to say goodbye properly because your pet died suddenly
- have lost your pet and need some leads and information about where they are
- believe your living pet is trying to tell you something about day to day life
- feel your pet is distressed or unhappy
- are looking for your pet at the Rainbow Bridge
- want to know if your pet is a soul mate
- are wondering if their pet is in their Akashic Record
- may be wondering if their pet is an animal spirit or a healing animal that has been sent to you for a reason.

As an animal communicator, Aurora can also teach you a meditation visualisation technique that can help you connect with your living, deceased or lost pet. That way you can continue to connect with them after the reading.

It is helpful if Aurora can have a photo of your pet before the reading. When you book please indicate it is a pet or animal reading and you will be given information on where to send the photo.

" So this was my first time using Aurora due to a lost pet…. She was compassionate and helpful and let me know exactly what to do… it wasn’t just one phone call we messaged numerous times over the last two days, she messaged maps and clues to help me find my cat… and she didn’t stop until he came home. I believe with her persistence and help and energy we brought him home. Thank you so much for working with me. You are very kind and I felt like you were right by my side and really cared as much as I did! I was so devastated and she keep me going! Thank you and what an awesome result. I wish you all the best. Many thanks xx Debbie"
Debbie, New Zealand

"I rang Aurora for urgent help regarding my beautiful, cherished lost cat. I wasn't expecting to find my cat, however Aurora's amazingly strong psychic connection as to the whereabouts of my cat led me to her exact location where I found her living as a stray a few streets away. I will be forever grateful for Aurora's abilities as a pet psychic and animal communicator. She is very gifted and genuine." B. M., NSW, Australia

"I came to Aurora looking for help with my darling dog who died recently who was my best friend. I didn't get to say goodbye at the time so I was completely devastated & heartbroken by this. She was able to help me and I feel much more at peace now. I knew when she told me some information about my dog that she had a very direct spirit connection with my dog. A wonderful pet psychic and communicator. Also my dog was so happy to talk! Just a wonderful experience. Thank you!" Lee Jayman, USA

"Just recently I was very upset with the passing of my companion pussy cat and contacted Aurora. I was able to talk with my pet and she gave me some tools to help me communicate with her and others in the Spirit world. I felt great comfort from my reading and would highly recommend her. This lady is the genuine deal. Thank you Aurora." Wendy Campbell, NSW, Australia

"Aurora helped me to get closure after a pet died recently. I am immensely grateful for her kindness and compassionate support during the reading. She also taught me how to communicate with him myself after the reading. She is a very warm hearted lady and I feel so much peace now. It was an invaluable experience. Thank you." Lena Dyer, Australia

"My dog was accidentally lost while on holiday and missing for three weeks. After speaking to many other psychics I was in deep despair and convinced I would never see him again. Aurora told me he was walking in the direction of my town and that a woman would find him and call me. After a few days of speaking to Aurora I got a call from a woman near my town that she had found my dog! So it all happened just as Aurora predicted. I am grateful to her as she gave me hope that I would find him."
J.M., QLD, Australia


"Aurora is an amazing medium, who we found in a time of desperation, when we were in search of our lost cat. She immediately answered our call, helping us search for our beloved Leo. She was able to connect and speak to him, giving us information on his whereabouts, which was truly comforting and lead us to him. Aurora is compassionate and loving, without her guidance we would have been lost. We are forever grateful to Aurora and are blessed to have found her."
May 26, 2018 by Emily Dulabic

"Aurora was fantastic and answered my specific questions to a difficult situation. She gave me some good advice going forward to get back on my feet. Very gifted and I would definitely recommend if you are looking for some clarity about anything in your life."
April 24, 2018 by Roy Sullivan

"Aurora you are amazing, you are pretty much accurate with your readings. Thank you for confirming things for me."
April 23, 2018 by Amanda Whitton

"I recently sought my first reading from a psychic medium. I'm so glad I chose Aurora & highly recommend her! Aurora certainly has profound psychic abilities. She easily made contact with my recently passed over pet, was able to reassure me on aspects of his life & death which demonstrated not only her utterly genuine abilities but also a very real compassion for her clients. Her reading gave me renewed hope, useful, actionable advice and precious messages from my beloved boy. Thank you Aurora!"
January 3, 2018 by Rose Powell

