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Tina is a God-gifted spiritual advisor. She provides guidance based on her empathic & intuitive awareness.

It is her pleasure and soul's purpose to assist you in obtaining the answers you seek.

Tina is straightforward and direct when revealing the messages she receives through visions, symbols, and words.

She will kindly and compassionately deliver the messages your Guides channel through her without judgment of any sort.

Tina has been doing intuitive readings & energy healings for over thirty years. She has been gifted her entire life.

Even when she was very young and did not truly understand what she was seeing or feeling, Tina has been able to help others in their life journey.

Most of her readings center around evidential mediumship and energy healing, but her innate empathic and intuitive abilities have given her a unique skill set for those who may just need a listening ear or wellness coaching through whichever stage of grief they’re sitting in.

If you’re at a crossroad and desire clarity on what’s next or just need a little push and validation that you’re moving in the right direction, then let Tina help you with those answers.

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I don’t often use tarot cards, but I will use them at the behest of the client if so desired. All you need to do is ask.

Listed since: Jan 28, 2023


Tina is an amazing medium. My Grandma passed 30 years ago and I had never been able to connect with her until I had my reading with Tina. It was a beautiful reading that brought tears to my eyes. I had lost my strength over the years, but through my reading, I was reminded that I am just like my Grandma (aka: "mini Gram"). Tina is incredible and so very gifted. Thank you Tina. You are so wonderful!!!
I have had personal readings from Tina and it is amazing how her passion for her gift reflects in her readings are abilities are God-given, and very divinely guided. She has helped me connect with so many and I am blessed by that as far as I am concerned, she is right up there with the best of minds
A couple months ago I was watching and listening to Tina do readings I seen how wonderful and compassionate with the person she was doing readings for and how spot on she was connecting with each of there loved ones so I also got a reading from her she connected with my mom that passed away as well was spot on told me things only I could of known and even told me I had something of my moms here with me I looked every where and finally found it I would recommend Tina to anyone 100%
I have observed Tina give countless readings, she is always spot on. Tina is full of compassion and kindness. Tina has an amazing gift. Tina also helps you heal from your grief. She knew things no one could no. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a detailed reading or longing for answers, you won't regret it.
Tina is AMAZING… she was the 1st psychic medium I ever had a reading from and have had several from her since. My first reading she connected with my brother and she was 100% spot on. It was beautiful & sad yet healing and for the 1st time since his passing I had a peacefulness about him being gone. I have seen her do countless mediumship’s and most have left me in tears because of the way she connects with someone’s loved one and the healing they receive. I 100% trust Tina she’s truly gifted
Tina is an amazing soul. I can listen to her do a reading and or readings for hours. She hits it right on the money plus some she gives u the healing you need. Tina helped me in so many ways and I’m glad that we crossed paths she has a personality like no other she really is a truly amazing soul you will not regret sitting in with her she is absolutely the best, and she make sure you get your healing worths that’s forsure!
Tina has an amazing gift of making skeptics, believers. She is straight forward and to the point. Her beautiful spirit and amazing light can calm and soothe you and will erase any doubts that you may have. She really is a gift.
I found Tina on a tik tok live and ever since my life has truly changed. After the passing of my daughter, I’ve had a big void in my life. My daughter always seemed to leave me signs that she was with me but when I had my first reading with Tina it was truly unbelievable and validating. Tina knew events that only me and my husband knew about. She brought me so much comfort and love to know that my daughter is with me. Even sitting in her live readings brings me such great healing.
I can't even begin to express how much Tina has helped not only myself, but many others as well. I will absolutely never forget my reading. Tina was able to connect me with multiple loved ones that passed and deliver the most unbelievable messages from them. She could never have known what she picked up on! It was incredible! She not only connects to spirit but helps you get closure and heal also. I recommend her 100%!
I found Tina several months ago when she was doing readings. I was VERY skeptical! She gave me a mediumship reading and I was very impressed! She was SPOT ON! She mentioned things that were very detailed! I’m no longer a skeptic! I’ve since witnessed COUNTLESS readings that she’s done for others and I’m truly amazed! Tina has been blessed with a beautiful gift!

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