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Dyan Garris

Dyan Garris
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I am a voice recognition, trance channel psychic medium, and a psychic. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. I read directly from your Akashic Record. This means that I am not merely "intuitive." I am a real psychic. That means I make predictions. I am not a coach. I am NOT a Tarot reader. I am not an "Intuitive." In a reading, I am psychically tuning in on you, your situation, your people, and your areas of concern. I will bring forth to you what I get from Spirit.

When we are on the phone together I will ask you to say your name. After I connect with your voice (the soul is contained in the voice), I will go get your record from the hall of records.

You don't need to do the "testing" thing. Enter into the reading with your energy open and I will be able to accurately read for you. I will already bring you forth a mix of information that consists of things I would not already know by any ordinary means, things you already know and can confirm (we do this so we know we are picking up the right person or situation), as well as information that has not happened yet and that may not make sense to you yet.

I am also able to provide you with accurate time frames and see well into your future. It is part of my "job" to accurately predict things that haven't happened yet. This is all part of what a real psychic does. This is the "psychic" part of a psychic reading, i.e., making predictions for the future.

In a scheduled reading, where we have a dedicated amount of time, rather than a per minute reading, and as a trance channel, I will have already connected our energies before we are on the phone together and I will tell you what Spirit wants you to know first. In a reading, you are able to ask any questions you’d like, regarding both earthly concerns and bigger picture kinds of questions as well. This does not interrupt the trance state for me. It’s “conscious channeling.” So after Spirit brings forth the initial messages, feel free to ask away. While in our session, I am also able to see your soul “blueprint” and karmic patterns.

As a psychic medium, I am able to connect with and bring messages from your crossed over loved ones. Please note, we cannot “wake” the dead. That would be disrespectful. However, I find that when your crossed over loved ones have something specific to say (other than they are fine, which is way too general), they will come through immediately and are there when we open the reading. And they will say whatever their message is. If there is someone specific you want to come through that doesn't show up immediately, we can ask and see if they do. What I find is that when there are unresolved issues and feelings, that loved one is already right there with something to say when we open up the reading. Most times then, we don't have to go "hunting" for your person.

Again, in a reading I will bring you a mix of things you can confirm, and things that I would not know by any ordinary means, along with information that might not make sense to you yet because it is a few months away. So if it doesn’t make sense - as some things do not because they haven't happened yet - I will tell you to look for it to come in, and I will usually be able to give you an accurate time frame for that happening.

Regarding relationship readings: Through your voice, soul energy, I am able to tune in on most anyone you’re connected with. Just give me the first name of the person. I am able to tune in on them. Again, it would be inappropriate to “spy” on people. So we ask permission and we tread lightly.

I can, for example, tell you how a person feels about you, what the relationship is or isn’t, if that person has another person around them or not, if they're going to leave, if they are going to come back to you, and if whatever they are espousing to you is true or not true. This kind of information could be helpful in terms of “highest and best,” whereas, for example, “Is so and so cheating on me,” is not in anyone’s highest and best. So please don't ask me that. This is something you need to address directly with that person. As well, although I am capable of answering it, the question,”When I am going to hear from this person,” is also not vibrating super highly either.

Additionally, I am medically intuitive and am able to do my own kind of “MRI” body scan. However, I am NOT a physician, nor a lawyer, and I do not practice medicine or dispense legal advice. I can tell you, however, what Spirit is showing me or telling me in multi-directions. And you can then decide what direction you’re going from there.

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Please come to the reading space with your energy open so that I may give you the best reading possible. If you would like a scheduled 1 hour reading, you may access my calendar directly at Choose your desired date and time, continue on to the payment process. I will contact you to confirm and I will set up our private conference room and email you the details. I look forward to our time together.

Listed since: Jun 2, 2017


This was one of the most remarkable experiences I have ever had. Dyan is a true psychic. The information she gave blew me away on so many levels. Her connection to spirit has to be one of the best I have ever encountered. Dyan is amazing- the real deal. She is also incredibly kind and generous- she delivers difficult news with grace and compassionate. I am so happy I called!!
Sorry Dyan ran out of funds! But thank you very much for everything as always! You always help out and confirm what I feel with my guy also! I believe this is my guy too and looking forward to the upcoming things! Thank you again! Jen
I am not easily impressed but Diane Garris is truly a gifted Akashic record reader and psychic. She was able to untangle my thoughts and help me clarify the choices that I had available to me. She was even able to connect patterns that were interfering with my situation that were past life issues. She is kind and direct and delivers! Amazed and impressed! Thank you Dyan for sharing your gifts! Five Stars!!!
Just wanted to update on my reading with Dyan. Literally 2 days after my reading with her, a very specific opportunity she said was on it's way came "out of nowhere". I am amazed. Her gift is absolutely real and genuine.
Dyan is a WONDERFUL reader, both for an instant reading, and a full length one. Her capacity to "read the fields" is wonderful and she has a high level of understanding the bigger picture of creative consciousness. She is also truthful, accurate and compassionate. I think she's one of the best readers I've found. Her gift is genuine and real. I'm excited to have found someone I trust for the insights I need.

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