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Angel Reader

Sue Ellis-Saller

Simple. Honest. Authentic. Empowering. Your highest and greatest good is my focal point for every session I lead and I bring my entire toolbox along to serve you. I am an internationally known angel and tarot card reader, a Certified Angel Card Reader™, a Reiki (Usui and Shamballa) Practitioner, a Certified Transformational Life Coach, and crystal and aromatherapy enthusiast. Energy work came naturally to me, and I have deepened my...
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Mary Jo McCallie

Mary Jo McCallie, an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium certified under Dr. Doreen Virtue PhD., communicates with your Angels to receive Divine Guidance for all areas of your life. She channels messages of love, wisdom, & healing from the Angelic Realms as well as from your deceased loves ones. Although intuitive all of her life, it was with the introduction of the Angels' Guidance that her Readings became more insightful, helpful &...
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Jacque McPherson

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader, Angel Channel, and Psychic. No matter which type of reading you choose to receive, you will feel safe, comfortable and relaxed with me. I deliver messages of hope, guidance, and direction in a factual, loving manner. I was born an Intuitive Empath and Psychic Medium; a trait passed down among the women on my mother's side of the family. I have always been able to read people and talk with animals; I know of...
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Sue Fellows

Hi! I'm thrilled that you are looking for assistance from the Angels and Spirit! It is comforting to know that you are never truly alone! Your Angels and Guides are always around you! You no longer have to feel like it's all on your shoulders and be confused about what steps you should take next! You have a whole team ready to help you through whatever you are going through! I would love to be able to help you connect with them, receive the...
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Misty Harding

Angel Readings, Chakra balancing and Aura healing, DNA healing & activation, Relationship healing, Grief healing and Entity removal. Spiritual guidance using oracle cards to channel messages from the Heavenly Beings for clarity and empowerment. Decks to choose from: Archangels, Archangel Michael and Mother Mary. I am an Angelic messenger and spiritual healer who has been called by the Angels to bring them into the lives of others. Sessions...
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Michele Amburgey

**Featured on Psychic Tapestry Radio** **Professional Psychic Medium since 2002** **949-202-7493** Michele is a naturally born and highly trained Psychic Medium and Intuitive Healer who has been working professionally with people all over the world since 2002. Her incredible gifts make her a clear channel for readings, guidance, healing, counseling and support. Michele works with the Angelic Realms as well as Ascended Masters, Higher...
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Dawn McConnell

An outstanding medium, Dawn has had an amazing connection to the energetic world and spirits since she was a little girl. Her deep faith and trust in the creator has always been the foundation of her life. This faith was the catalyst that guided her into delivering messages professionally and continues to be the cornerstone of her professional and personal life. Through her abilities as a Psychic Medium, Dawn will connect...
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Tracy Arietti

Osteomancy - psychic readings (divination) through the use of bones, shells, stones and charms - is a type of spiritual guidance that connects to the energies of Ancestors, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Departed Friends to impart help and life guidance. Osteomancy uses the "residuals" - the parts of the body resistant to decay - to connect with and symbolize the energy they hold. I use an ever-growing set of symbolic items to...
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