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Alice Molter-Serrano
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I do Life Readings and can connect you with loved ones who have passed to the other side. I have been doing my work for over 10 years.

When I was 19 my brother passed away. Three days after his funeral I was sleeping and had a nightmare. Someone touched my hand to wake me. I woke assuming to see my mother instead I saw a shadowy figure of my brother. When he left my room it was filled with love. I searched my entire life to explain what had happened to me. Now 38 years later, I am a medium either because of my brother or that I already was one and always have been. I can unite you with a loved one. There is HOPE.

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I am also certified hypnotherapist and do past life regressions as well as traditional treatments. I specialize in grief and loss treatment and I am finishing an audio book, THE MATTER OF HOPE. This book is to assist others to find hope after loss. I have a monthly service where I can work with you on spiritual counseling. I live and work out of home in Sedona, Arizona.

I do in person, phone, and group sessions.

Listed since: Jun 25, 2007


Alice is not only a compassionate, genuine, sweet woman, but also the real deal in her readings. After multiple loved ones passed in a very short time, I had to undergo lot grief therapy that landed me in Arizona for a brief visit. While there, I sought a reputable medium and she came highly recommended. Alice graciously accepted my request for a reading on short notice. She proved to be very accurate and has played a pivotal role in healing my heart ...for which I am forever grateful.
There's phony mediums out there, all too willing to take your money and rattle off a bunch of bunk. They give a TRUE medium such as Alice a bad name. Several years ago my wife and I went to Arizona and while on vacation we scheduled a session with Alice. She came through with information from a loved one that would have been IMPOSSIBLE for her to know or guess. I don't claim to understand it all- frankly I don't try. I can tell you Alice has something extremely rare- and it changed my life.
I have been to numerous psychics over time, but Alice is the best psychic-medium I have ever worked with. Her accuracy is quite remarkable, she is able to bring any soul in from the other side and you can tell it's who you asked for. But putting all that aside, Alice has a way of bringing together important information and integrating it with her compassionate wisdom to bring perspective, understanding and hope to a situation. Very few psychics can do it the way Alice does.
Visiting Alice is a moving and wonderful experience. I’ve had several readings with her. She has an amazing ability to interpret issues surrounding your life. She has given me such insight into situations going on in my relationship and give me perspective and direction. Her advice has been invaluable to me and brought me great peace at time when I needed some. Thank you Alice for your compassion and understanding.
Alice is an extraordinary woman! I am so pleased to have met with her after the sudden passing of my boyfriend. She was able to connect immediately and has filled my heart with peace and comfort since losing him. She was also able to connect with my grandfather who passed 15 years ago! Any skepticism I had going in quickly dissolved - the information she gave was impossible for her to know otherwise. I'm forever grateful for the experience I had with Alice.
I have been to see Alice twice. She is incredibly kind, loving, gentle and understanding as well as a great listener and teacher.. Both visits have brought me great comfort, peace and a feeling of closeness with my departed loved ones. I have always visited her with a feeling that I was "supposed" to touch base with the other side, and have had limited questions but have learned much. Alice blows me away with how she emotes syntax and facial expressions and gestures that is incredible. I
I met with Alice for the first time on a recent visit to Sedona and I look forward to another visit just so I can meet with her again. She was warm, engaging and very thoughtful in her conversation with me. She brought me tremendous insights and information that are hugely beneficial to my life. I highly recommend Alice!
I was skeptical about seeing a medium, not sure what to expect. Then, Alice started saying things that really surprised me, names of individuals close to me, characteristics of these individuals. I was in awe! I felt myself wanting more! I could hardly believe the things Alice was forwarding to me. The hour session went too quickly. What an experience!
Alice is so warm and welcoming. I love going to see her for readings. The first time I went to see her it was like a much needed therapy session. She knew me withought me saying a word. She connected me with my grandfather who watches over me and she really helped me to understand who I am. I can’t speak more highly of her. She’s been spot on with her readings of me and also with my best friend who I took with me this last time. My clients and friends I’ve sent to her feel the same.
Alice is incredible, she is the real deal, she tells it like she feels it, she will never tell you what you want to hear as that is not whom she is. There maybe times that people come to her that you don't know only to realize it later that she was spot on. She doesn't fish for information she just knows it!! If you truly want answers she will give them to you provided the other side wants you to know them!
Alice is an amazing medium/phychic and soul she amazing me beyond words Everytime I have a reading with her which has been many times by now, but the most amazing and touching part of my jouney with Alice has been the part where she had brought me back in contact with my son who passed away a little over 3 years ago. I now know he is happy and so much more all because of her she is amazing!! I just love love her Mand am so blessed to have her in my life.
Alice is a "GEM"!!!! she is one of the most nicest compassionate people I have ever had the privilege of speaking too and the "BEST " PSYCHICS I have ever come across!! She is the REAL DEAL and I love her!!! She makes you feel at ease and genuinely cares!!! I will be going to Alice for all my readings from now on!! Thank you so much Alice!!!
I have lived for 30 years in a city filled with psychics. Suffice it to say, the ONLY spiritual medium I will recommend is Alice. Go look me up on FB. look at my eyes. you will see that I do not, cannot lie. My readings with Alice go way beyond what a person might expect or hope for. I call her an Earth Mother. I don't know how she can be so grounded, yet work so effortlessly with those on the Other Side. Don't think. Just 'do it'. You'll never regret it!
Alice is very gifted. I've seen her multiple times and am always amazed when I leave. My parents who are gone 20+ years now, often come through. My first experience was in a group setting and I was hoping to hear from my best friend, ML, who recently passed. ML didn't come through but another dear friend did - it was amazingly accurate and so unexpected. I recently saw her for guidance on an important decision and found such clarity and left feeling very confident. She's the real deal!
