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I am a Psychic Medium. I work off of my clients energy and the energys around them. I am a born psychic and have been giving readings for 8 years now. I love helping people and that is why I decided to get myself out there a bit more. My prices are some of the lowest because it is more important for me to help you then to help myself. Feel free to check out my website for more information. Blessings

Listed since: Nov 6, 2010


Just had a reading with her and she was spot on! Connected with my grandmother's energy and a gentleman that is around me. She gave me future information and let me know that I was on the right track! She's awesome and she wont disappoint!
Simply put...Allie is wonderful. I needed guidance and confirmation, and she gave that to me. She is sincere and gives me hope. Sometimes I find it hard to believe...the afterlife. What Allie told me was so spot on and she knew things I hadn't mentioned. She inspires me to remain open and confirmed to me that three very important people are still with me even though not physically on Earth any longer. I loved speaking with her this evening. Thank you!!
Allie has such a great personality & is truly gifted & the real deal. She has helped me in so many ways after the passing of my son. She delivers his messages every reading. Its like having a visit with him. I'm so very grateful. I highly recommend Allie to anyone that would like to connect with their loved ones as well as relationship issues etc. She is the bomb!
I had a first reading with Allie a few days ago...such a wonderful reading with such a warm, lovely lady. Allie was completely right on in targeting that my mother and father were around me...I had no doubts. Allie is easy to talk to and tells you plenty of information and then leaves time for questions. I felt so good talking to her because I knew she was honest and was telling me what she honestly saw and felt. I WILL be calling her back again!
I just want post a review. After 3 readings Allie has been right on. She reads as if she has heard every conversation that I have had. After my most recent reading I say with all of me she is the REAL DEAL! I know many will say things that can relate to anyone, but she connected two people together that she had NO idea where related. She is amazing in a approach and her grace. If your open to receiving she is the one.
After many losses, both personal and monetary, I contacted Allie regarding my path as well as health and relocation issues. Allie came through with information to validate speaking with my family and pets. She gave me concise information to help me in the future and to cope with the present situation. I was given messages of healing and support which are very much needed. Allie showed me that it's all about love and staying in the moment.
I just had my 3rd reading with Allie. She is such a blessing. I can always count on her intuition, honesty, and we always have a few good laughs! If your looking for clarification, guidance or just simply curious... I highly encourage contacting Allie :)
A friend of mine had a reading with Alicia and referred her to me because I had unanswered questions about my brother's unsolved murder. She told me she was the "real deal" and was she right! Alicia told me that my brother was happy and where he needed to be. He asked me to move on and heal. He even mentioned the photo of us I had just enlarged and framed to validate he was with me that day. She helped me heal. Thank you Alicia for one of the greatest gifts anyone could give me. You're the best!
I just had my second reading with Alicia and once again she managed to confirm all the things that I was secretly "feeling" about private situations in my life. She also gave me depth and insight into confusing areas of my life as well as future events. Alicia's readings are so upbeat, optimistic and detailed. All the information Alicia had given me in my previous reading was absolutely accurate. It's thrilling when I see expected situations come to pass in my daily life. Thanks, Alicia!!
I spoke with Alicia for the first time a few years ago and she was absolutely right about everything she told me. Even things I seriously doubted ended up being true. She's very honest and straightforward and above all else she is a genuinely caring soul. It's clear her goal is to help people along their path and provide much needed guidance, not to profit off of those in need. She is a true godsend and I am so grateful to my angels for leading me to her. Thank you Allie for guiding us all.
This is my third time having a reading with Allie. I've just usually needed clarification from my guides, and I feel she definitely assists with that. She is straight to the point. It's an nice "eye opener" to remind us we have our guides to assist us. I appreciate Allie's gift, kindness and encouragement.
Allie is a great person, really appreciate her patience, genuine guidance and compassion. She is very accurate and reads with confidence, and have consulted her a couple of times. Highly recommend and will definitely seek her out again~
Just had a reading with Allie for the first time. She was dead on and pin pointed a lot of areas in my life that are of concern to me. Her reading (even though she said she would be brutally honest) was positive and up beat. Can't wait to see if her predictions come true but in the mean time am going to try some of her suggestions. Will differently be calling her again.
