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Rick Wood is a Psychic Medium and an Intuitive Life Coach. Helping clients to lovingly connect with their true passions while dealing with life's changes. He embraces his diverse roots and he views them as a beneficial tool to help him relate and understand people from all walks of life. Rick is a direct descendant of a culture that embraces the importance of an ancient universal tradition known as shamanism. Later in life, Rick became aware that his abilities were passed down through his maternal grandmother. While Rick won't practice shaman traditions with his clients because he believes this is sacred to the culture and land that manifests it; he incorporates elements of the shaman way into his practice. It is said that a shaman is a person who extends personal healing and empowerment through the services of a charismatic individual. The tradition of shamanism is to promote order, health, prosperity and happiness while instilling a common vision for individual motivation.

Rick's career is currently being covered in the new book "They're Not Gone" . http://www.theyrenotgone.com

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Past Life Regression
Intuitive Lifecoaching

Listed since: May 15, 2007


Rick is the best. I have been talking to him for a few years. His ability to give insight combined with a little coaching has been a tremendous help and influence on my life. He has given me the confidence to do things that I would have only talked about and never followed through. He is straight forward and accurate. I highly recommend talking with him. Awesome!!
I just RAVE about Rick Wood. I recommend him wholeheartedly. He is very straight-forward and incredibly accurate. His reading was vivid. I trust him. I strongly recommend Rick to anyone who wishes to contact spirits who have passed.
Rick Rocks! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have Rick as an intuitive coach and mentor. His straightforward, caring and humorous nature has helped me remain focused on achieving my personal and professional goals. Thank you Rick!
Rick Wood is THE REAL DEAL! He is the first Medium that my sister and I ever went to, so we were a bit skeptical. He knew personality traits about our deceased loved ones that were dead on! (No pun intended.) He asked me to relay a message, from my Grandmother, to someone that wasn't there, that likely saved her life! REALLY!! Rick also helped me to realize my path and get the courage I need to pursue what I really want for my life. He is a shining gem. I highly recommend him.
Rick pinpointed explicit details regarding my deceased parents as well as my living daughter. The details were very personal and unavailable to anyone's research. I finally understood the most remarkable experiences I continually have with Spirit, whether random or through my prayers and meditation. I am looking forward to the "homework" he gave me to do, and to share the results with him soon. It all makes sense now.
My 18 y.o. son was murdered in 2011. I bought and read "They're not Gone" and was so moved by it,I decided to hire Rick. Communicating with my son not only comforted me, but, I now know that we will be a family again when I die. My mother and daughter have also communicated with my son's spirit as well. I enjoy Rick's ability to be humorous and blunt if needed. Rick said that we are the 1st family ever that communicated with the same spirit in one week. My son is still funny and missed.
Rick has changed my life for the better & has also helped heal my 2 year old son, Max, after recovering from open heart surgery by advising me of best interests, diet & some Reiki. I personally have become more successful in biz and built better self confidence and courage to stand tall through recieving Rick's coaching. Whenever you find yourself between a rock and a hard place or you simply need a kick up the bum you can ALWAYS count on Rick to lift your spirits and get you back on track...
Best money spent... If I could talk to Rick everyday I would..... He has not only helped me personally with dealing with the death of my mother but has helped me with recent issues in my life as far as my marriage and business.......
I was in a bit of a depression when a friend told me to visit Rick for a reading. His humor and laid back personality helped me to instantly relax. He knew exactly what I was doing WRONG in my life, and gave me so much insight to what I SHOULD be doing! Since then, I've never been happier. I'd go see him again in a heartbeat!
Getting a reading from Rick was a great experience! He was dead on, and hit the nail on the head with everything! He picked up on things that no one could have possibly have known! Plus, he has a great sense of humor! I definately recommend him!
Every reading I have with Rick is outstanding. I am always pleased with how "dead on" he is. Recently I read the book "They're Not Gone" by A.P. Morris and got answers to a lot of my questions about his gift. He has helped me through many changes in my life and I'm looking forward to being able to call him a life long friend. Thank you for everything Rick.
I'm very grateful to have been referred to Rick, and have consulted with him several times over the last few years. He is the real deal! He has been spot on every time, and everything has unfolded exactly as he said it would. Amazing! I'm now at another crossroads in my life, and can't wait for my session on Monday to consult with him again before making a major decision. His gift is a gift to us all. :)
My mom and I were astounded by our reading with Rick after the very sudden passing of my Dad. We were amazed with Rick's words/gestures that only my Dad would say or do. It was a bit unsettling how much he knows! Thank you, Rick, for the gift of a lifetime and for sharing your gift with us. Many of our friends anticipate this life changing experience with you.
I had my first session with Rick and was so impressed not only with the information, but with Rick's humor and honesty in delivering it. I intially made this call looking for direction in my work and the relocation of my family. I was given so much more than this. Rick not only gave me insight, he was able to bring through some very special souls that have passed. Thanks Rick!