"Aurora, Thank you for your time, attention and professionalism. I'm very happy to have had an opportunity to converse with you. Our conversation was very deep, detailed and clear. Regards,"
June 30, 2017 by Cristiano Lopes

"Aurora is very intuitive and compassionate. As well as providing future insights Aurora has a great gift into providing guidance for the now. Aurora's kind and caring nature made me feel at ease and she is very good at guiding towards spiritual awakening/awareness/ development. I recommend Aurora highly as a trusted advisor for life's journey"
June 20, 2017 by Andrew Forrest

"I have been a client of Aurora's for many years. In this time I have had Aurora guide me through many life experiences and every time she has been my spiritual angel. If you want a medium who is experienced, genuine and compassionate then I highly recommended Aurora."
June 19, 2017 by Nicole Brown

"For the last 3 years I have been a regular client of Aurora's, in which time, she has successfully guided me through some major life decisions. She is amazingly gifted in reading situations with great accuracy and always gives advice full of extraordinary insight and wisdom. I am very blessed to have found her and can't recommend her highly enough to anyone seeking answers."
June 15, 2017 by Christine Bennett

"I have used Aurora's services several times. I find her very gentle in her delivery. She can grasp the needs and what is required in the consultation with her. I have no questions about the genuineness of her superb talent.
Jackie Grainger

"I have been a client of Aurora's for a number of years. When I lived in New Zealand and also now that I live in the United States of America. She has given me accurate and professional service during some of the hardest times of my life. She was able to help communicate with my daughter after her untimely death and at times when I have been a cancer survivor. She is intuitive and accurate in her messages and I have and will continue to recommend this talented Psychic. She is superb."
Oct 18, 2016 by J. Grainger

"Aurora is awesome and I would recommend her to anyone in need of a medium. I genuinely feel each time I talk with her that she truly cares about me and wants what is best for me--but I feel that she would be that same way with anyone. Very kind, makes you feel at ease, cares about you and what you are experiencing, and has a vast knowledge of the spiritual world. Take notes, you will want to remember what she says to you. I could not speak any more highly of Aurora, you will love her and her help."
posted on Oct 12, 2016 by Nina Wallace

"I highly recommend Aurora, a Psychic Medium from New Zealand. I live in the USA and lost my dog last July. Aurora has been helping me search for my beloved pet psychically since November. Aurora is a sensitive, loyal, diligent and kind Medium. She has amazing resources in the psychic world and always comes from the place of LOVE. If you are in a life situation where you need intuitive help I strongly suggest you contact Aurora. Aurora will work tirelessly for you."
posted on May 27, 2016 by Bobbin Wilson

"Aurora was gifted, clear and accurate in her reading. I was extremely satisfied"
Dr Denise McDermott.

"You read for me this evening about the lost dog. Things panned out just as you said. That reading was incredible and provided relief in a very stressful situation. My dog was located just as you said - she was with a man - just like you said! THANKS SO MUCH!!"

"Aurora was on point with what she was saying in her reading to me. I would definitely consult with her again"
Philippa B.

"Aurora has an amazing gift and is very compassionate"
Debbie C.

"Amazed. She picked up on my situation right away and was spot on. Thank you Aurora for a fantastic read!"
Jennifer V.

"Thanks so much for your amazing reading! You are also one of the fortunate readers who happens to be gifted with all 3 clair senses. You are also extremely accurate."

"I feel like a weight has been lifted! Thank you for your advice, you have given me heaps of positive things to take forward and clarified a confusing situation for me. You told me you love your work, and you can so clearly hear it in your voice. So very genuine and thoughtful. Thank you, thank you, thank you xoxoxoxo"
Diana B.

"I just want to say thank you for a fabulous reading!
I heard everything I needed to with the right amount of information and lots of positive things to implement. You are extremely gifted and natural and one of the best I have dealt with.
You may feel you were just doing your job, but I feel empowered with your reading, I now have focus and direction in a new way and I am more grateful than words can express!" Thank you, Thank you!
Dani A.

"My reading was awesome. From the first moment we talked, we connected and she was spot on with her information. I have had 2 readings with her and both have helped to move me further in my own healing and which areas I need to place my energies and synchronistically the universe has provided me with opportunities for more growth since our readings. My deepest thanks blessings and light." "
Anita W.

"Great to connect with you today, my reading was very helpful and very accurate.
Many thanks, Blessings to you."
Jane B.

