Rebecca Buchanan


Rebecca Buchanan is a Medium, Psychic, Animal Communicator and Energy Healer who brings messages back from the other side.

She has the ability to connect with those who have died, and also with Spirit Guides and Angels to answer questions and offer guidance.

If you have questions about loved ones, pets, a past event or if you are seeking spiritual guidance, Rebecca Buchanan can help you make the connection.

She offers answers to your questions by phone, by photo, and by text.

Please use the contact form on her website: to leave your information and your request. Rebecca will contact you with a link for payment and to confirm your appointment time.

You may also use "book" now at:

Rebecca will then contact you to confirm your appointment time and date.

Rebecca's sessions are $50 for a 15-minute consultation or $150 for an in-depth reading or full healing session. If you are unable to pay the set fee, Rebecca will accept what you can give at this time. Rebecca will review your contact form and help you determine what session best fits your needs if you have a question about what session to choose.

Rebecca Buchanan lives near Fayetteville, Arkansas, but does phone reading across the world.

“Reading for others is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done! It is not out of the ordinary to find myself laughing with a client over some funny thing that comes up when we are speaking with Spirit. Laughing and crying are both signs of release and we can all benefit from that. I never walk away from a session without feeling joy and honor.” -Rebecca Buchanan

What others are saying about Rebecca:

"I have known Rebecca for several years. She is an honest, sincere, and truly caring person...
She treats all living beings with honor, respect, and reverence. Rebecca is a very gifted medium. Actually, she’s so much more than a medium. She not only is able to communicate with those who have crossed, she also has the ability to help you navigate through life with the assistance of your guides and angels. There is no limit to her gifts. Through Rebecca you will be able to connect with those who have crossed and have that conversation you thought you would never have again. Everything she tells you will be heart centered and given to you with honesty and oftentimes a touch of humor. I’m excited for you and your journey with Rebecca. Your life will be forever changed. You will be blessed." -Dodie Hunter

"I have received three different readings from Rebecca, and I have to say, she is very gifted...
She has not only tapped into my childhood but also the psyche of my mother who she’s never met. I received messages from my late husband, things that Rebecca had no idea about that only he and I knew.I have also received messages from my late Aunt and others through Rebecca. I have had three readings with her: in person, on the phone, and also by sending her a picture of a passed family member. It was incredible! I recommended Rebecca to friends and they were ecstatic with their readings as well. She’s the real deal, and I will continue to highly recommend her." -Jay T.L.

"The first time I met Rebecca, she had an aura around her. I’m not making this up...
I’m not the sort of person who sees auras. I explained to myself that it was a prism briefly picking up and refracting sunlight from somewhere, but it never left the back of mind. Years later when I was embarking on a huge project, that memory of the aura wouldn’t go away. I contacted Rebecca. I lived in a different town in a different place, but she met with me. We talked and talked. Very simply, Rebecca changed my life. Later, when she decided to share her abilities with the world, I had to see what spiritual readings were all about. The first two times it was like just talking to a friend I hadn’t spoken to in months. Nice, fun, but no illuminating moments. The third time was different. She gave me a vision that I have since learned to call on when I desperately need it. So simple. So powerful. Our dog had become a terrified traveler. She used to be great, then one day she wasn’t. I received lots of ideas from knowledgeable friends and our vet, but I was at my wits’ end. Nothing worked. Never relaxing, constantly agitated and whining. I told Rebecca how miserable we had all become while traveling. Rebecca talked to our former dog who told her he knew of this and wanted to help. A few days later after driving for five hours with a whining, moaning dog standing up on the armrest in the back seat, I finally closed my eyes, pictured our old dog and asked him to comfort this wreck of an animal. I asked if he could lie beside our dog and whisper in her ear that she was going to be okay, that she was safe. I swear to you - she immediately dropped to her bed, was totally quiet and visibly relaxed. She still never put her head down, but she seemed calm and was very still for nearly thirty minutes, long enough for us to take a much needed mental break. I could see him in my mind, and I could feel his fuzzy, silky, coal black coat. Funny, but he didn’t have a white muzzle or white eyebrows. He was young and sparkly. I can feel his presence as I’m writing this. It’s a warm feeling - almost a slight pressure around my face. Strange. Beautiful. I’m not a big “believer.” In fact, the title of Doubter would be more appropriate. I’ve learned to step backwards into my head a little more and just let things be. Rebecca is a Seeker and a Sharer. I don’t know how, but she is here to help people.Thank you, Rebecca, from the bottom of my heart. You have shown me this. I feel incredibly lucky to have you in my life." -JWS

