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Phoenix, Arizona


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$400 video conference or phone

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1 480-203-2336


Susanne Wilson, MA, is a scientifically authenticated master medium and an empowering keynote presenter at international conferences. Susanne appears on Coast to Coast A.M., CBS Radio, Fox News National, and Gaia TV. Her recent book is titled "Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication, 2nd Edition."

Susanne envisions a day in the near future when we will all "direct-connect" with our guides and beloved people and pets who live in the spirit world. In fact, teaching people how to trust their intuition and "direct-connect" with their spirit loved ones is Susanne's life's work. She wants to empower others to connect themselves to their spirit loved ones and to no longer need to sit for readings.

Susanne has a Master's degree in Public Administration, Bachelor's degree in Management, Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification, and Hypnotherapist Certification. Susanne held executive positions in corporate human resources and organizational development. She was a manager for Stanford University School of Medicine, and a founding administrative director for a Florida university center for leadership and innovation.

In 2007, Susanne left her body during a severe allergic reaction. She experienced near death. Ultimately, this event changed Susanne's mind about what matters most, in life and after life. Based in Carefree, Arizona, she is known as the Carefree Medium.

Additional Information: 

Please visit my webpage at for information on services, classes, events, resources including videos, articles, books, and more!

Listed since: Aug 6, 2011


Susanne is a truly gifted individual. I thank God that I was led to her! The personal reading including so many confirmations! It was a wonderful family reunion! But more importantly this reading helped me to realize my life purpose. It is wonderful we have someone like Susanne who can help us connect with love ones and guides!
I had a reading with Susanne recently and she let me know there were about 30 spirits in my family who gathered for the reading. Three immediate family members and my husband came through with striking detail of their unique personalities. I appreciated Susanne's conversational style during the reading. It was like having a phone conversation with my husband as he did a lot of talking to validate his presence in my life. It was a very accurate, and enlightening reading!
"My session with Susanne was a truly wonderful experience and it helped me greatly. I had been in constant emotional pain after the recent suicide of my husband. When I left my meeting with Susanne I felt a sense of peace for the first time since his death. Her abilities are a truly amazing gift!”
It will be 5 years that I treat myself with "meetings with my son in Heaven" twice a year. Really nice and gifted people out-there. But, I felt that Susanne Wilson new my son the way just I know him. It is so nice to have somebody to share my baby boy after he left this way of life. Bring Love to Life!
I have had the experience of two telephone readings plus the great pleasure of a reading in person with Susanne.She brought through my darling husband in such a way that I felt he was with me each time.Her evidence was absolutely solid and she brought through little 'nuggets' of proof that my loved one lives on.The messages she gave me were as though he was speaking to me.She shows such compassion and warmth that I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is grieving and lost.She's the real deal!
I have had the pleasure of communicating with Suzanne now for many years. If I had to sum up all my experiences, it's that Suzanne captivates all that we are in this Universe. Her open minded approach allows the real time experience to be surreal. Suzanna's work here in this lifetime is important to the planet. It's like having a warm hug for an hour, you just never forget it.
I had a past life regression session this week with Susanne. It was a powerful experience - pleasant, interesting and also very enlightening. I have also had a reading from Susanne as well as Reiki and intuition classes and I can't say enough good things about her. Susanne is compassionate and multi-talented. Her readings are extremely accurate. Her beautiful soul comes through in everything she does.
I had a Past Life Regression session with a very gifted and amazing lady, Susanne Wilson. Holy cow!! The information that came from this session was life changing. It's crazy how patterns continue until we become aware of them enough to change them. In every past life there was a pattern of constraint, and I'm here to tell you that constraint is no longer welcome in my world. Thank you so much, Susanne for sharing your amazing skills and for helping me to gain so much needed awareness!!!
I was guided to choose Susanne as my mentor for mediumship. From the beginning, I was impressed with both her talent and her organized program. Every class I had with her was incredibly worthwhile. She guided the talent I was born with into skills I can use as a career, which was my goal. Susanne is a warm, giving person who shines as the lightworker she clearly is. I start my new career in two weeks and I have Susanne's guidance to thank. I highly recommend her for classes and readings.
Susan, i will forever be grateful to you for allowing me to comunicate with my Beloved Son and husband. You are an Angel that has helped me heal and to have hope about seeing them again. Your reading has given me , my Mother and Sisters a big lift in healing our broken hearts. God Bless you and your family and may you continue to help many more Souls to heal from the grief and unbearable pain of loosing a child or a loved one. Thank you Susan!
Well, I am amazed. I have several people close to me who are in spirit, but I really hoped that one particular person would be able to connect - my recently-passed wife. Susanne presented the cause of her passing & her name. Wow! The rest of the session was a mixture of things that no-one else could have known, a few items I couldn't place, and many more items that COULD have been researched theoretically, but definitely weren't. Susanne is the real deal & I will be back to her again for sure.
My reading surpassed my expectations. I had had several readings from other mediums which were helpful. But Susanne's was life- changing. Meaningful, personal details communicated took my breath away. Susanne also tuned into the essence of my son's sweet personality, love of animals and joyful existence in heaven. My family and guides offered guidance I asked for and I have found it useful everyday since. I highly recommend Susanne to anyone searching for an exceptional medium.
Susanne Wilson is so very gifted. My session with her was much more than I expected!! She was able to connect with my parents and a longtime love, providing dates, names, and physical descriptions that were such validation. Some of the reading was really funny The personalities of my family were spot on. Some of the things my dad said, no one but me would know. I absolutely love her delivery. She is sweet and caring. I will definitely speak with her again!!
