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Susanne Wilson
Susanne Wilson


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Phoenix, Arizona


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Susanne J. Wilson, MA is a Carefree, Arizona-based intuition educator, author, and evidential medium. Known as the Carefree Medium, Susanne is a recurring guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and has also appeared on the national edition of Fox News. You can watch Susanne on Gaia TV, Amazon films, Tubi, and her podcast Carefree & Conscious. She is part of the popular Superpower film series dedicated to igniting your intuitive intelligence.

Susanne holds a Master’s degree in public affairs policy, a Bachelor’s degree in management, and certifications from Stanford University. She was formerly a university's center for leadership director and a Fortune 500 corporate executive, until a 2007 near-death experience shifted her focus towards spiritual pursuits.

Today, Susanne is a globally recognized researcher and educator on a wide range of spiritual topics. At one time, her wait list for individual sessions topped 1,000 people. You are invited to peruse Susanne's live and on-demand content at

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Listed since: Aug 6, 2011


I received such a blessing by having a reading with Susanne Wilson. In addition to making contact with two grandparents and a best friend ---now all in spirit, I made lengthy contact with my recently deceased wife. It was so comforting and healing to be able to converse with her through Susanne’s mediumship. My wife offered much good advice which I have begun to follow and have already started to see my life begin to transform. Now I have the sure knowledge that my darling is always near.
First off, I am extremely hard of hearing and Suzanne was very accomidating writing down much of what was relayed and providing a downloadable digital attachment of the session. The reading was spot on, with names and events that were not revealed before hand. She has a caring way about her and it comes through in the reading. I can't begin to say how much comfort I received by hearing my departed wife's words revealed to me! Extremely satisfied by Suzanne's gift to me!
Through intuition alone I scheduled a phone reading with Susanne and was absolutely delighted with the information she revealed to me. Before my reading, I had invited any of my departed loved ones to be present, even though it was my beloved, late husband from whom I most wanted a connection. As many of 30 spirits came to my session, and it turned out to be a birthday party for me! But my husband was the special guest, and revealed wonderful things to me. I feel so blessed!
I had my reading this week with Susanne. I have had many readings in my life and must say she was the most accurate, detailed and helpful medium I have ever worked with. Amazing! I highly recommend her and am very grateful for her help.
I just had a phone consultation with Susanne and i want to say that i am very grateful for the joy and peace she has given me after the recent trascendence of my beloved Son and husband, blessings to her and may she be able to continue helping as many mothers in grief as she has helprd me. God Bless you Susanne.
I have been a psychical researcher for 30 years investigating all aspects of mediumship. I had a telephone reading with Susanne Wilson who, I found to be a sincere and genuine medium of excellent quality who gave me superb evidence of the continued survival after physical death of my devoted pet dogs & members of my family. Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD
My reading from Susanne Wilson was one of the most accurate and evidential readings I have ever had. When I listened to the recording she gave me, I could hear myself saying over and over again - that's right. She brought through my son Stephen, my brother and our dog Beethoven who had died, with information that could only have come from a strong spiritual connection between Susanne and each of them. Some most unusual information was extremely evidential. A very hopeful & helpful reading.
Susanne is hands down the best psychic medium I have gotten a reading from! She gave clear names and described things that she could not know. Not only can she bring through people, she can also bring through animals. She was clear with her messages. I had some other disappointing readings and was surprised at her clarity. Thank you Susanne! She would be the first psychic medium I would recommend to anybody!
After a referral from a trusted friend, I contacted Susanne. Hands down, she is truly the best psychic medium I have ever experienced. During the phone reading, she immediately brought forth my son whose transition she had no knowledge of. She blew me away with specific validations of events, names, and dates, told through her gentle manner and kind spirit. I moved on to receive one-on-one mentoring from her where I learned to trust and discern what I receive from spirit.
I was so impressed by Susanne in her demeanor and her ability to filter and relay so much detailed information regarding my son in my first reading with her. It was very enjoyable for me. At the end of the reading I was so very happy to know that my son is loving the life he now has, after the battering his body endured for so long. He clearly communicated his love of who he is now, being whole, happy and free. I couldn't ask for more from Susanne, and her reading was truly a gift for me!
My husband and I met with Susanne on Saturday, January 11th. We've never seen a Medium before and my husband was skeptical.....that was until we met with her. He said she was "spot on" and there were things she couldn't have known about us as we didn't give ANY information except our names. She was so NICE and made us feel VERY comfortable. Meeting with her was worth every penny we spent and will probably do it again sometime later in the future. She was AMAZING!
I had a telephone appointment with Susanne yesterday. It was such a wonderful experience, bringing so much peace to the recent sudden and tragic lost of a very dear loved one. She was so specific, there were things she could never have guessed or made up. I'm so happy I did this. Thank you, Susanne, it meant so much to me.
Susanne has been such a blessing to my life and the lives of my friends. I have spoken to her twice and each time has been an eye opening experience. Because of her I have changed my approach to living and am a much happier and self fulfilled person. Our loved ones never leave us and knowing this makes living on this earth so much easier. Thank you Susanne for being amazing and for sharing your amazing gift!!
I might have gone in with the wrong intentions. I know my family is here, I see their signs. I am not a novice to this way of believing, faith. I wanted/needed to ask/hear guidance, reassurance, a tongue lashing from my ma if deserved. More dialog not just confirmations. Ms Wilson is the very good. I would highly recommend her. With such a large active family as she describes them, a two hour appointment is probably needed. Time for each one to come through and time for just me. Thank you much
