Nancy Graham


Your reading with me is not with me alone. You are also hearing from a larger group of loving and Angelic beings who have been with me for years. At 4 years old I had a near death experience which helped to open the psychic door further than it already was. I have since learned to manage and share these gifts and to do so with the highest integrity. For over 30 years now I have been giving readings and writing “On Wings of Angels, letters from home”, wisdom from my Angel friends.

During your session I am always asking for whatever is for your highest good and will let you know what I hear, see and sense for you, including messages from your friends or relatives who have passed. I have a Master of Arts degree in drawing and painting and often do sketches and drawings as I read and will share them with you.

Your highest good is my ultimate goal and I am always honored to be invited to read for you and to help you see things in new ways.

Some of my earthly guides along the way have been:

Gunter Benz, Clairvoyant Teacher
Alberto Villoldo, PhD, The Four Winds Shamanic Teaching
Hunbatz Men, Mayan Daykeeper
John Holland, Psychic Medium
Janet Nohavec, former nun and British trained Medium
Nic Whitman, British Healer

Additional Information: 

Sessions go for as long as needed—usually from 1 to 1 1/2 hours—and there is a single fee, no matter how long it goes. Remote sessions are just as effective as if I were to see you in person.

IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIME CLIENT, you may have a special reading to meet me and try out my services. Just contact me through my email and we can arrange a shorter, one time only $40 reading.

Listed since: Apr 8, 2021


I highly recommend a reading with Nancy! She gives you accurate information and messages from your departed loved ones. She will immediately put you at ease and provides you with trusted guidance. She is a compassionate and heartfelt person who knows how to deliver information in a sensitive way. Nancy You will leave feeling confident that she was able to provide you with the guidance that you needed. Nancy also draws while she reads and her illustrations are just heavenly!
Nancy was able to connect about things in my life and my loved ones in a way that I am absolutely certain was 100% accurate. Whoever was talking through her knew my concerns and details that Nancy was never told. It all made sense and was very useful. Nancy communicates with obvious compassion and care.

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