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Polly Wirum

Polly Wirum
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125.00 one hour reading


I am an intuitive, life coach, mother, and wife. I can help you see what is blocking you from living the life you desire. I see your strengths, who/what is supporting you and who/what is not. I tap into the energy in all areas of your life. I will show you an easier way to create a life filled with peace and love. Our guides will work together to share the most important lesson for you to work on now.

My life was pretty average until a few years ago. I experienced a serious health challenge that changed my life. In my workshops, I give the long story.... for now, the short version... all of a sudden I was experiencing some really amazing things. I became aware of how we are all connected to Angels and Guides. My world changed, I became aware of something so much greater then I was aware of... I love to share this connection with others.

Messages are shared with me through words, visions, and feelings. I use cards also, but typically start a reading with a special message just for my guest. Every reading is different. Sometimes people will receive healing energy, but I never know what is going to take place. Occasionally I will hear from a person that has crossed over. This is also an event that I can't plan for. I am very down to Earth and nothing surprises or shocks me! My strength is seeing where people currently are and what they can do to move to a place of peace. I can tap into all areas of your life to see what is working and what needs to go. After a reading people often feel a sense of clarity, motivated and even a type of healing occurs.

I will also do coaching with my readings. It helps people get clarity in their life. I can relate to all areas of life.... Family, business, dating etc.

I look forward to sharing with you!

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Please go to my website

I am just in the process of building a business that will eventually lead to generously contributing to nonprofit agencies. I feel very strongly about making a contribution to an awareness in greater the world consciousness. I love doing intuitive readings for people. I also really enjoy doing group channeling sessions. The magic of these, are the shift in the energy. The words are important, but even more is the energy shift. I had a woman that attended one of my groups, " I don't even remember what was said... but I'm changed."

I do an intuitive google Hangout show with Max Ryan. We also do an evening with Spirit in California and Alaska. I love this time of sharing. My goal is to help others connect with their guidance and experience peace.

Listed since: Aug 31, 2015

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