"Thank you so much for helping to locate my husband's wedding ring, it didn't mean much at the time, but once the ring was found, everything made sense 110%. Thanks again!

"I had a phone reading with you and have to say it was amazing! At first I didn't think the reading was what I wanted to hear. But after reflecting on it, it was exactly what I needed and it was so accurate. Thank you for helping me in this time when I needed some guidance.

"Just had a reading and I feel so much better after doing so.
I feel like I can move forward with a different outlook on how to deal with my difficult situation at work, and I feel really positive about the future.
Highly recommend calling Aurora Psychic Readings!"
Jo M.

"I wanted to contact my daughter who passed away in 2009 in an accident.
She was able to describe how she passed and gave me information that confirmed it was in fact my daughter. I received a message from my daughter as well which was very special to me and to her children. Thank you for your support and your patience."

"Your reading and talk prompted me to seek medical intervention. A CT scan revealed YES so thanks for the warning. Yes I have cancelled all my travel. However for the past 2 weeks I have felt really good and with the first Chemo last Monday the tumour has shrunk and I now feel positive."

"I am impressed at how intuitive you are, your Reading was clear and accurate and delivered gently and thoughtfully.
You have an amazing talent, and you use it with the utmost care I wish you all the best, and I will call you again."

"I just wanted to tell you thank you for the reading you gave me on Friday. Your words of wisdom have given me clarity on some things that have been difficult for me to articulate and work through. My intuition told me to get in touch with you and I am glad that I did. You were exceptionally accurate, kind and grounding. Bless you and thank you. Arohanui"
Emilia Marinkovich.

