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Arlene Braswell

Arlene Braswell
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$50.00 (30 min.)

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Arlene was gifted from birth with intuitive abilities and she is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and psychic. She has been a medium since she turned 13 years old and she is a certified medium.

Arlene serves as a bridge between the worlds to bring through evidence of life after death from loved ones, pets and messages from your spirit guides or angels. She can communicate with spirit to help you find the answers in many of your most pressing questions.

Arlene's specialty is in doing Spirit Readings bringing through messages. She also offers readings using the Tarot as a tool to access the sub-conscious mind, in which she combines clairvoyant-clairaudient and psychic abilities along with the Tarot to bring in an insightful reading that can give you a glimpse of future events coming up along the way of your journey through life.

If I'm doing a psychic fair or other event in public, then the reading is in-person, most of my readings, except for the above are phone, or skype. The physical presence of the person is not necessary, as I am not reading body language or the aura; for information I connect with spirit and receive my messages directly from spirit and of course spirit is everywhere, I connect with your spirit guides, angels and loved ones who are crossed over and accessing the Universal I am able to receive information that is important and relevant to you.

Arlene is the author of 4 published books on Amazon: Bridge Between World's; My Life as a Psychic Medium, and 3 others listed under my name.

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SOME OF MY TESTIMONIES; which are listed on my website:
Hi, Arlene - Feb.11, 2014
I want to tell you how much your reading meant to me. First of all, you are such a dear and so very easy to talk to.
That was important because I was pretty nervous about getting a reading. You banished my fears within seconds.
I don't know if this is common for everyone after hearing from a loved one through you, but beginning immediately after the reading and since then I am much less anxious about life in general and have gained a lot of peace. Maybe it's now knowing that my life-long belief of life after death is confirmed. It was a wonderful experience and wanted you to know how much I appreciated what you did for me. You are a blessing, J.S.

It was great talking to you - what a great reading! Cynde was very pleased with hers as well. Arleen, you did such a beautiful job on my reading last nite. You really got the personality of Rudy, my husband, and his witty sense of humor. You had very factual evidence regarding the song that was played at my husband's funeral service and the fact that I had just put in for some vacation time at work. Rudy's comments thru you were right on. I am so pleased that he is with me, especially at church, and that he enjoys the mediumship work we are all doing. Arleen, your style is beautiful. Your readings come through with a lovely simplicity that could never be duplicated. Your evidence is strong and true. Your readings come through as clear as a bell. Thank you for your time, I enjoyed it so much! Love and blessings to you in this endeavor! Carolan Carey

Arlene, This is just a brief note to thank you so much for such a wonderful and accurate reading that you did for me on Friday. All you knew was my name and where I lived. Everything that you described was right on the money and so exact that it even helped me remember things. You described my mother exactly how she looked when I was growing up, you described the things I did with my grandmother when I was growing up. You described a wall around a house where I lived. Also the messages that were given you were exact names and things said to me by my parents. You also described my father to a fault and what he had said to me time and again word for word. I could not have been more pleased and excited with your reading. You spent much time with me, explained any questions I had, and explained anything and everything you could to make the messages and that clear to me. I would have no problem at all recommending you to anyone for a reading. I personally feel you went above and beyond. Thank you. Namaste Cynde

Listed since: Aug 5, 2013


First let me say that Arlene is an amazing medium. She is very easy to talk to which relaxes you in case you are anxious about getting a reading like I was as I had never had one before. My grandma came through right away. I knew it was her from Arlene's description of her and the messages she sent through Arlene about things in my life that I have been going through lately. Thank you Arlene for a wonderful reading and I feel more at peace now after having it.

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