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Susanne Wilson
Susanne Wilson


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Susanne J. Wilson, MA is a Carefree, Arizona-based intuition educator, author, and evidential medium. Known as the Carefree Medium, Susanne is a recurring guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and has also appeared on the national edition of Fox News. You can watch Susanne on Gaia TV, Amazon films, Tubi, and her podcast Carefree & Conscious. She is part of the popular Superpower film series dedicated to igniting your intuitive intelligence.

Susanne holds a Master’s degree in public affairs policy, a Bachelor’s degree in management, and certifications from Stanford University. She was formerly a university's center for leadership director and a Fortune 500 corporate executive, until a 2007 near-death experience shifted her focus towards spiritual pursuits.

Today, Susanne is a globally recognized researcher and educator on a wide range of spiritual topics. At one time, her wait list for individual sessions topped 1,000 people. You are invited to peruse Susanne's live and on-demand content at

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Listed since: Aug 6, 2011


Since my mother died two years ago, I have had more readings than I care to admit. I had finally stopped the incessant searching for contact but jumped at the opportunity to schedule a reading with Susanne because of a phenomenal weekend workshop that she did last Spring. The reading with Susanne was by far the most helpful--and entertaining--reading I have ever had, full of accurate information and personality characteristics. It felt so good to have my mom, her best friend, and my dad there.
Susanne you are very gifted!!! Everything you mentioned during our time together was spot on. You brought up “syrup“ and I have an actual bottle of syrup in my china cabinet that my brother bought me just before he died, we all made breakfast together and I recently shared that story again with his daughters. You also spoke of ”Honey” my brother’s furry friend who just loves him so much and she came to live with me after he passed. What you are doing is priceless!!! I am very grateful for you!
I was in the Zoom room on Nov. 16. I have never met Susanne. Susanne is the real deal. I have never been to a Medium before. Susanne did a reading that my parents (Mom 2001 and Dad 2012) came through. She described them by name-Charles and Eva, then said I had a sister with initial J (Joyce) still on earth. Susanne is the real deal. I now know without a doubt that my parents will greet me on the other side and I have nothing to fear about death. What a Blessing Susanne is. Thank you.
Hello everyone! I just finished an amazing class with Susanne Wilson. I believe everyone can connect with their kids , loved ones in spirit. If you need any help with that, I highly recommend any of Susanne’s classes, seminars or anything she provides for intuition etc. They have helped me immensely and everyone I take raises me to the next level. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Have a great day !
My phone reading with Suzanne was amazing! She connected with my son almost immediately as well as other loved ones in spirit. Thru her connection she provided names, important dates, smells & personalities of them as well. She provided validation throughout- I barely said anything. She was caring, kind and provided so much information-she made me feel that my son was just sitting across from her - she is a pure gift from God. I Highly recommend Suzanne Wilson!!!
My daughters and I had a reading with Susanne a few days ago and it was totally amazing! She told us many things that pertained t many family members that had passed... And things about my son that just passed three months earlier. These acclamations validated what I had always felt, that they were all around us always. But my daughters needed to hear the things that Suzanne told us and it has helped their healing during this time of grief. It helped me also. She has a powerful gift from God.❤
Susanne is by far one of the best mediums ever. I have had lots of readings but never one as accurate and detailed as Susanne provides. The loss of my son totally destroyed me. I was overcome with guilt and anger. She gave me completely accurate details from my son that made me know with absolute certainty he is ok. Susanne is a blessing who I highly recommend.
I feel fortunate and blessed to have found Susanne and to be able to have the amazing communication with my Son and husband and my father and to realizing that by this i have healed much of the grief and pain of loosing my loved ones. Susanne is more than gifted and caring and has guided me trough an amazing journey that is out of this world! Thank you Susanne ! There will never be enough words to express my gratitud for all your help in walking out of the grief road.
