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Renee thinks of herself as the working persons psychic medium, I am just like you a wife, mother, friend, sister, the only difference is I can see to the other side. I am here to connect show you there is more to life than what you see..

Renee Richards is a Clairvoyant Medium whose incredible gifts were discovered at a very young age.
During a reading, Renee connects with your energy and higher self to deliver a reading that will touch you spiritually in many ways.
She connects with crossed over loved ones for messages of love and healing- often there is evidence and validation in her readings.

She is also a Consultant for Eidolon Paranormal's “Haunting Australia” with Allen Tiller,
Certified medium (C.E.T certified (calibrated energy therapy) degree in liberal arts), and a chartered member of the World Metaphysical Association.

Renee's history in Nursing, hospice and geriatrics was instrumental in honing her gifts .
Renee’s mentoring program teaches many young mediums ethics, with a focus on evidential messages of healing.

Renee is the owner and producer of “Teaching Tuesday”, a free platform featuring speakers, authors and guests.

She is also Featured on Best Psychic Directory, radio host of “The Renee Richards Show” on Blog Talk Radio, as well as a popular guest on many other radio shows.

Associate consultant Eidolon paranormal “Haunting Australia” Allen Tiller Certified medium with Doreen Virtue. C.E.T certified (calibrated energy therapy) degree in liberal arts, chartered member of world metaphysical association.

Energy healing paintings are also something Renee is very proud of as while she was painting she heard a voice say to her “put the brush down and use your hands” she did and what came through was a new and exceptional way to become centered with in your own higher light, Renee was channeling the soul levels of others. These paintings are used by many to connect into their own higher light.

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I also offer mentoring for those that are searching for those who want to learn more on a deeper level. I offer this on website.