I have been one of Rick's clients for 3 years. Through his readings I have learned about myself, my higher being, and where I am headed in life. He is very honest and understanding. I never doubt a word he says. He does an amazing job and I always trust him. I highly recommend him and hope everyone gets a chance to work with him! Thanks Rick.
I have gotten to know Rick very well personally and professionally in the past few months. His down to earth personality and real world experience has proven very beneficial not only to me personally, but also professionally. I can't thank him enough for keeping me on track in both my worlds and keeping me optimistic towards my future. Thank you Rick!
After being referred to Rick almost a year ago, I finally decided it was time. I cannot tell you how much I wish I hadn't waited so long. I initially went for guidance with my career, but was overwhelmed when he brought up a relative of mine that had just passed a year ago. I was blown away, smiling from ear to ear because I knew she was there with us. His positive outlook on life is absolutely contagious, and I look forward to continuing life coaching sessions with him. He is the real deal :)
I highly recommend that you have a reading with Rick. I have had several readings with many. I must say that Rick was THE BEST I have experienced in a very long time. Not only are his readings exciting, hip, and positive, I found his readings to be extremely accurate. He does an excellent job, and I cannot wait for my next reading! Thank you Rick, you rock! Love n Light, Nicole
Rick is everything above and more. I am very grateful for his gift and even more appreciative of his delivery of the information. The insights he provided are definitely what I need to move forward. I will definitely be calling him again, and would encourage others to contact him too.
My family and I had a gallery reading in an attempt to reach my father who had passed recently and unexpectedly. What an incredible reading it was...My father's personality and stories for each one of us was utterly amazing. He not only gave us stories, but gave each of us some insights for daily living from our dad.I felt Rick truly left us as a friend and he will be receiving calls from us again.
Rick is truly amazing! His psychic ability is astonishingly accurate that I have left his office with spine tingling goose bumps armed with the incredible knowledge that has empowered me to move forward. My life has definitely changed for the better since I met him and I know that I am on the right path. I am working on what I need to do. Thank you Rick for all your help. I will be calling you again!
My reading with Rick was wonderful. He talked to me like we were friends. I've heard stories of psychics trying to pull information from the person they are reading. I barely had to talk, and he already had so much information. He provided a very insightful and fun conversation. We also set a follow-up appointment for my husband! I definitely give a 100% recommendation. God has blessed him with a beautiful gift.
This man is a truly kind and caring, gifted individual. His psychic ability is remarkable. I hosted a "psychic party" and he wowed every single attendee, they can't wait to see him again! Recently, I started to see Rick as a life coach. He has greatly inspired me to have a positive outlook and really have the confidence to be successful in every aspect of life. I can't say enough positive things about him, I'm honored to have him as part of my life.
I met Rick a year ago after a separation and through a friend who thought his insight might ease some of the chaos in my life. The result of that reading set me on a path of self healing. A year later I sought his help again. I have started a program of sessions with him that I am confident will help me move forward into this bright future I see for myself. Every session makes me stronger and more confident. The clarity I sense is amazing.
Rick often gives full first or last names or desriptions of those on the other side..and does so in the manner which that person would have used. This is a bit freaky at first, but then you start to roll with it. He offers additional side notes as the reading progresses. I have found his accuracy astonishing and am glad to be studying with him.
My experiences working with Rick have truly been amazing. I didn't necessarily believe in the world of psychic phenomenon until I met him. I've had many readings with Rick, but it has been my 2 past life regressions that have impacted my life significantly. Rick has been an inspirational guide in helping to answer many lingering questions that I wasn’t able to answer on my own. Rick, I always appreciate your candidness & compassion. I sincerely feel honored to have you in my life! Thank you!
I initially went to Rick to support a friend and it changed my life. His accuracy, insight and advice has been amazing. I have continued to see him for life coaching and see new results each time. I love his honesty and humor. I can't wait to see what happens next!
I have been read twice by Rick within the past year-- the first time was a phone reading which was so accurate it was almost overwhemling -- following the phone reading events happened in my life that required further clarification and I went to see Rick personally. Both readings were of great assistance allowing me to set my life goals with purpose. I like the fact that Rick will tell your like he sees it tactfully, he is also very encouraging ensuring you reach your maximal potential.
I hit a rough patch in life - I didn't know what direction to take or why I couldn't just take a step anywhere. A friend recommended that I see Rick as a life coach and my life has been changing for the better ever since our first meeting. He is able to see when I'm hiding behind fears and helps me to step away from them. He is helping me find and pursue my dreams and make my life look like a wonderful adventure.
I found Rick's insight into my personal and professional lives amazing. My meeting with him has given me the guidance I needed to get my life back on track professionally and has provided me personally with a greater sense of peace. I plan to meet with him again to continue my growth in both of these areas.


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