Truly one of the best readings I have had. Suzanne brought forward my whole family, quickly and accurately. This is my second reading, and Suzanne was spot on with her comments, without any prompting. It does take time to schedule with her, but the wait is absolutely worth it. Spirit has blessed her with a phenomenal gift and blessed me with putting us together. Love and Light to you, Suzanne, and to all that read this review.
I've had a couple dozen medium readings since my spouse passed. Some of them were amazing - perhaps there IS some truth in mediums and the afterlife? But in the hustle and bustle of everyday life (surrounded by people who do not believe in the afterlife at all), I still find myself wondering at times whether all this afterlife / medium literature is real. Among the readings I had, Suzanne's stands out, because of details about i.a. him, myself, and our son. Gave me much comfort and reassurance.
Susanne is the REAL DEAL! I learned about Susanne through a friend and attended a small group reading in early January 2019. My dad had passed three years earlier and I hadn't experienced true closure. Susanne brought my dad through on the reading and gave evidential proof that it was him. I also had a private reading over the phone and more proof was given as to my family as well as big decisions in my life. Huge gratitude for having Susanne in my life as well as continuing on my journey
Had a reading with Susanne on 1 May, my mom’s birthday. She passed several years ago and was the primary reason for the reading. I did not tell Susanne that it was my mom’s birthday until she started the reading by describing my mom carrying a birthday cake and dumplings (that she used to make). Susanne ended up answering all of my prepared questions even before I asked them. Hearing from my mom/dad and knowing that it was them was an experience that no amount of money can buy.
Taking the high road in grief is a choice. I just didn’t know how to do it. I had a group reading with Suzanne shortly after my son died. That was the beginning of a new walk for me! She opened my eyes to what Is factually based. Derricks physical body was no longer but his true essence and spirit live on! My son found his voice through Suzanne and has spoken to me loud and clear. Suzanne gave me the tools I needed to start the Healing Cross Project, with Derricks direction and share his story.
I have had readings with 3 other mediums, all able to connect with my loved ones. My reading with Susanne on the other hand was on an entirely different level/dimension. Susanne not only provided the usual validations - yet hers were spot on from the get go. She also provided recent evidence that I did not even know about, my daughter confirmed later - mind blowing! I was also able to ask questions and feel so much at peace. Thank you does not begin to capture my gratitude to Susanne. AMAZING!
Suzanne is an amazing gifted medium..I recently had a reading with her where my family members who had crossed over had lots to say, I was truly blessed to have had this opportunity and thankful Suzanne shares her gift with others!
I had the most incredible reading with Suzanne. I know my son was with us. Suzanne relayed so many very special and specific messages that no one else could know. There's not enough space to list them all. My son talked about the signs he sends like a bird pecking the window. I was floored to receive that message as I have had a cardinal pecking on my windows like crazy. A burden was lifted and I feel more peace now. I am so grateful to Suzanne for sharing her special gift with me.
I had the fortune of receiving 2 separate random readings from Susanne. One in a zoom group meeting, the other at the AREI Symposium. We have never met, nor did she know I was in audience both times. She brought through my son with such validation and accuracy She brought through from him initials and specific names, relationships, his personality! It was so spot on that the crowd of 200+ at the symposium were in disbelief and tears. She is the “real deal” plus she funny & compassionate!
Susanne right away connected with my son. Absolutely blown away with the detail and affirmations that no one could possibly know besides me and my family.. Also describing personality of him and his siblings. She also connected with relatives that recently passed but I wasn't close to but the detail could not be denied that it was them. It's not easy after the lose of a child but can tell you that after this reading I feel a sense of peace knowing he more than ok. Names were also spot on! Super!
All you have to do is read Susanne Wilson's book and hear the sound of her voice and you will experience for yourself the feeling of trust and comfort of leaning on your mama's shoulder with her arms rapped around you. If you chose to directly interact with her or take her classes it will be an enrichment to your life and an enlighten education I never imagined was available on this earth.
