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Hi I’m Chloe Miguel, a psychic medium in Alaska. When I was working as a massage therapist the spirit people started showing up. The would come to make connections with their loved ones who were my massage clients. I started delivering these messages. My clients would get so much healing from hearing from their loved ones. They also realized that the spirit world is real and love never dies. Our loved ones go on after death. I came to realize that helping people with my psychic and mediumistic ability was my calling. So I left my massage job to pursue readings.

My mission is to compassionately and lovingly demonstrate through detailed and specific evidence that your loved ones are still here and are present with you. I will change the way you think about mediums. Your loved ones want to connect with you as much as you want to connect with them.

As a psychic medium I also do psychic work for you. What is the difference between psychic work and mediumship work? A psychic looks into the energy surrounding you, your past present and future. I use my own intuitive ability along with tarot cards and dowsing for psychic work. A medium communicates with spirits on the other side. All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.

If you’d like a reading please visit my website for online booking.

I am a member of the Spiritualists National Union International.

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Services Offered

One question by email $40 - Great for one question about a current situation in your life. Not available for mediumship or for in depth readings.

30 Minute reading $125

Exploring Your Own Abilities Session 1 Hour $125

Reading and Exploring Combo 60-90 min. $200

Listed since: Nov 5, 2017


Chloe was fantastic. She has a bubbly, happy spirit that puts you in a relaxed comfort zone. She connected immediately to my family that has passed over and found validation that proved exactly who she was communicating with. She literally was joking around with my uncle. It was so wonderful. I feel sooo at peace. I highly recommend booking Chloe for a reading as you will NOT be disappointed.

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