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Listed since: Dec 12, 2012


I had my first reading EVER yesterday with Renee and to say she is so accurate and has the ability to communicate with loved ones is an understatement. I have always believed that people can do it but now I KNOW! Renee is no joke. I was bawling (from both shock and complete relief) during and after our call. She knew names of family and described them, passed on information that absolutely NOBODY would know. I am 100% a believer in Renee and will be definitely contacting her again!
Just had a reading with Renee. She was spot on with certain things she couldn't possibly have known about my daughter, our family, etc. It was wonderful and gave me some sense of peace that my daughter is not "gone" but just where I can't see her.
Renee is quite an incredible woman. I was extremely nervous to have a reading with her, but she instantly made me feel comfortable. The reading was so detailed, she gave me goosebumps during the whole 30 minutes. I now wish I booked the full hour. I can't wait to have more sessions with her!
I have had several readings with Renee... phone, skype, and in person. She is gifted, caring, compassionate, down-to-earth, straight forward, and accurate. She truly has a gift and shares it most compassionately. I highly recommend Renee to anyone seeking mediumistic advice and guidance. I have only the greatest regard for Renee as a medium, person, and soul that clearly loves helping others. Thank you, Renee, for helping me in my grieving and re-connection with my wife.
Last week I had an amazing first reading with Renee. She is an amazing and gifted medium...there were so many times I literally had goosebumps running down my arm. I felt like my parents were right there because she knew so much about them. She was very easy to talk to and she answered all my questions. I was very, very impressed with her and I plan to call her back on a regular basis. Renee is truly amazing!
What I know to be true is, Renee is an extremely gifted psychic medium! When you experience Renee your jaw will drop, your heart will open, healing will occur and you too will know she is authentic as the day is long! You'll hear a giggle in her voice, compassion and wisdom galore as she delivers your messages as well as feel her honesty and integrity, it doesn't get any better the that!
I can honestly say she is a friend, as we giggle and catch up whenever we talk. Renee is honest and right on the money about things. She knows about things and people that I’ve never told her previously. I Adore and trust this girl with all my heart and would recommend her to anyone. She’s the real deal and a really down to earth person.
Renne is truly one of the best psychic mediums I have ever encountered. From beginning to end I was left speechless. Without any information, she touched on everything I wanted to know and and more. Absolutely amazing.
Renee is one of the best!! She is amazing and has been so helpful to me after losing my 19 year old son! Her validations are incredible and I highly recommend her!
Renee is an amazing reader and person. I was lucky enough to get an energy painting along with a reading and it was both beautiful and accurate. I would recommend to her to anyone who wants an authentic reading with lots of heart to boot!
Renee, Brought my brother through so accurately, she was kind and gentle as i was still very much grieving & lost. Renee ade me feel so much better, also she saw my little dog that i had just lost and was grieving over. She gave me peace in my heart. Lovely moment in my time.
I and other friends have had readings with Renee and she reveals names, images and feelings. She gives dates and predicted a pregnancy that was exact. Not only is she funny, she truly cares and does not judge. As a psychic medium she's the best I've ever experienced, and I have tried a lot! :)
I have had two reading from Renee Richards one was in regards to my father .the other reading was about my son Renee was spot on about my son and an aunt of mine who had passed right before I was born or right after I was born. I would definitely recommend to anyone Renee, she is a real and down to earth person and a great psychic.
What an amazing women . I’ve had more then one reading and it’s akwsys jaw dropping , oh my , wow , for me . I always felt like we have always known each other . I have sent family members to her and love her as much as I do . You will be satisfied!!!!!
To say that Renee Richards is one of the greatest Psychic Mediums of our time is NOT an understatement! Time and again Renee has validated my loved ones on the other side, AND predicted many many things that came to pass. I have found, through her readings, so much comfort, healing and faith. If you have not gotten a reading from her yet, I promise you YOU WILL be amazed.
Renee is one special lady !! She has a gift for talking to passed loved ones like no other. She knows names and passes on messages that no one besides then would ever know. She is a beautiful person and makes you feel happy just talking to her.
I feel very grateful and fortunate to have found Renee and have had several readings with her this past year and also have done mentoring for a few months. It has been very helpful to me in my grieving process after losing my son last year. All of her readings have been incredibly accurate with lots of specific details, and also provided relevant information that supported me in my healing process. I love and appreciate Renee tremendously and feel she is doing an amazing service in her work.
I had a reading with Renee this eve and was blown away by her accuracy. She gave me names, dates, places and details. She is truly a medium who provides concrete evidence that she has made a connection with your loved one. She is also a good psychic and gave me some info about my job, etc. I have been to many readers but rank Her as part of the elite group!!
I mentored with Renee for ab a year. I came to Renee scared and vulnerable with my re-emerging abilities as a clairvoyant. Renee was patient, kind and gentle and not one time took advantage of me emotionally or financially. She exerted Love and taught me to believe in my own inner guidance rather than depend on her. We studied grounding, energy, clairvoyance, & mediumship. She brought me into my own strength and taught me to stand in my own. She teaches inner guidance so you can be strong. 10/10
Excellent reading, she covered so many things, very kind and compassionate, I really love her energy. I felt so peaceful. Brought my loved one through. Had a laugh too.
I just finished a reading by Renee this morning. I have had a few readings prior to this one but this left me speechless. She gave me names that no one would have known. Much less what they did for a living. This lady is the real deal.
I have been to several mediums. Most of which have successfully connected with my son Austin (AJ) who passed away on 7/20/2009. But, Renee's reading was so precise. The details she gave me where phenomenal. Throughout the 1 hour reading she never played the guessing game (which some mediums tend to do). She was accurate and detailed. She was spot on on names as well. That alone is above and beyond magnificent! I will be recommending Renee to the grieving parents community for sure.
Renee is one of the best Mediums I ever had a reading with... if not THE BEST!! She was incredibly accurate with names and details in my reading! She told me things that she could not have known without the help of my loved one. I have searched and searched and finally have found my very gifted messenger to give me what I need from the other side. Thanks Renee... can't express the help you have given to me that gets me through each day!!
I had a private reading with Renee two years ago and she was extremely accurate. She brought through many of my loved ones who have passed and knew their names, their descriptions and their personalities and knew personal things about them that meant something to me. She is genuine, compassionate and extremely gifted. It is always a pleasure to listen to her on Blog Talk Radio where she has her own show. I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for the real deal.
Renee is the best of the best !! She was able to give names of deceased loved ones and knew things that there was no way possible !! She was so loving and compassionate !! Very accurate !!! She is amazing and very affordable !!
Renee is so gifted i was getting signs from my guides and wasnt understanding what they were trying to say. when i spoke to Renee about it. it made sense. i highly recommend Renee truly a treat to talk too.
I had a reading with Renee a few months ago.. I found her to be right on the money! She gave me names and events. Validations were great. One of the better readings that I have gotten. I highly recommend her.
Renee is the best medium I have ever experienced. Renee's infallible accuracy + unyielding compassion are what put her over the top for me. It was truly as if I was on a 3-way call with Renee & my father. Not sure if this is allowed, but please feel free 2 contact me should you have questions re: the readings I've had with Renee :::<>. I can't emphasize enough how highly I think of Renee's psychic/mediumistic ability. A+ to infinity
She is incredible, Renee looked into my soul, I could feel her. She is amazing, compassionate and loving. I will never forget the reading I had with her, and I highly recommend her to everyone, you need a Renee Richards experience. thank you thank you.
Renee was completely spot on... I am the widow who's husband came through with the man who killed him.... very strange for both Renee and myself... I do believe this reading was as much for her as it was for me... Knowing now that my husbands last thoughts were of me and his family was the message I needed to hear... It has helped me start to live my life again... Thank you Renee


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