Debbie Amber Osborn

Debbie Amber Osborn
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$65.00 For 30 Min./$130.00 For 60 Min.

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Psychic - Medium - Energy Worker

Debbie "Amber" Osborn is a Spiritualist medium. She has received the coveted Certification by the Holistic Studies Institute. Debbie conducts private sessions and Seances. She is available both in person in Arizona (within 30 miles) and by phone or Skype anywhere in the U.S.

Most of her readings are referrals from clients! Find out why! She is an empathic Spiritual Medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient and energy healer with years of experience. Working with the light and a gentle, compassionate energy, she connects you with your loved ones and spirit guides on the other side to bring, healing, comfort and closure. Debbie also provides insightful guidance and answers to your life questions. Her clients leave her sessions with hope, guidance, and clarity. Visit my website to learn more about me and read testimonials from return clients!

Listed since: Jul 28, 2011


Love to go to Sedona at least once a year. In September of 2012 we went to Debbie Osborn's Seance at the Sedona Center. I wasn't sure what to expect but entered a small intimate group of other like minded people in a very comfortable environment. Each individual was approached for a reading. The information I received at the time I was uncertain of what it meant. I was told of a great change in December of 2012, well, after 13 years in this place of employment, I left my job to follow a call.
A few months ago, I had the privilege of having Debbie come to my home for a reading. I was troubled with pain and being overweight. Debbie gave me the courage to do something about it. I finally did go to the doctor and was put on a weight management program. I have now lost 30 lbs. and my outlook on life is much brighter. Much thanks to Debbie for her gentle guidance which has inspired me tremendously. She is a very special and talented lady and I am proud to call her my friend.
Just a note to express our gratitude to Debbie for sharing her gift with us at one of her recent seances. During the session she mentioned that she saw many spirit 'lights' behind my wife healing her neck, and asked if she had been having any neck problems. My wife, confirmed that she did have very serious and painful issues with her neck. I can't believe how our life has changed since that night. She no longer has neck pain and remains symptom free. We feel blessed to have met Debbie.
Debbie or "Amber", the name you use when giving readings, conducted a public seance that felt safe and not scary. Only a positive inspirational reading was given. You described my family member physically and gave verbal expressions they used plus demonstrated how they acted. Unable to do closure in life, I was able to find peace. I felt I had a genuine experience. Thank-you, "Amber".
Debbie had been a god send for me! It started with the an open seance and then it turned into taking psychic development with her for over a year. How it has changed my life: Now I am open and have the ability to truly read people. Under Debbie's guidance I was trained to believe in my intuition and to allow it to flow. This education has been the most valuable and the most fun! This is not weird or scary, it's learning to listen to our intuition that we all have. Thank you Debbie!!!!
What a positive experience! I would highly recommend having this experience with Debbie. It was truly unforgettable. Thank you so very much Debbie. You've made a wonderful differance in my life. I am looking forward to our next reading. I cannot thank you enough.

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