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Ivory LaNoue is a warm, kind and calming psychic medium, angel communicator, spiritual counselor, and mentor. She is based in Sedona, Arizona. Ivory is a partner at Sedona Soul Sisters metaphysical center.

She offers mediumship, psychic readings, angel mediumship, spiritual counseling, angelic healing, courses and classes.

Ivory has been a professional psychic since 1996, and mentored with Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium, for mediumship. She was on Amazon Prime's 'From Life to Afterlife' show talking about her journey to becoming a medium. Ivory is the author of Let Your Angels Lead, a book which teaches the reader to feel, see and hear their angels with the ultimate goal of receiving the maximum angelic guidance in their lives.

In a mediumship session with Ivory, she hears spirit speak, they show her scenes and symbols, she will feel how the spirit died, and she passes on messages to you from them. She is highly rated for her ability to communicate with spirit.

In a psychic reading, Ivory knows only your first name. She uses Archangel cards to tune into your energy. She will go into depth about what she sees about your past, current, future, business, relationships, spirituality, and any specific areas you wish her to address. Ivory is known for being extremely accurate with her insights and timelines.

Her style is kind, honest, caring, and warm. Ivory has a stellar reputation as a medium, psychic and angel communicator.

Ivory has been on an intense spiritual journey since 1985 when she had a profound spiritual awakening. She has a very calm manner and is able to help you through spiritual dilemmas, understand your own spiritual awakening, moves to the next level spiritually, as well as explaining unusual occurrences you may be experiencing.

She offers Angelic Resonance Healing and Archangel Raphael Gazing. With her healing you can experience healing, renewed energy, serenity, and clarity.

She specializes in helping people who are survivors of abuse, persons with mental health issues, and many physical and emotional issues. This is due to her extensive background working in the field of mental health.

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You can pay for your sessions on Ivory's website. Sessions can be booked on the www.IvoryAngelicMedium.com website, or by calling her office. Ivory offers instant readings here on BestPsychicMedium.

Please contact Ivory by email if you have any questions prior to arranging your appointment.

Listed since: Jul 23, 2015


As a Metaphysician, I had had the opportunity to speak to a number of excellent mediums. Ivory is among the best. She connects with our loved ones in spirit, with evidential information that is spot on. She also has connected me wit my guides and Angelic team, sharing messages that made perfect sense. Ivory's compassion and love for her gift, shows in her work and I call on her when I need guidance.
Ivory is a very gifted evidential medium. I have seen her many times to help me connect with loved ones in spirit as well as communicate with my guides and angels. I have also referred several friends and family members who have returned for additional sessions as a result of the significant evidential information Ivory was able to provide. Whether it is a one time visit or you want to meet with her more regularly she offers a variety of services to promote enlightenment and healing.
Hello from Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium! I entrust my own clients to Ivory when they can't wait for me (which could be over a year). Ivory effectively attunes to angels, spirit guides, & deceased loved ones. More than simply giving you information, she provides clarity so you can begin moving forward on your pathway of spiritual growth. As Ivory’s medium mentor of several years ago, I found her to be compassionate, gentle, and accurate. She was (and continues to be) in my top tier.

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