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Susanne Wilson
Susanne Wilson


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Phoenix, Arizona


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$350 to $525 conference or phone

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1 480-203-2336


Susanne J. Wilson, MA is a Carefree, Arizona-based intuition educator, author, and evidential medium. Known as the Carefree Medium, Susanne is a recurring guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and has also appeared on the national edition of Fox News. You can watch Susanne on Gaia TV, Amazon films, Tubi, and her podcast Carefree & Conscious. She is part of the popular Superpower film series dedicated to igniting your intuitive intelligence.

Susanne holds a Master’s degree in public affairs policy, a Bachelor’s degree in management, and certifications from Stanford University. She was formerly a university's center for leadership director and a Fortune 500 corporate executive, until a 2007 near-death experience shifted her focus towards spiritual pursuits.

Today, Susanne is a globally recognized researcher and educator on a wide range of spiritual topics. At one time, her wait list for individual sessions topped 1,000 people. You are invited to peruse Susanne's live and on-demand content at

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Listed since: Aug 6, 2011


She is amazing! Truly the best reading Iv had and she is very kind and thoughtful. She gives amazing detail and evidence.
Whether small group reading or one on one, Susanne has been 100% right on with me and my family on the other side. THEY love to speak with her and give messages only they could give, they are so enthusiastic and spill out everything I want to ask about before I even get a chance to ask. There's nothing "woo-woo" about it, it's just like chatting around the dining room table after dinner. We get caught up on all the newson this side and that side! I cherish these times--Susanne is the real deal.
Susanne is really gifted. I was able to get very insightful and meaningful information from my guides that could later on be proven. Thank you Susanne!
I have never done any type of medium reading. I scheduled an individual reading because of my husband who passed a year ago. I was stunned, and absolutely blown away that many, many others were coming through. I never expected that, and ALL of the loved ones were people that have no way of being on internet search etc. the connections were incredible. It took me 5 days to process what this reading brought to me. I was very happy to know my husband is happy. Thank you to Susanne & Diane as well.
I was privileged to have had a reading with Susanne a few days ago.  I was blown away; not only did I feel she was connecting with my loved ones, but her descriptions of their mannerisms and characters were spot on!  The accuracy of the information was superb and the quality and depth of the information stunning. The comfort that Susanne has given me is priceless and precious.  I am so very grateful. PS: the way she runs her business with her assistant Diane reflects her professionalism too.
The readings I have had with Susanne over the years have brought me much needed peace & confirms for me that life does indeed continue long after we’re gone. She has connected me to family whom I dearly miss but also to relatives & friends who I’m thrilled will “drop in”. I can’t wait to see them all again but in the meantime it’s comforting to know they’re still a part of my life now, thanks to Susanne.
I participated in a group reading and my husband who passed in December came through first. What I loved most was how Susanne brought forth his personality and things only we would know. I was grateful to know he is at peace and with his family. Thank you Susanne for sharing your amazing gifts- you were so present and loving for all of us.
I participated in a group reading this past Friday and I'm still reeling from the overwhelming accuracy of information that came through. It's paradigm shifting to say the least. Susanne said things that are not on the internet, and no other soul should've known. I'm was a believer before the reading but still considered myself a hopeful skeptic. Well, now I can I graduated from believer to "knower". Susanne is the real deal. I'm still floating from this experience. Thank you so much, Susanne.
My husband and I recently had an amazing reading with Susanne. I learned of her through my involvement with Helping Parents Heal. Our beautiful daughter came through with so much evidence shared by Susanne. So many things she told us were absolutely from our daughter, her personality came shining through. Susanne also brought through other family members in Spirit. Thank you so much for connecting us to our daughter.
Amazing! I was a bit skeptical but I was blown away at the reading that Susanne gave me. She started naming and describing family members, in detail, that had passed on. Then, she delivered a message for me from my loved ones on the other side. I was stunned! The reading gave me so much peace. My grief over lost loved ones lightened, my hope for my life grew. I HIGHLY recommend Susanne. Honestly, her reading changed my life.
Suzanne is Amazing! The reading was so much more than I ever expected and has left me with such a feeling of peace and connection with family on the other side. Susanne named my family members with accurate detail and the messages about me personally, that came through, were spot on with who I am. She also connected with a beloved little dog that passed away. I highly recommend Susanne to anyone who wishes to connect and receive love from the other side.
I am part of Susan Wilson's Satsung group. What I have gained in terms of knowledge from her material has been priceless to me. She has a practical intelligence intermingled with the intuitive knowledge of the metaphysical. A perfect Earth and Heaven combination.
What a absolutely life changing experience with Suzanne. My little girl has been battling a rare cancer for 18 months but went against all odds and recently got all clear. Suzanne described the many surgeries and doctors she could see. My daughters guides came through to tell me she's going to be OK now and they have been healing her. With the trauma and worry I've carried for so long I got everything and more I needed and connected with love ones. Our soul lives on. Thank-you so much
The experience of sitting in a group with Suzanne Wilson is a pure gift to and of the spirit. There was no question that she was voicing for me messages from my guides and family. She was able to give more evidence than I had expected or imagined while relaying the messages that I so sorely needed and had asked for. reading. This experience was really life altering for me and brought such needed understanding. I highly recommend that you experience her talent as you will be so glad that you did.
