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Susanne Wilson
Susanne Wilson


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Phoenix, Arizona


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$350 and $525 video conference or phone

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Susanne J. Wilson, MA is a Carefree, Arizona-based intuition educator, author, and evidential medium. Known as the Carefree Medium, Susanne is a recurring guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and has also appeared on the national edition of Fox News. You can watch Susanne on Gaia TV, Amazon films, Tubi, and her podcast Carefree & Conscious. She is part of the popular Superpower film series dedicated to igniting your intuitive intelligence.

Susanne holds a Master’s degree in public affairs policy, a Bachelor’s degree in management, and certifications from Stanford University. She was formerly a university's center for leadership director and a Fortune 500 corporate executive, until a 2007 near-death experience shifted her focus towards spiritual pursuits.

Today, Susanne is a globally recognized researcher and educator on a wide range of spiritual topics. At one time, her wait list for individual sessions topped 1,000 people. You are invited to peruse Susanne's live and on-demand content at

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Listed since: Aug 6, 2011


Susanne is as good as they come.10 stars out 5! She immediately sets a comfortable environment and then blows you away with how astoundingly accurate she is with every question under the sun that you ask. We had a 60 minute Ask The Spirit Guide reading, my wife and I had totally different questions. With just a first initial of a family member she EXACTLY identified the person, EXACTLY defined their personality and problem. She even spotted a health problem with our dog! Absolutely outstanding!
i was the most fortunate person to have another reading with Susanne Wilson and she was,. like always, absolutely fantastic, brilliant. She was presenting pure, clear evidence, information only I would know. Her connection with my son and my spiritual team was excellent and smooth, at times it made me speechless. At the end of the magnificent reading, she informed me that my son is sending me a specific present. Three days after the reading I received it in the most unusual way! Perfect! .
Suzanne Wilson is a gifted medium, and I feel so honored and grateful for my recent session with her. Suzanne provided important information prior to my session which helped to prepare me in making the best use of my valuable time with her. Suzanne's connection with my Guides was profoundly impactful, and amazingly accurate. My session with Suzanne has been one of the most important experiences of my life, and I am forever grateful for her kindness and compassion.
A wonderful experience! A fortunate opportunity my one-to-one Zoom meeting with Susanne. As I, too, work in the metaphysical field, I have had the pleasure to experience others whose gifts are similar to Susanne's. I was drawn to consult with her as I enjoyed her writings. She embodies a unique sense of gracious spirit combined with practical energy that is empowering. I left our time together with solid ideas and inspirations to continue to manifest my own potential. Many thanks, Susanne!
Susanne has been a bridge between worlds for me. She possesses the unique ability to communicate with a higher state of being and share meaningful and relevant guidance. What Susanne has communicated to me has helped me personally and professionally evolve. I am closer to living my greatest truth for having her in my life. I know of several of her other clients, and they all concur with my experience.
I have had several readings with Susanne, and she was extraordinary! Very accurate, genuine, as well as caring and professional. I was so impressed with the accuracy (including specific names and unique details). Very helpful and validating. ♥️
What a wonderful experience! It was clear Susanne was communicating with my guides - important things they mentioned such as the fact that my husband and I always have 2 trips planned. It was such great verification that we are NOT alone, that we have a specific purpose for this lifetime, and help is available to keep us on our path. I would highly recommend a session for anyone who wants reassurance and clear instruction on how to strengthen their ability to communicate directly with spirit.
I was so excited to have this reading with Susanne. She is so gifted and was a huge help in connecting me with my guides & their instructions for me. She has such a gentle way of communicating. The information was very spot on!
Susanne my reading with my enthusiastic loving spirit guides was well worth the wait. The messages were full of love, energy, and a clear and concise guided path on moving forward with with my healing and NO LIMITS purpose driven life. I'm grateful for your connection and your clear and concise transmission! Green light, thumbs up...ding ding ding! I would highly encourage anyone on the fence to schedule a reading with you, mediumship or spirit guide. In gratitude...
After the loss of my daughter, Susanne was recommended to me by a trusted friend. I booked an appointment and also purchased her book "Soul Smart" in preparation for the session. I love the book and the session was amazing and helped me tremendously with my grief. I recently booked a zoom call with Susanne 2 years after my initial appt and found it just as invigorating as being in person. Susanne is authentic and genuine. She is phenomenal!!
Susanne Wilson is exceptionally gifted--not only is she amazingly accurate, her messages are delivered with love and compassion. Susanne is absolutely authentic and delivers messages that are helpful, extremely detailed and trustworthy. Her readings provide a person with a healing because it is very comforting to know that you loved ones and guides are still with you.
Susanne is both authentic and extraordinary. She has helped me in ways that I cannot even express. Her readings are spot on. She is an excellent teacher- generously helping others to develop their own unique abilities and to be their own mediums. Her classes and her book teach you how to connect with deceased loved ones and guides. Her messages are always helpful, hopeful, and/or healing. She is a kind and loving soul- humble and easy to talk to. If I could give her 10 out of 5 stars, I would.
Susan is life changing. If you are needing answers from your guides you will get the answers you need along with answers in your life only you know about, such as, me having dental work the following week. My guides told her exactly what I was saying to them on a daily basis. I needed her desperately for answers. I got that plus more. ALSO, I have used Susan for a medium reading last year. She was spot on with information that will blow your mind. She is super kind and welcoming as well.