"Rebecca is the real deal. I called her to channel a person from my past...
She wisely told me that I didn't want to bring up the incident as it would retraumatize me. During the session, I received a wonderful healing. I actually could feel her presence as well as the archangel who was with me. My dad also showed up and answered a perplexing question about my mom. I felt very peaceful until we had another earthquake. It probably seemed worse as I felt out of control possibly going back to my trauma. I then asked her for another session. I again found my peaceful state after she told me to quit trying to stop the earth from moving and dance with the turbulence. She also helped me increase my vocal strength so that I can peacefully handle situations that sometimes perplex me. She is an expert and the best medium I have ever met and I have had many other sessions with other mediums. I highly recommend her and thank God for her sharing her beautiful gift with me." -Marilyn L Trevino

Additional Information: 

Transmigratory Readings are Spiritual Readings with those who have passed to the other side - those who have died and wish to bring messages back.

Transmigratory Readings are also a great way to get in touch with your own Spiritual Guides and Angels who are always available to help and give you specific guidance as you make decisions and move forward in the world.

Ultimately, you are the author of your own life. You can make changes at any time that will change everything and everyone around you.

Transmigratory Readings can guide you, alert you, point you in the right direction, but you have to make the necessary moves that are right for you. You are the only one who can do that. That is why you are on earth right now, to learn and grow and to evolve!

Are you the same person you were five years ago, five weeks ago, or five minutes ago? No, not exactly!

If you are willing to not only listen but to take the physical actions involved in change, you can change your outcome. You can change your life.

A Transmigratory Reading is a snapshot in time. Do you like the picture? What will you change? It is in your hands. This is your trip!

Transmigratory Readings are for your enjoyment, entertainment and enlightenment.

Rebecca Buchanan is here to bring you Transmigratory Readings, messages that can help you move ahead, answer questions, show you a way forward.

You are the one who decides what to do with that information as it always should be.

It is your choice.

Listed since: Apr 4, 2021


Rebecca was wonderful. She immediately put me at ease with her upbeat personality. She was able to connect with my deceased husband, and it was so wonderful to hear from him. Would not take anything for this time with him and bless Rebecca for making this possible.
My reading with Rebecca was more than I ever could have imagined and I’m so thankful to have had this experience! She was able to help me connect with my loved ones who gave me guidance on my spiritual journey and helped me make the connections to why I was feeling so exhausted and what I needed to do in order to work in and develop my spiritual gift without draining my energy. She confirmed and conveyed aspects of my loved ones lives-I could feel the love. I left feeling lighter than ever!
I recently had a phone reading with Rebecca. She is genuine, warm and caring and within minutes I was at ease. The reading was a great experience and her insights were spot on. With no questions or prompting from me, she shared information that weighed in on a few life decisions I needed to make. She also connected with a loved one and it was a joy to be able to share in his kind, loving presence with her. The deep knowing that your person is right there with you is beyond words.
Rebecca is such a kind and gentle soul, and I cannot be more grateful. By connecting me with the loved ones whose life/death I had been puzzled over for a long time, by guiding me through important signs/symbols that had been around me yet I was clueless about, and by giving insights into some of my immediate concerns, she helped clear the fog, despair, and sadness that I was overwhelmed with for quite some time as she literally touched my life on every level. I wish I had met her earlier!

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