Listed since: Nov 5, 2014


Thank you Aurora for yet another fantastic reading. I always come back to you because you tune in to so much of my spiritual journey, my guides and angels. I am so grateful for each reading you have given me and the amount of helpful information I have then gone on to use in my every day life. You are professional, personable and very gifted. Many thanks again. Kim (Wellington, New Zealand)
Dear Aurora, your reading was so heartfelt and I felt blessed when you were able to connect with my beloved dog who passed away recently. The things you were able to tell me about him and how he passed confirmed to me that you have a great gift and connection to spirit. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gentleness and genuine abilities. You have brought me peace and wiped my tears away. Thank you thank you x
I recently had a one hour reading with Aurora on several topics. We spoke about my cat, my career, finances, family matters and also connected with my loved ones. Aurora was able to answer all of my concerns. I received more answers in one hour about everything than I would have ever imagined! I came away from this reading feeling a sense of closure, relief, gratitude and peace. Aurora calmly and gently gave me an illuminating reading. She is professional and very gifted in her mediumship skills
I myself am a psychic and in my times of need have found it difficult, if not impossible, in the last 15 years to find a genuine, credible psychic who could read me well, or perhaps up to my high standards of what I feel I give in a reading. I have encountered perhaps 3. She is one of them..As they say, it takes one to know one and she is for sure at the top of our field of work. Thank you so much! Call her, you will not be disappointed.
This was my first conversation with Aurora. I’m so pleased we connected. It was so authentic and helpful and as someone who has engaged with several spiritual readers in the past, I can say this was one of the most deep and transparent sessions I have ever had. I took so many learnings and lessons away from our time together. Thank you so much, Aurora.
Aurora is true to all the accurate feedback so far. I needed support and some clear vision as I was grieving my fur baby I had to put down. She was clear,genuine and insightful. She brought some things to light and the reading was a comfort to me and brought me some peace. She was generous in her time and she bought peace to me and my loved fur baby. Love and peace to you Aurora. Maggie xx
Aurora gave me some honest insight to my current situation and I appreciate the guidance she gave me to stay focused and move forward, I can’t recommend highly enough
Aurora picked up I had a problem with my heart and kidney, she was absolutely right, I am receiving medical care for both organs, massive thanks to Aurora for picking this up and sending me in the right direction.
A few months ago I had a reading with Aurora where she accurately predicted a couple of events for me and connected with a person who had passed a while ago who is very dear to me. I am happy to say she was right on the mark with all of it so I will be calling her again before the end of the year. I can totally recommend Aurora.
Aurora helped me to get closure after a pet died recently. I am immensely grateful for her kindness and compassionate support during the reading. She also taught me how to communicate with him myself after the reading. She is a very warm hearted lady and I feel so much peace now. It was an invaluable experience. Thank you.
I’ve had a couple reading with Aurora and found her very thorough, patient, detailed, and gave great advice. She gave details for specific questions and is very kind and generous for how to move forward positively. I definitely would reach out again.
Thank you Aurora for an hour well spent. I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my heart and mind today. You provided me with answers to questions which had been bothering me for awhile. Namaste, with appreciation, Siggy.
Without a doubt Aurora has psychic and medium capabilities beyond the normal range. I had an immediate sense of peace, healing and release during and after this reading.
I thought this was a very good reading. I have been looking for someone very psychic like Aurora for a while and I think I may have found her now! We had a great reading, such an interesting lady she is! Thank you! I will call again! Jilly J.
That was a fabulously helpful reading as it turned out, so thank you! This is an overdue review but I just wanted to let you know that everything you said in my reading that day was completely true. I had taken notes and I am now looking back at them and it was all so true. So thank you and bless you for your honesty.
Simply the best one for me! Love her reality checks! Aurora tells it like it really is. No sugar coating. No BS. Worth it. Try her.
Tremendously helpful reading!!! I cannot thank you enough. Really really amazing. Wow!
I rang Aurora recently and had a reading with her which I found to be very very good. I was trying to make a decision about some matters and needed to figure out the right action. Aurora provided me with many insights into my future situation. I have since acted on the things we talked about in the reading. Everything Aurora told me has turned out to be correct, so I am eternally grateful and glad I chose Aurora for my reading!
Aurora is spot on. I am writing this after having spoken 3 times to her and already things have come to pass. I love how she gives advice and knows situations. Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend Aurora!
Finally a really believable honest reading! I have been having readings for years from other psychics. I decided to give Aurora a try. She was very onto it and I was not disappointed in the least. A very down to earth reading which is what I really needed.
Thankyou so much for your guidance at a time I didn’t know which road to take. I am single and struggle with major decisions.Talking to you was like talking to a friend. Your intuitive insight guided me and proved to be absolutely correct. I will be ringing you again. Thankyou
I first spoke to Aurora a few years ago and then just recently. So I have had the benefit of seeing some events coming to pass since the reading a few years ago just as she said they would. I have no doubts at all that Aurora is extremely gifted at what she does. I wouldn't even hesitate to have another reading with Aurora as I have seen how right she was with her predictions all those years ago!
Aurora helped me with a puzzle and she psychically found an answer to something that has been bothering me for years! Thank you. You are really amazing! Much love and gratitude for your gifts.
I came to Aurora looking for help with my darling dog who died recently who was my best friend. I didn't get to say goodbye at the time so I was completely devastated & heartbroken by this. She was able to help me and I feel much more at peace now. I knew when she told me some information about my dog that she had a very direct spirit connection with my dog. A wonderful pet psychic and communicator. Also my dog was so happy to talk! Just a wonderful experience. Thank you!
It is so refreshing to get a reading which is on point, totally real and helpful. Aurora is lovely and gentle but direct and honest.This psychic is ethical. I appreciated how she stayed on track and didn't chew up my time with off topic stuff. Her clairaudience is a real gift - perfect for me as I had a lot of questions and Aurora got all the answers for me bang straight off the mark! Amazing! Thank you.
This was a very good reading with important information given. Most helpful thank you very much.
I came across Aurora online in a long list of psychics. It’s hard to know who to choose these days but Aurora stands out from the crowd and is uniquely gifted and very accurate. I was extremely happy with my reading and grateful I found her. She is a true gem.
So I spent an amazing hour Aurora just recently. I can report back that everything she said was correct. How do she know these things? She is just incredible! Spooky accuracy! If anyone is thinking about a reading from Aurora just DO IT!
I am very grateful for your spot on reading Aurora. Much appreciated. I can definitely recommend this psychic to others. One of the best I am in no doubt. Thank you and all the best to you. I will call again in 2020.
Aurora has been a source of comfort and support for me during difficult times. She has given me insight into the current matters of the day and has also helped me with decades old questions that I needed answers to heal and understand. I have found to be very caring and genuinely concerned and empathic with my issues, and has given me wise guidance to steer me in the right direction. I consider her an authentic psychic, and she has always acted with integrity. I would highly recommed.


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