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Annie has had a life path devoted to personal growth and service to humanity. Her studies have led her to investigate the beauty of diverse paths to Spirit and to numerous highly esteemed spiritual teachers. She has had an amazing journey, filled with miracles and Spirit phenomena. She has been assisting others to transform their lives, through her readings and emotional healing energy work since 2002. She is a sought-after speaker on the Akashic Records and presents for many National Spiritual Expos. Her clientele includes numerous professional mediums and psychics. Spirit works through Annie with joy and honesty - always a straight-shooter and filled with compassion. Known for her amazing accuracy, Annie is dedicated to assisting her clients in their personal transformation and enlightenment that has earned her a loyal following. She connects with loved ones and spirits that have passed away, and her ability to connect to spirit with such great clarity and detail allows her clients to truly feel the presence of those loved ones who travel with them, often receiving much needed communication and guidance.
She is an Certified Advance Practitioner through Linda Howe in the Akashic Records. A Conscious Channel that brings forward information from The Records with joy and love. She loves to connect you to the guidance, wisdom and healing contain in your Akashic Record. This is the place of wisdom that is now available to everyone.This is your Divine map that empowers you. Connecting to your soul's plan and gaining understanding, helps you move forward with more clarity in your life and a deeper understanding.

Listed since: Aug 26, 2007


Annie brought an uplifting breath of light to my grieving heart. She was very accurate in her perceptions and brought insight to my current situation. Thank you, Annie.
For connecting with a passed loved one or dipping into the Akashic Records, Annie brings a high level of integrity and skill into her sessions. I recommend her very highly and she has excellent psychic skills to assist her also. Having had sessions with many mediums, I appreciate that mediums can be very good, but may not have the psychic ability of Annie to add that potential depth or clarity to the sessions. That could be very helpful. And the cost is reasonable to boot!!
Annie has a true gift. She gives her readings with kindness, compassion and at times humor. She was spot on with my loved ones in spirit and gave me some healing information that I really needed. I would give her my highest recommendation to anyone wishing to connect with their loved ones in spirit. I can't thank you enough Annie.
Annie is unbelievably accurate. She recently read my husband and myself and we both will vouch that Annie doesn't cold read. She is definitely in contact with our Akashic Record Guides and our loved ones who have crossed over.
Incredible is how I would describe my reading with Annie! It's truly stunning how much clarity and accuracy she has during readings. She is very warm and personable. I would highly recommend her. Annie is the real deal. Thank you for sharing your gift with us Annie.
Annie has always been right on when doing my readings. She is able to see things differently and give you intellignet information that is very helpful for working through your concerns or issues. Thanks Annie
If you need a reading from a real psychic - medium ,I highly recomend Annie her readings are spot on. The best I have found.
I met Annie when I lived in California and was going through some very difficult times. Now 6 years later and life going much better I still consult with Annie regularly. She has been very insightful, patient, kind, funny and has true communication with the other side. She delivers messages and predictions with great accuracy and individual attention. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone to have a session with Annie, she is wonderful and knowledgeable with a true gift!
I just saw Annie 10 Dec 2008, I found her to be amazing. My son had passed away on 15 nov 2008, she connected with him and told me things that only he would know. She is the real deal, I am SOOOOO Grateful and she set my mind at easy by talking with my son. Annie thank you
This Lady is the real deal. Very compasionate in the way she delivers messages from the other side. In a time of deep sarrow in my life she helped me make the connection that was needed to not only heal but to help me move on . I will be forever greatful
My Grandmother & I went to see Annie for a "Mediumship" session. We were hoping to contact and communicate with my 96 year old Aunt (my Grandma's sister) that had passed. Annie absolutely blew us away with the messages she gave us from my Aunt. Annie is no doubt very gifted and the "real" thing. I have been to many psychic's in my life so I can honestly say that Annie is truly exceptional. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


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