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Polly Wirum

I am an medium, psychic, life coach, writer and speaker . I can help you see what is blocking you from living the life you desire. I see your strengths, who/what is supporting you and who/what is not. I tap into the energy in all areas of your life. I will show you an easier way to create a life filled with peace and love. Our guides will work together to share the most important lesson for you to work on now. My life was pretty avera
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Chloe Miguel

My Mission Hi I’m Chloe Miguel, a psychic medium in Anchorage, Alaska. My mission is to compassionately and lovingly demonstrate through detailed and specific evidence that your loved ones are still here and are present with you. I will change the way you think about mediums. Your loved ones want to connect with you as much as you want to connect with them. As a psychic medium I also do psychic work for you. What is the difference betw
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