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Mary Powers

Mary Powers
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San Diego


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I am a Intuitive, Medium, Healer and Relationship Coach. I have been on NBC and several radio shows around the country. I help men and women who struggle with relationships, job dissatisfaction or those who seek deeper purpose and fulfilment in their lives.

I help you to remove the blockages that prevent you from achieving your dreams. I also work in the Angelic Realm; I tap into Spirit to assist clients who want answers to their burning questions.

My genius is to tap into your energy and offer insights based on your birthdate and first name. If you’re looking for specifics, I usually can provide them. My readings are always inspiring, regardless of the topic. I am blunt and to the point, but offer practical solutions to your problems.

I am a Certified Psychic/Intuitive, Medium, Magnified Healing Master Teacher, Reconnective Healer, level III, Ordained Minister, Energy Worker, Soul Coach and Teacher. She has been practicing her gifts since 1988. Mary received her bachelor's as a Metaphysical Practitioner from Delphi University in GA and also have a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

Listed since: May 14, 2009


I first began consulting Mary about ten years ago. Mary will amaze you with how accurate and detailed she is! She is truly amazing and has assisted me in many aspects of my life. She will make you feel comfortable and at ease. She can tap into any issue that I bring her way and I am so grateful for her insight and council.
I have been a client of Mary's for many years now, I am always amazed by her. In my most recent reading with her, I was concerned about my employment as I was not happy in my current role. She gave me solid advice as to stay positive to ensure it came but, what was most amazing like other times I've spoken with her....the timing of the new role, spot on! Never mind, some of the other details were spot the interest brevity I will leave it there also because I am running out of space!:)
I received a healing session from Mary and she helped me to release so much pain, much of which was deep and dark from my childhood that I thought I had put behind me. Mary went deeper than anyone with which I have ever worked. When the session started, I was almost in tears from the intensity of the physical pain which was being manifested by unaddressed emotional wounds. By the time the session was over, I felt wonderful. I felt lighter and with my pain released. Thank you so very much Mary!
I had an Soul Realignment process with Mary. What was really cool, is when she explained to me that some of the issues/blocks that I have struggled with in my life are choices I made in other lifetimes. It resulted in me carrying it over into this life and having to learn the lesson now. I guess the biggest "Wow" is how much time I have wasted by making choices that didn't lead me to living a happy and empowered life. I am now choosing to make more empowered decisions. Thanks Mary.
Mary is not only accurate, she is warm, loving and positive. Her energy emanates through the phone, and any doubts or negativity you may have been feeling will be gone. Mary accurately predicted a year ago I would be moving to Florida...I thought that was crazy as I had recently moved across the US to the West. But here it is almost a year later and I am moving to Florida. Mary has helped me through troubling, painful times in my life, and taking after her advice, she was always right!
WOW. I am so happy I called. I just spoke to her so I cannot vouch for any predictions- but WOW does she zoom right into people and give you a ton of information about them. All I had to do is say a name she would get right into their psyche! She helped me understand a relationship I have been grappling over and I feel so much more calm and relaxed and empowered to let it go. Thank you Mary!
I now know exactly what an authentic medium is. WOW. She connected in seconds, to each person, with just a name/birthdate, accurately picking up every fact, even my personal thoughts. She identified spirits near me & my focus in this life. She's fast, sweet & reasonably priced & offers 15 min. increments, both so very much appreciated, yet dwindling traits. (God given gifts should be available for all, especially the very people who need it most: the less fortunate.)Bless You Mary!
Wow! I don't even know where to start. I met Mary 7 yrs ago. My nephew was shot and killed and 3 months later my father passed..Mary was heaven sent! She helped my family deal and cope/understand with "our" loss and o known they are still with us each and everyday. She is so the "Real Deal" and so on the money! So blessed to know her and have her in our lives. You will NEVER regret a session with Mary Powers!! Thank you from thenbottom of my heart!
I met Mary, hmm many yrs ago now, she always dead on, sometimes right down to the time. I recently loss my nephew, he was missing and I didn't even hesitate but I immediately called her freaking out and that I need her to try to locate him. She did, he was exactly where she told me to look, although we lost him. I could never had done it without her help...I will always be grateful for her guidance and her friendship!!
I have been consulting with Mary for five years on everything from finances to love, and she consistently hits the nail on the head with her intuitive advice. She accurately predicted the date I would give notice to leave my job 6 months before I did, and that I would move to California. I like to think of Mary as my "Soul Coach" helping me along my path! Highly Recommend!!!
Mary is the best psychic/medium I have ever worked with! She is ALWAYS right on with what she has told me! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to know what is in store for their lives!

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