I am so grateful for my mediumship session with Susanne. It was full of healing love, truth, confirmation and affirmation. I love Susanne's authenticity and hope. I HIGHLY recommend her. Thank you Susanne!
Life Changing! This is the best way to describe working with Suzanne Wilson @The Carefree Medium. I’ve had several reading and each one is astonishing. She is also warm, funny and truly caring about your overall experience. I’ve experienced others but no one holds a candle to Suzanne. We all need to connect to the Light and learn to remember who we truly are and where we all come from. I encourage you to join her annual membership as its full of amazing readings, resources and information!
My sessions with Susanne may be the most profound experiences of my lifetime aside from the birth of my children. I have had 3 individual Spirit Guide readings, each 6 months apart, and am astounded at the information coming through. I went from exploring and testing the waters to fully believing that she is connecting with my spirit guide team. The guidance has been specific and actionable in my life.
I had two mediumship readings with Susanne Wilson in the last few years and had readings with her to learn about my Spirit Guides.This is my first online review. My recent July, 2023 reading was successful, positive, comforting, joyful and Susanne lives up to her outstanding reputation as an accomplished, gifted medium, who is humble,generous and kind and offers these services to those who want to connect with loved ones in spirit and to our spirit guides.Purchase her book Soul Smart.THANKYOU.
I had a call with Susanne exactly one year ago. I’ve been listening to all the signs, been following spirit, questioned EVERYTHING yet again, back into depression, found faith somewhere in the darkest hour, and stared to follow spirit again. Spirit told me to listen to the recording of our call exactly a year later and OH BOY WAS SHE RIGHT. My god, BLEW MY SOCKS OFF!!!!
I have had multiple readings and spirit guide sessions with Susanne and to say the least she is just remarkable. Her ability to connect with loved ones on the other side is genuinely amazing. She is able to relay messages from loved ones with information only loved ones would know. She is spot on every time and provides so much insight into my life and life adversities. She has given me a sense of peace each time we meet and has made my life richer and more joyful. Forever grateful for her love.
I’ve already recommended Susanne to five people in just a week. I lost my daughter in 12/20 at just 20 years old. My hope was to connect with her. Susanne was able to do so and it was truly incredible. I’ve had a number of readings (to be honest) and Susanne realized that too. . I’ve done readings because I believe so much in the ability to connect and I’m honing my skills and learning through these readings. It’s hard to specifically describe how spot on Susanne was, at least 90%!
I have never, ever met ANYONE who can describe events in my life that not only give me the greatest comfort, but she and her guides can see "occurrences" just around the corner, so to speak. I've known Susanne for years and years. Her observations of life in my "orbit" are absolutely correct - little things, big things - hands down. I have taken many classes, had readings and read her book, "Soul Smart!" It's down to earth, practical & makes sense. I love her and thank her so very much.
Susanne is undeniably the real deal. She brought through my sister with so many accurate pieces of evidence in addition to capturing her personality and quirks. She even showed me how my sister was doing something with her fingers - turns out it was the sign language sign for "I love you." That was the sign my sister made to me just before she died! Talk about helpful, hopeful, and healing!! Susanne has a huge heart - she's someone you'd want for a friend. I highly recommend her!!
She is the BEST!! Her readings are chock full of evidential facts. Her messages are always helpful, hopeful and healing. Her daily connection with Source and her guides, help deliver guidance across the veil that will knock your socks off!! She connects with your deceased ancestors, friends, loved ones and Guides, delivering their messages. If you are experiencing long term grief and can’t get resolution, I would highly recommend Suzanne.
Thank you! You have been a great teacher. I was at a couple of your in office events. Before I got out of my car I wrote the words chicken & dumplings, and Grandma Dorothy. As we were getting ready to wrap up you mentioned a grandmother with a D name and said, Dorothy. Then you went on to say that you or your grandma made chicken and dumplings, or something to that effect! I had worried about her for 25 years because she had Alzheimer's. I wanted to be reassured she had found Joy in Spirit.
Suzanne is the real deal. She gives a very detailed, loving, hopeful message from relatives on the other side. She mentioned names and specific details that no one could’ve known. My grief over my mother dissipated after hearing she was so happy. My mother (via the reading) mentioned a note on my bedside table that I had written years after her death. The note had the infinity sign on it…something my mother would never write or know of. Suzanne is ethical, kind, hardworking & extremely gifted.
I participated in the group reading on July 27. It was incredible to me. I have a long time friend who passed several years ago. She has a son with multiple sclerosis He requires full time caregiver attention. I send him money each month to help. I have been wondering how much this really helps him. I never hear back on whether he even gets the money. Well, Sandy (my friend) came through and said thank you that it does help him. Also, my son came through and told me that he is now my mentor.
Susanne has such an amazing gift. Ive had 2 private readings with Susanne and the results have been amazing. It has changed my life… my beliefs have evolved and so mych is die to Susanne. I continue to follow her and am a part iv the monthly on line gathering❤️
Susanne is amazing. Her connection to the Spirit World and her own being are true and genuine. I have learned so much by participating in her groups, online sessions and having a personal reading. Susanne delivers from her heart and works to educate and inspire people to grow their knowledge, consciousness and connection to their individual soul spirit.
I signed up for a group reading the day it occurred because my son kept giving me the number 44 numerous times (cost of the event)! The first clue was more meaningful afterward, and then I got goosebumps! The information he gave about what he was working on was exciting and fascinating. He knows I am hearing his responses when I talk to him! Susanne brought thru so many pieces of evidence in that ten or so minutes that will never leave me and will help me on my journey. So much love...


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