I had a reading with Susanne last year on Christmas Eve. She told me that my dad, who has cancer has spirits waiting for him but "hes not ready yet." Its now October and my dad and I were talking and he told me that he woke up recently and there were spirits by his bed waiting for him. He told them "I'm not ready yet!" My dad said I was the first he told of this. I was speechless. Susanne is real. She is amazing and very easy to talk to. She knows names, stories and is truly gifted. TY
Susanne Wilson gave me an invaluable reading today. The messages were so important to hear and gave me such validation that my loved ones that have passed on are always with me and my family. They were there to help me with issues that were happening right now and gave me such love and hope from the other side. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to have Susanne give me a reading. Thank you Susanne with all of my heart. Mary Kay Owen
"The Gift from God to the World" is my honest description of Susanne Wilson. Two weeks ago I had my second "official" reading from this wonderful, talented, smart, kind and beautiful lady. I said "official" because I also had an incredible chance meeting with her last year in California when she suddenly started to connect with my son with stunning accuracy and amazing details. All my readings were simply great, packed with astonishing validations from my loved ones and my son's humor,
Over the years I've had many readings from mediums. Only one or two were truly gifted, and Susanne provided mediumship at a level which surpassed all prior. I consider her to be quite an incredible asset to the community. The level of professionalism and practicality exercised both in her videos and during the reading ensures that she remains a true example of what mediumship should aspire to be. I hope her humble service continues for many more years to come.
Suzanne's readings are always on the mark. She clearly connects with my loved ones who have crossed over - some of the ones that show up are surprising. Suzanne gives me validation in the information she gives me. I am comforted by the insights she brings from those who visit. She connects to the humor that my husband shares, my father's wisdom and forgiveness, my dog's candor as only they can give.
The reading I received from Susanne was life changing and set me free in so many ways. She is so authentic, kind and said things in the perfect way that clicked with me. I'm blown away by how much we got accomplished in a short period of time. AMAZING!
When my primary spirit guide needed to start to coach me more closely, he reached out to me through Susanne Wilson. Thus began an amazing collaboration! Susanne is an extraordinary medium, very accurate, detailed, and honest. She has made it possible for me to work so well with my primary guide that now we accomplish so much more. She made my recent book, Liberating Jesus, even possible. I have tested many mediums, including famous ones, and Susanne Wilson is by far and in every way the best!
I can't tell you what peace is now in the place of anguish after spending time with Susanne. Her reading was the real deal, no way she could have guessed at the detail she brought up. Another person who I hadn't even been thinking about was first to speak clearly, and then my husband pushed his way to the front of the pack....."with a what did you expect?" He was always a bit late for things we laughed and then he spoke through her for the rest of the hour. Somprecious was our time!
From the moment I started speaking with Susanne I was totally at ease. She and my loved ones shared so much with me that I have no doubts of Susanne's amazing gifts. After losing my mom unexpectedly last year I have been given a wonderful gift of knowing that she is peaceful, beautiful and so happy with all of our other departed loved ones. Write down anything that doesn't make sense, because I promise you it will all come together eventually, and you will be amazed! Blessings to you all.
wonderful, accurate reading that connected me with my departed loved ones. Her reading contained many details known to only the departed and myself. I had no doubts whatsoever that I was actually hearing from real individuals I knew intimately while they were here, alive on earth. This is my second reading with Susanne, and she is the best medium I have dealt with thus far. I have highly recommended her to other people I know.
Susanne is a gifted and loving soul. The depth of my appreciation to her can never be expressed in this physical world for the healing she provided me from my reading. I came to Susanne with emptiness, pain and guilt from my husband's suicide. Susanne connected immediately with him with spot-on accuracy. Through her, he and I spent the entire time together. I left my session wrapped in a feeling of love, calm and peacefulness that I haven't felt in a very long time. Susanne is a blessing to me!


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