Last year, at the age of 30, a breast cancer diagnosis left me faced with many difficult decisions. Because of this, I called Susanne. It changed my life! My reading with Susanne helped me through obstacles I was experiencing and validated past decisions. Her ability and gift to connect with my loved ones and guides with so much detail provided the comfort and support I so desperately needed. The messages saved my life physically, spiritually, and emotionally. For that, I'm eternally grateful!
My readings with Susanne have been absolutely amazing! She has brought me so much peace since the recent death's of my loved ones. Her readings have been "Spot On" to their personalities, with detailed accuracy. So much so, that there can be no denying she has a real gift. I highly recommend Susanne for a genuine connection to the Afterlife. What a blessing she is... Thank you, Susanne.
What a wonderful reading I had with Susanne! It was so very accurate and evidential...stunning would be the word. And when I listened to the transcript later there were even more details revealed and clarified about my loved ones in spirit. She is the real thing, no doubt about it, and I will certainly be scheduling another reading with her in the near future.
Susanne Wilson has a gift. She was able to do a reading for me that no one else has come close to! From the moment I walked into her office, I could feel the love and warmth of my deceased partner. The messages that I received were clear, concise and oh so accurate. I have listened to the audio recording several times since our meeting and learn/hear something new each time. If you or a loved one is looking for a connection to someone who has passed I urge you to contact Susanne. She rocks
I am so grateful Susanne shares her gifts to me and for me. My daughter, who passed in November, is surely alive in Our Lord's heaven. The presence of my daughter and how she showed herself in Susanne's office one day gave many confirmations that she is present in my life on a daily basis. Thank you, Susanne for your grace and abilities...and your light in this world to shine open the light from heaven's dimensions.
REVISED: I highly recommend Susanne's work. She is a gifted and competent medium who offers validations from your loved ones-in-spirit as well as much insight. I have been to many mediums and I am always amazed at the unique messages Susanne brings forward, for example, the time she gave me the nickname of my son-in-spirit’s favorite dog. This is not a common name, and definitely NOT something she could have read about in a search engine. In my opinion, this woman is the real deal!
I received such a blessing by having a reading with Susanne Wilson. In addition to making contact with two grandparents and a best friend ---now all in spirit, I made lengthy contact with my recently deceased wife. It was so comforting and healing to be able to converse with her through Susanne’s mediumship. My wife offered much good advice which I have begun to follow and have already started to see my life begin to transform. Now I have the sure knowledge that my darling is always near.
First off, I am extremely hard of hearing and Suzanne was very accomidating writing down much of what was relayed and providing a downloadable digital attachment of the session. The reading was spot on, with names and events that were not revealed before hand. She has a caring way about her and it comes through in the reading. I can't begin to say how much comfort I received by hearing my departed wife's words revealed to me! Extremely satisfied by Suzanne's gift to me!
Through intuition alone I scheduled a phone reading with Susanne and was absolutely delighted with the information she revealed to me. Before my reading, I had invited any of my departed loved ones to be present, even though it was my beloved, late husband from whom I most wanted a connection. As many of 30 spirits came to my session, and it turned out to be a birthday party for me! But my husband was the special guest, and revealed wonderful things to me. I feel so blessed!
I had my reading this week with Susanne. I have had many readings in my life and must say she was the most accurate, detailed and helpful medium I have ever worked with. Amazing! I highly recommend her and am very grateful for her help.
I just had a phone consultation with Susanne and i want to say that i am very grateful for the joy and peace she has given me after the recent trascendence of my beloved Son and husband, blessings to her and may she be able to continue helping as many mothers in grief as she has helprd me. God Bless you Susanne.
I have been a psychical researcher for 30 years investigating all aspects of mediumship. I had a telephone reading with Susanne Wilson who, I found to be a sincere and genuine medium of excellent quality who gave me superb evidence of the continued survival after physical death of my devoted pet dogs & members of my family. Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD
My reading from Susanne Wilson was one of the most accurate and evidential readings I have ever had. When I listened to the recording she gave me, I could hear myself saying over and over again - that's right. She brought through my son Stephen, my brother and our dog Beethoven who had died, with information that could only have come from a strong spiritual connection between Susanne and each of them. Some most unusual information was extremely evidential. A very hopeful & helpful reading.
Susanne is hands down the best psychic medium I have gotten a reading from! She gave clear names and described things that she could not know. Not only can she bring through people, she can also bring through animals. She was clear with her messages. I had some other disappointing readings and was surprised at her clarity. Thank you Susanne! She would be the first psychic medium I would recommend to anybody!
After a referral from a trusted friend, I contacted Susanne. Hands down, she is truly the best psychic medium I have ever experienced. During the phone reading, she immediately brought forth my son whose transition she had no knowledge of. She blew me away with specific validations of events, names, and dates, told through her gentle manner and kind spirit. I moved on to receive one-on-one mentoring from her where I learned to trust and discern what I receive from spirit.
I was so impressed by Susanne in her demeanor and her ability to filter and relay so much detailed information regarding my son in my first reading with her. It was very enjoyable for me. At the end of the reading I was so very happy to know that my son is loving the life he now has, after the battering his body endured for so long. He clearly communicated his love of who he is now, being whole, happy and free. I couldn't ask for more from Susanne, and her reading was truly a gift for me!
My husband and I met with Susanne on Saturday, January 11th. We've never seen a Medium before and my husband was skeptical.....that was until we met with her. He said she was "spot on" and there were things she couldn't have known about us as we didn't give ANY information except our names. She was so NICE and made us feel VERY comfortable. Meeting with her was worth every penny we spent and will probably do it again sometime later in the future. She was AMAZING!


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