Allie was great. She is very kind woman and was very helpful. She knew things about my health that were very specific- she is legit! She gives great guidance and was able to give me some wonderful tips on how to connect to my guide. more myself. I highly recommend her- she is the real deal. God Bless
What a wonderful reading I had with Alicia, I felt that I have known her for a long time. Without me saying anything about myself, Alicia was able to pinpoint directly where I needed guidance in my life. I still have some time to see how things go but, I felt that the reading was was spot on in reguards to everything that was happening in my life.So very thankful for her special gift and plan on contacting her in the future, thank you so very much!!!
Allie is always helpful, and always seems to have just the right information ready for my reading. She's read for me a few times now. Initially some of the things she brought up about my career seemed to not resonate, but have come to pass 6 months later. If you need a bit of clarity, give her a call. :)
This was my first reading with a psychic and I am glad I chose Allie. She was very pleasant to talk with and picked up on key events occurring in my life. She provided messages from spirits near to me that gave me guidance and peace of mind. I highly recommend her.
Allie is truly amazing. I was at a rough point in my life when I needed some counseling and reassuring. I found Allie and the reading she gave me was amazing! She was able to provide insight and validation to me in a life-changing situation. I am forever grateful for her and would highly recommend her. She is very gifted in being able to connect with the Spirit and pass on the messages.
As a fellow psychic intuitive I have worked with Al many times. She is amazing, she has helped me through some rough times and I appreciate her and her insight. Sometimes a psychic does need the help of a fellow psychic and I feel blessed to be able to work with Al.
So far, one of the things Allie predicted has come true. For me, 2014 is supposed to be a good year and I am looking forward to it. She has such a sweet spirit and really cares. She let me know that my Dad was watching over me which was very comforting. Would recommend her to anyone! I will definitely use her again.
Allie was such a light to me. I got so much clarity, validation and peace. I came in with half a heart and belief and what she said from the beginning to the end left me with full belief and love for my angels and a peace of mind. I cannot thank Allie enough. What she had imparted to me on my session was priceless. And beyond joy. Thank you so much, Allie, you were more than wonderful - you are a blessing...
Allie was helpful & very sweet. Her reading was validating, accurate, reassuring, encouraging and I received a beautiful message related to my Mom's passing. Her gift is Blessing for all those who receive the words they need to heal & live, without the people they continue to love. I loved her positive outlook.
Alicia is an amazing woman with great talents...I've had several readings with her now and everything she has said has been dead on....Her predictions were also dead on. I have and will continue to recommend people to Alicia....
I got a reading from Alicia and I have to say I'm very pleased. She is friendly and warm hearted. She let me know that I am very well watched over my loved ones who had pasted more so my grandparents who pasted before my birth( Which I never told her she just knew) She saw many positive things coming in my future and I'm so excited I plan too sit back and enjoy the game of life! I have and will continue to recommand Alicia to everyone I know.
I had a reading with Allie and honestly it really threw me do a loop! She was able to see specific instances in my situation without me telling her. I've never had a reading where the person could actually see something specific like that. I like that I didn't need to give her a lot of information. She is kind and non judgemental. She is professional and IMHO is able to do what she claims she can. My experience with Allie has been a very positive one.
Alicia knew nothing about me and especially that my abusive father had recently passed. He came through her reading, apologizing. She is an amazing psychic who will help so many!
Allie is such a wonderful person. I received a reading from her over a month ago, she knew things that only I could know. The most impressive part is a prediction she had for me, had come to fruition a few days ago! She is truly gifted.
I really enjoyed her reading, she was very kind and made me feel better about what's to come, so i'm going to sit back and enjoy this ride. Have yet to experience what she said was coming, Ill have to come back to let you know how it went. But she definitely felt everything I was feeling which was pretty cool to experience... Love her
I've had a few readings with Allie over the past year, everything so far has been dead on. Now reflecting back on some of the situations she had made predictions on, they make so much more sense to me now, I'm in awe of her capabilities. She has truly helped me and you can definitely tell that she genuinely cares. Thanks Allie for all of your help!!
Alicia started out my reading by sharing some info from my guildes which seemed right on target. My main reason for the reading was about a current relationship. The things she revealed to me were right in line with what I have intuited, but didn't trust. Then she shared something about a major event in the future that I also have felt very strongly about. She says she a high success rate in this particular event. I am looking forward to seeing how all turns out. I recommend Alicia to All.


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