My name is Barbara and I recently had my first session with Susan. I have to say, she nailed everything about me, my loved ones and my guides. Susan is a caring soul and I was very comfortable with her in my Sacred Space. She touched on information regarding my family and myself that only I would know, her intuition is outstanding. I hope you will consider her for a session of your own. I plan to have another one in the future. Thanks Susan for sharing your gift. Barb
I had a great sense of peace after my reading with Susanne. This was my second reading and having lost two children in their early thirties, just a few years apart, this is my way of keeping in touch with them. She is so spot on, even with things I am unaware of, but find out later when talking to my other children are accurate.
Susanne is such an amazing person. An extraordinarily gifted Medium with a compassionate heart, she is pure positive energy connected completely to Divine Source. She is devoted to and appreciative of her gifts, thus providing comfort to those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. I can only imagine the time and training it took for her to develop her gift to the remarkable level she is at, and and so very thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to receive a reading with her.
I had a profoundly meaningful and gratifying experience with Medium Susanne Wilson! She not only conveys with clarity the spirit messages being received, but the purity of the feeling being expressed at the moment of the transmission. This naturally allowed the unfoldment of an even deeper, more nurturing and significant connection!
After attending Medium Susanne Wilson's monthly "Chat with Spirit Guides" which are very affordable, especially for the wealth of info & guidance you receive (for even a novice like me)! It was awesome and lead me to schedule a 1:1 session with Susanne in anticipation of talking w/loved ones & friends across the veil, as well as life issues. I was blown away, not only her accuracy, help w/options, resolution, positivity, I was very impressed by her genuine care and concern. Recommendation 110%
It's good to download the mp3 and listen to the reading several times later. There were things that Susanne said that I couldn't take in 100% the first time but came to me the second or third. Taking her intuitive online course 6 months before and reading her book "soul smart " 3 times before the reading helped me a great deal and I recommend it if you want to get the most out of the reading. Sussanne is a kind and caring person and I would do this again in a heartbeat.
I was so longing to connect with my husband who passed away one year ago from Cancer. I did not provide Susanne with any information regarding the connection I was looking to make with him, and yet he came through loud and clear. I could not be happier with my experience and recommend Susanne's services. I am validated in my belief that the soul continues on. There is much I don't understand about our soul's journey, but I trust in the universe. This reading provided me with peace and hope.
This is was second reading in 6 years with Susanne, her Divinely guided skills & abilities help everyone on both sides of the reading feel at home & comfortable. Her team & energy are able to connect & bring in the most positive love & experience during the reading. The information is accurate & clear and nonjudgmental, it only comes from a place of pure love. The recording is so helpful to listen to again later bc of all the detailed information our loved ones & team want to share with us.
What a honor to have a reading with Susanne !! I truly needed healing and messages of love from my loved ones..Especially my husband who transitioned last November. I still am trying my very best to push through grief. Susanne described my family members with accurate detail and husband funny and charming personality came through. She also connected with our furry friends that passed as well. I would highly recommended Susanne to anyone who needs healing and hope !!
Susanne is very gifted. I have had two readings with her and each time I came away feeling like I was talking to my daughter as easily as talking on the phone. After the first reading I felt so much peace because I knew my daughter was very much alive and well living a beautiful life where on the other side. Four years later I had another reading because I wanted "to visit" with my daughter and once again the connection was immediate and strong. I highly recommend Susanne.
Suzanne is amazing & very gifted....the reading was much more than I expected....Connected with my Husband.....I will definitely reach out to her again
I am a skeptical believer and so going into my first meeting with Susanne many years ago I wasn’t sure what I would find. The first twenty minutes of that first reading left me in awe. Things that only I would know were described in great detail. I’ve now seen her 5 times over the years and she never fails to amaze. I always joke that she is the best “long distance” call I’ve ever made. This is the best healing you can receive after a loss. I adore this lady!!
Susanne is truly an amazing evidentiary medium. She has done 2 readings for me and I can not express in words how her ability to connect with loved ones in spirit was beyond any expectations I had. The experience solidified my faith and my connection to my husband . The healing to my grieving heart was immense. Susanne is so non-threatening and loving, I was nervous but never scared. She put my mind at ease. I am forever grateful . I am forever grateful for Susannes gifts she shared with me.
Susanne was professional, personable, and incredibly compassionate throughout my reading. I am grateful for the exceedingly helpful, loving and even difficult information that came forth in my reading from my guides and loved ones. Questions that have tortured me for years were answered, giving me great solace and direction. With no prompting from me, Susanne immediately zeroed in on my father, describing his experience of WWII and relaying his message that he has finally found peace.
Susanne is such a clear channel! Truly like a phone call from heaven, which brought through many validations, laughs, connection to my Son from across the veil! She delivered a profound knowing that he was right here with me which lifted my spirit to the point of elation! NASA, wearing a cat T-shirt, celestial navigation, him holding talking red birds (which I have a photo), bunny ears, his nickname Boogies, the bagpipes playing Danny Boy (Which is the name of my Son).Beautiful delivery! Wow!
I had the best reading that I have ever had with Susanne. From the moment I started speaking with her, I felt that I was having a lively conversation with my son. There were many moments that had happened in the days leading up to the reading that I privately talked to my son about that she brought up in the reading. This was the best validation that I could have gotten and it shocked me to get answers to the questions that I had asked. Susanne gave me the gift of peace.
Susanne Wilson is absolutely amazing. She has a true gift, she will bring through evidence that your loved ones still continue on, that they are still with you. I highly recommend her.


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