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Nancine Meyer
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NANCINE MEYER an author, spiritual teacher, and internationally recognized prosperity coach. She is a professionally skilled psychic medium and certified law of attraction coach who specializes in universal law and angel communication. Angel Clairvoyant since the age of five, she is also clairaudient and clairsentient. Nancine is expertly gifted at in-person as well as distant readings.

Nancine is also an experienced business leader and talented entrepreneur. She has many years of background within the areas of executive management, law, corporate contributions, and employee volunteer programs. And, for more than 15 years she has combined those main stream abilities with her psychic skills into her own company, Main Street Angel, coaching individuals and business teams alike.

So here's how your reading will evolve:
Nancine will hear and see your angels, guides and energy field while working within hers. She will give you information received in response to your questions and add practical law of attraction tips to remove patterns and beliefs presently interfering with your greater health, wealth, and prosperity.

Choose whatever feels comfortable for You: an Instant Read herein or by direct appointment thru Main Street Angel, in person or by phone. Whichever fits you, you will find that Nancine is a person truly gifted in connecting you with your angels and in activating your most authentic spirit. That's because she believes in her Divine Purpose of entertaining each person she greets into their own True Light.

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Pick up your copy of "The Lighter Side of Prayer: How to Enjoy Talking With God" at

Noticeable Blessings In your Day!

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Nancine is an excellent storyteller and entertaining speaker available for business conferences, broadcasting events, and social or community gatherings.
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Remember to pick up your copy of Nancine's book, "The Lighter Side of Prayer: How to Enjoy Talking With God." ( It's an easy-to-read book, filled with extraordinary spiritual concepts and everyday practical habits toward living a fuller, happier life. Each chapter imparts to you the reader “you are loved and you deserve.”

Listed since: Jun 20, 2008


I seen Nancine a couple of years ago and she was great. Very loving and very point on. I would definitely see her again and recommend her to others.
My first session was in August, 1999. I was single at the time. Nancine told me that three years from the past May there would be a union of hearts and spirits… permanent… big-time. Timing wasn’t perfect, but close. In April, 2003, Nancine said I would enter into a new relationship in six months. Very close, as it turned out. Eight months later I met the person that I would later marry. Nancine’s insight and counseling along the way were encouraging and comforting.
I have had many readings by Nancine and not only are they accurate, they are loving, motivating and fun!! Nancine and the Angels speak from the heart! I wouldn't miss it if I were you!
Nancine is very gifted. She will go out of her way to help you. Many Blessings
Nancine is amazing! Her abbility to here my Angel guides has trully helped me go down the right path. Nancine is passionate about helping people. She has been blessed with an amazing gift.
If you are looking for someone to help you follow your spirit, Nancine should be at the top of your list. She is kind, caring and accurate.
Nancine is a gifter clairvoyant and guide. I would recommend her to anybody who is interested in expanding their spiritual boundaries.
Nancine is one of the most talented clairvoyants I know. She is deeply committed to helping people create better lives and has been a regular contributor to our radio show, Guides & Guidance, for more than a year now. She offers specific, direct information that really helps people.

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