Susanne,You are simply amazing!After our session I was in such awe of your kindness and gift that I don't feel like we properly thanked you. I prayed about reuniting my father-in-law with my husband and he came thru for almost the entire hour.We are now realizing phrases you said that could only have come from him.I felt as though he was in the room and we were having a conversation with him directly.Thank you so much for this positive and uplifting experience of a lifetime!So grateful!
I would like to thank Suzanne for the amazing reading she did for me. Everything was just right on the button. Giving me the birth date of my son and my anniversary date as a validation of my husband's presence was heart warming. Suzanne is a compassionate person and I could feel her caring attitude through the phone. Thank you to Suzanne and may God bless her work. She truly cares to make our cares a little lighter and our loved ones a little closer. Blessings to you Suzanne!
Susanne is the real deal. She validated immediately with several things that were concrete, making me know for certain it was my Dad coming through. He has been gone for 20 years, and this was my first time hearing directly. He was hysterically funny - and all three of us enjoyed it. He was teasing me (which is something he would have done) and he had been keeping up on all my medical issues. He wanted to discuss them! He told me to take my youngest to the doctor for something very specific!
Susanne Wilson is an incredibly gifted woman with the voice of an angel. I have had the pleasure to have had several readings with her and each one has been uplifting, encouraging, life-affirming and healing! She has been spot on with the very detailed descriptions of my loved ones as well as accurate descriptions of life events none of which she could have possibly known before. After the loss of my son, Susanne was able to deliver messages from him that have healed the hole in my heart!
I have had a small group meeting with Susanne, and then have had two separate one hour sessions with her over a period of one and a half years. This has given me a great feeling of peace and comfort since the passing of my wife. The readings are very relaxing and done in an atmosphere of friendship. She brings out many details that others would not have known. I certainly look forward to many more readings with her, time permitting.
Susanne offers more than a reading. She offers a confirmation that we are connected to something bigger than ourselves...and we are not alone in our challenges and successes on earth. We are joined by a silent power that supports our desires and lifts us to a better self. Her psychic gifts are amazing.
I had a reading with Susanne this week, it started out rough then wham in came the people I needed to hear from. She had information that meant the world to me and no one else would have this infromation. I left there feeling so much better about the world around me and feel even closer to my family that has passed. It was one of the best experiences I have had and would do it again in a heartbeat. If you are needing answers or need peace of mind as I did she is the lady to see.
Susanne did give me a gift through my reading. I have never been able to speak up for myself and it has crippled me socially, emotionally, as well as professionally. After she told me my family said to stop suppressing my feelings and to speak my truth, I was able to address a very difficult relative. It was very uncomfortabe to speak up but I felt so empowered! The message she gave from my mother was also very healing! I was sad to not hear much from my dad though.
Suzannne was a real conduit to my loved ones on the other side. I was in touch with people that I knew.There was no way for Suzanne to know what I did preceeding the reading but my late mother knew.Weirdly,Suzanne kept talking about real estate,sale or some type of mortgage.I realized later that I scribbling on some papers that were on my desk. The papers were from my mortgage company three years ago.She certainly connects with the person she is reading for.Thanks again.
Susanne is a truly gifted individual and the reading that she gave me was amazing. She had details and information that not even my own parents knew. I knew that I had people around me, but to hear the love and care that they seem to place on my life from the other side, was truly humbling. I am a better person for having spoken with Susanne over the phone and I definitely plan to use her again in the future. She is just THAT good!
First let me just say that Susanne is AMAZING!! I first contacted Susanne about 4 months after my husband passed.As soon as I met her I felt at ease.She has such a beautiful, loving spirit and is incredibly accurate with her readings.I was overwhelmed at how she really "got" who my husband was.She relayed things to me that she couldn't have known.It filled me with love and peace that my husband was in a good place.That day changed my life and my outlook forever and I'm eternally grateful.
It is diffult to summarize what a wonderful Gift Susanne is, especially when you have lost someone you love. My husband died earlier this year from suicide. The reading Susanne did for me helped me immediately find peace in my life and a new way to communicate not only with my husband, but other loved ones that have passed over. I have had more healing with just one meeting with Susanne than the previous 8 months of therapy. I suggest everyone have a reading, it will set your mind at ease!
I was elated to have made a connection with Suzanne, a gifted medium whose warm energy felt so elegant. I was impressed immediately by Suzanne's truth and accurate connections to family I was so looking forward to connecting with again. I was given the gift of a reading for my Birthday this year and it was the highlight of the month. Plan for a reading in 2013, you won't be disappointed.
I am a client and student of Susanne's. This lady is so spot on with her readings there is no doubt she is bringing through the right person. Her readings gave me tremendous peace of mind, knowing my wife was fine and what her "life" on the other side is like. My wife's sense of humor came through in her readings and Susanne is a wonderful teacher, helping me increase and solidify my psychic talents and abilities. She is the real deal and a wonderful lady to boot.
My meeting with Suzanne was incredible. I lost the love of my life and soul mate to a bizarre circumstance. The love we had was so powerful. The minute I walked in he started communicating with her and was nonstop for over an hour. It was an amazing experience with the 3 of us. I no longer am afraid of dying because I know our souls do last forever. He came through loud and clear with so many personal and meaningful things that only I knew. The love of Suzanne is what makes her so special!
I had my reading with Susanne last week. I got her name from the "Helping Parents Heal" recommendation list. The reading was amazing My father, who passed 17 years ago and my daughter who passed 11 months ago, came for the appointment. I got a lot of validations and valuable information from both of them. I am planning to have another session with Susanne very soon because I still have more questions to ask. Susanne is not only a good medium but also a very kind and compasionate person.


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