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Annie has had a life path devoted to personal growth and service to humanity. Her studies have led her to investigate the beauty of diverse paths to Spirit and to numerous highly esteemed spiritual teachers. She has had an amazing journey, filled with miracles and Spirit phenomena. She has been assisting others to transform their lives, through her readings and emotional healing energy work since 2002. She is a sought-after speaker on the Akashic Records and presents for many National Spiritual Expos. Her clientele includes numerous professional mediums and psychics. Spirit works through Annie with joy and honesty - always a straight-shooter and filled with compassion. Known for her amazing accuracy, Annie is dedicated to assisting her clients in their personal transformation and enlightenment that has earned her a loyal following. She connects with loved ones and spirits that have passed away, and her ability to connect to spirit with such great clarity and detail allows her clients to truly feel the presence of those loved ones who travel with them, often receiving much needed communication and guidance.
She is an Certified Advance Practitioner through Linda Howe in the Akashic Records. A Conscious Channel that brings forward information from The Records with joy and love. She loves to connect you to the guidance, wisdom and healing contain in your Akashic Record. This is the place of wisdom that is now available to everyone.This is your Divine map that empowers you. Connecting to your soul's plan and gaining understanding, helps you move forward with more clarity in your life and a deeper understanding.

Listed since: Aug 26, 2007


I consider Annie to be a thoughtful, trustworthy and sacred guide. I have worked with Annie through different emotional seasons in my life and her gifts never cease to amaze me. I am grateful for her spiritual insights, candor and the love and humor which she delivers the messages. I highly recommend connecting with Annie.
Annie is an absolute gem. She has become part of my mental health care, business strategy consultant, spiritual tuner, etc. I check in with Annie when things in life are confusing, when relationships seem chaotic or when I want my intuition to have some backup. She is very clear and able to tune into the energy of the client and situation with great accuracy and give some context to confusing situations. I cannot recommend highly enough. I've seen Annie in person as well as distance on Zoom.
Annie has given me a psychic reading as well as a Tarot reading. She is a total delight to work with and she has many gifts of insight and clairvoyance. She's also funny, uplifting and encouraging! I've recommended her to several of my friends, as I feel she is an authentic holy helper. When I have felt in need of guidance and clarity, I seek her assistance.
Annie is great. She had a lot of patience with me and connected me with someone that passed over that I love dearly. I owe her a debt of gratitude. I will most certainly continue to book readings with her.
Annie is truly talented. She helped to clear some congestion, shall we say, and I feel lighter, happier. I enjoy walking away with a positive solution to a heart-wrenching problem. Thank you, Annie.
Thank you so much for the wonderful Akashic record reading. I found it very healing and empowering. Your insights have validated so much for me and given me much to work with. It was uncanny how accurate you described my challenges. I am thankful for your clear guidance and insights.
Annie is, indeed, gifted and shares her gifts with professionalism and personalism. She has developed her skills and talents to the extent that her toolbox is varied and efficient. Her readings are consistently accurate and the depth of her insights contributes greatly to my understanding, personal growth and cosmology.
Annie is amazing! Her insight and abilities as a spiritual medium and psychic are so accurate, she told me things nobody else on this planet knew! She is warm, immediately puts you at ease and my reading was uplifting and a great comfort, I would highly recommend Annie!
The Astrology Reading I received from Annie, was fabulous. I really like her direct style. Her information was very accurate and was the confirmation that I needed to know the direction I was taking was the perfect choice for me. I love the combination of Annie using her intuition and her knowledge of Astrology. Great Reading!!
I really loved the session I had! She was incredibly insightful, and opened me up to many helpful ideas and suggestions. For my first time going to a medical intuitive, I was pleasantly surprised with what I recieved!
And another absolutely awesome session with Annie! I so appreciate her and her sacred gifts that she shares so graciously. Annie’s attunement, blended with her insights, wisdom, knowledge and skilled communications makes for a most profound session!
Annie has been my go to for spiritual insight for several years and I would recommend her to anyone who is a seeker.
amazing reading......needed this ....Annie is definitely gifted in what goes on with those around you. I feel as though I have been blessed to have her cross my path.
Just finished a wonderful medical intuitive reading.. everything Annie said was spot on.. she is truly a wealth of information! Can’t wait to book another session and will certainly be referring her to friends!
I had a session with Annie today. She is a very comforting person and zeroed in on the issue I think. I've been trying to resolve some information about my family who have passed. She gave me some new info that helped clarify things. She was able to contact my parents which was incredible. I feel like it is starting to resolve. I'm looking forward to speaking with her again.
Annie is the real thing. Don't wait booknow.
Annie instantly puts you at ease. I feel better during the readings and after and wish time would go slower. I feel you are spot on and hit my concerns. I always want to talk again. Annie you have a gift and use it well. Thank you for what you do.
Annie was amazing. I felt super comfortable and the experience was beyond anything I could have imagined. I can’t wait to book my next appointment with her.
What an insightful connection to deceased ancestors and a friend. Many blanks filled in that explain life long passions. My first 50 min session was delightful. I expect there will be another.
I have been privileged to have readings with Annie for over a decade. I choose to consult with her whenever I am going through big or challenging transitions in my life or when I need a little spiritual "nudge" in the right direction. She is not only accurate in describing aspects of my life that I have not previously shared with her, but she also guides me in the right direction on what actions/options are in my best interest, with clarity and compassion. She is also witty and fun to talk with!
Annie was very accurate in the information that she passed into me. I just had the session today so I need some time to process everything that she told me. I am very hopeful that when I do, I will see the changes that I want within myself. Thank you Annie :)
Annie did a medical intuitive session with me. She couldn't have been more spot on with identifying the things throwing me out of balance within the first 10 minutes of our discussion. I've never had a reading that was so accurate and detailed. Annie is truly gifted and I will certainly use her guidence when needed in the future.
Annie is a powerful healer and intuitive. After my medical intuitive session & Annie doing some energy work on me, the next day I felt a noticeable change in my body and a truly amazing shift in self-awareness. Annie reminded me of who I really am and I feel more alive than I have in YEARS! I didn’t realize I was living life so disconnected from “ME” until she told me. Annie is truly connected and she has a very loving yet matter of fact way of delivering the information. I HIGHLY recommend :)!
Annie is amazing! I recommend her to everyone I know. She is in tune and precise and her delivery is warm and genuine. Her caring spirit makes for a wonderful experience.
I had an Akashic reading with Annie. I can't tell you how amazing she was! She answered my questions before I even asked them and was spot on! She is down to Earth and super fun to spend time with. I can't recommend her enough :)
Annie is a top tier psychic - medium. The best medium I have come across ...ever. I would not hesitate to recommend her services. Her phone readings are as good in person sessions. The bottom line is: Annie is the real deal !
Annie answered questions that I had without me even asking them!! She was spot on, very sweet, loving, and caring when she delivered messages from my dad and my husband's grandmother. She is extremely gifted, I am so happy that I got to chat with her. What an amazing woman. Will definitely contact her again!!
Annie is Amazing,, Clear, Authentic, with an Extremely strong connection to the other side. Highly recommended Kevin San Diego CA.
Annie is extremely gifted. I have had a few readings with her over the years, and when I listen back to the recording after time has passed, I am stunned by her accuracy. She is very kind and knows how to deliver information in a very supportive way. I have referred friends who have no experience with mediums, and all of them have been very pleased. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Annie brought an uplifting breath of light to my grieving heart. She was very accurate in her perceptions and brought insight to my current situation. Thank you, Annie.


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