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Judee Hallee

Judee Hallee
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$150 per Hour, $80 for 30 Minutes

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Curious about what lies ahead? Confused about a relationship or your career? Is there a difficult decision that needs to be made? Or, just wondering what the heck is going on? I am here to help you get clear insights and guidance so you may move forward with confidence and a renewed sense of self. Let’s get to what is essential and meaningful specifically for you. Are you ready? I am here for you.

A gifted psychic, tarot reader, medium & spiritual counselor I was born with the metaphysical gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience & clairsentience. This means that I have the ability to hear, to see, to understand and communicate with subtle energies beyond the normal human range. Psychic work is my passion, my joy and my full time career.

My clients encircle the globe and enjoy a continuing relationship with me when visiting Sedona and throughout the year by telephone. Call for your appointment today. Whether you wish for a reading in-person or by phone I am usually available within 24-48 hours. Sessions in-person and by phone are recorded and each client will receive a FREE MP3 recording sent to them by email.

Visit my website, for more detailed information about my work.

I am joyfully living in Sedona Arizona among the Red Rocks. Hiking the Red Rocks, basking in the warm sun shine and painting keep me grounded and constantly bathed in the amazing energies that feed my heart and vibrate to the frequencies of my soul. I send you Blessings, Joy and Well Being.

Additional Information: 

~ I am usually available within 24-48 hours.

~ Sessions in-person and by phone are recorded and you will receive a FREE MP3 recording sent by email.

Get Answers!
Get clarity, find direction, avoid pitfalls and get help with decisions in any situation. Just Ask Judee About…

Your Relationships:
What are the strengths and weaknesses of this relationship?
How is the chemistry flowing between you?
Interested in someone new, are they as wonderful as they seem?

Your Family:
How is the relationship between you and your spouse?
Are your children on the right course in school?
Are their friends a good influence?

Work and Career:
Is it the right time to make a career move?
Do they really appreciate your gifts and talents?
Feeling uneasy? Let’s find out what that gut feeling is really about.
What’s going on that you don’t know about?

We all have underlying patterns, habits, and core beliefs that run our life. Negative thoughts, self-defeating attitudes, and unconscious destructive behaviors, most of which we are not even aware and they create such havoc and drama in our lives. Once revealed, destructive patterns can be turned into healthy thoughts and behaviors. The reward is finding that inner peace and joy that you are meant to be living.

Call or email Judee today to set up an appointment!

Listed since: Jun 24, 2015


Judee is a talented, down to earth psychic. Having attended many of her circles at Sedona Creative Life Center, I've heard many people who attended previously tell her how precise her insights were and how much she helped them. She has common sense advice to offer to clear up questions. She has several decks of Tarot/Guidance cards and knows exactly which deck will help expand the message she's been guided to give. Judee is my go to psychic when I need help with a question.
Judee is the psychic I measure any other reading I have recieved against. She is the best, has given me accurate guidance and information to help me in my current dilemmas. To have the insight she has is such a blessing and I value each reading I've received. I'm so grateful I found her.
Judee is the BEST psychic you will ever have a reading from! She is so accurate and right on in everything she tells you. She is the only psychic I have gone to since first meeting her in August 2011 at one of her “Circles” at the “Sedona Creative Life Center”, and she will be the ONLY one I ever have for the rest of my life. She has so much knowledge, and has a direct road to source. When she pulls Tarot cards she SIMPLY knows what she is talking about. She has an awesome way to guide you.

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