After the passing of my girlfriend in September of 2016 I took a trip to Sedona. Upon my arrival I googled Mediums in Sedona. All of this was unplanned and I was hesitant and anxious. Alice was extremely welcoming and took the time to explain everything to me before we started. She was able to give me so much comfort and peace of mind through her unbelievable gift and ability. She not only contacted my girlfriend who had just passed but was able to contact my Father and a close friend.
I love Alice! I have never met her in person but have spoken with her about every 4-6 weeks since I became aware of her from a fellow yogi here in Houston. Alice has a very special gift and I am in awe of it and her. I mostly call to see if my dad (who passed away when I was 10) wants to 'talk' with me and he shows up each and every time to talk. I LOVE talking to my dad this way! Even if you cannnot get to Sedona, schedule a phone reading with her .... you will NEVER be disappointed!
Wow, what can't I say about Alice! I have been on a spiritual journey most of my life and then I found Alice about 2yrs ago but only started seeing her this year 2016. (I've been missing out.) I am so glad that I finally listened to my inter voice because Alice is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Her readings are amazing! If ever in Sedona and you find yourself thinking about a medium - then call Alice, she will not disappoint you and her fees are extremely reasonable.
I went to see Mrs. Alice on my birthday (6/18) and I just loved her, she was like my soul sister that I have been waiting to talk to her!! She was so sweet and helpful and funny and gave me so many messages that I needed to hear, I highly recommend her if your in the Sedona area.
I met Alice through a close friend and felt an immediate connection. Her gift is genuine and she has a magnificent way of healing your heart. I have attended her group readings and had private readings as well. She always leaves me with goosebumps and words from those who have passed. I brought a friend to see Alice, however, my friend was very skeptical of Alice's gift. On the car ride home, the friend turned to me and said "she is the real deal." Alice is an amazing person.
Alice was truly instrumental in helping me identify something that was holding me back - something that belonged in another lifetime. I have always had some question in my mind when I consulted others regarding accuracy, but she nailed this one and I felt an immediate response. She is well worth the money. And she truly cares which is priceless!
Im so grateful I've had many readings with Alice. She is truly an amazing kind beautiful and gifted person. I have brought my most skeptic friends to her and she has given them amazing readings, hope, advice, closure and so much more. I cannot recommend her enough.
I was "drawn" to Alice while I was in Sedona. I had never found anyone who felt right. I had googled mediums in Sedona but never saw anyone I felt drawn to. One morning I got up and googled again. This time Alice showed up and I instantly felt she was the one. I scheduled a reading on the day I was leaving. She had received so much info before I even showed up, including that my Grandmother, Alice, had brought me to her. Alice is spot on and helped me in ways that are going to change my life.
Alice has such a gift. I first spoke with her after my father passed in 2012 and she brought my dad through. It was a transformative experience that completely changed my view on life, death and love. Furthermore, she is very accurate with her readings - in the readings she has done for me since my father's passing, she has predicted things from career changes to deeply personal family matters. Alice is such a gift to invite into your life and can truly help you. She is full of love and wisdom.
Wow! What a life changing experience. I took my skeptic husband with me and Alice made a believer out of him. She is so easy to connect with and put my husband and I at ease. She is warm, kind and understanding. After losing my son, we had hoped to be comforted by his presence. Alice brought my son through as well as my mother and a friend we lossed in 2011. Many of the things she said could not have been known by her. She knew nothing about us. We were visiting Sedona from California.
I met with Alice at the end of May 2015. I purposely went to Sedona in search of some spiritual healing. I searched this site and found Alice and felt she was the right person to meet my need. I was right. On meeting her I felt an immediate connection. I came with an open mind and no expectations . I was so happy to connect with my son who I lost 4 years ago. I was also delighted to hear from my Dad and my best friend from Kindergarten. There is no doubt in my mind about Alice's gifts Thank you
I have been searching for years for someone to challenge me on higher spirit level. I knew I have raw abilities however never knew how to use and control them. Alice is amazing and has been my coach for over a year now and I am now growing faster than I ever thought possible. Her knowledge and heart are hard to find. I would def give her a try.
When i first met alice,i felt an instant comfort.I went to see her with an open heart and open soul and just expected to get my answers to sone questions i had for a long time.I got so much more from my session with Alice.i cant wait to see her again.I learned so much about myself.I got the reassurance that i needed and a support system and guide that i will cherish forever.since that day,ihave come to peace with alot of things and my heart is not so heavy and i believe we will be friends 4ever.
Alice is truly fantastic! She is real, down to earth and very simply an honest person. So, whoever of our loved Ones are coming through, you can trust it. Sometimes messages are given, our guides may show themselves and share they're with us, and why they're here with us. Receiving regular sessions with Alice has made me appreciate being here so much, knowing we're all connected!
I am a true skeptic, but have always been intrigued by "the beyond". I went to see Alice when I was in Arizona because she was referred to me by an equally skeptical friend. WOW! I was amazed! In a nutshell, she named 3 generations of mothers and daughters - rare names that she couldn't have guessed if she'd tried. I had a truly spiritual experience-I can't put into words the peace Alice gave me. Even more amazing is knowing that if & when a loved one passes, they will only be a phone call away!
Alice is wonderful, kind and so accurate in her readings. My husband passed on July 1st,2013 and my first reading with her was so awesome and by all the info she gave me I knew he was with me. The one thing that convinced me was when she asked if I had a fall which I did that same week. She said that my husband was there when I fell and he was sorry he could not help me and his favorite saying " get rid of those darn shoes." I could go on but since meeting Alice I have found peace and comfort!!


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