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During readings, Ally receives messages via her clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient spiritual gifts. As an empath, she is very compassionate and understanding of clients' struggles and situations. Every session that Ally provides is different, depending on the needs of a client, however, they all have a common thread of empowerment and healing. Spirit is always there for us to provide guidance and help us navigate surrounding energies. In some sessions, Ally may utilize Angel cards as a divination tool. Keep in mind that cards do not have any magical powers, but merely serve as a tool to help clients open up to wise insights.

Ally believes that readings have no value if they are merely a list of predictions of where someone's life is currently heading without deeper understanding and guidance behind them. Ally's goal is to help a client gain clarity and become empowered to achieve the highest potential of a beautiful infinite being. Ally's deepest wish is that these readings remind you of how powerful, wise, and how much in control of your destiny you really are!

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Many clients find that writing down a question in advance helps them to get the most out of the session.

Set aside any expectations, fear or doubts, and ask your angels to communicate with my angels. Lower vibrational emotions, such as fear and doubts, constrict both intuitive channels. Positive feelings, on the other hand, including happiness, joy, and faith, raise vibrations and expand the communication channels. So in essence, you can directly affect how successful your reading is just by being open and positive to the experience.

I do not do readings for people who do not request or are present at a reading as I believe that a person has to express his or her desire and openness to being read and to receive personal guidance.

Please refrain from booking a reading if you want someone to find out the winning lottery numbers or the first letters of your future soul mate. That is not how Angels and Angel cards work! Instead, I invite you to think of what comes up in your reading as a map of the possibilities that surround you in this moment.

Listed since: Feb 1, 2017


Ally's psychic hits are incredible. She really got to the heart of some of the major issues I am dealing with at the moment. Some of which are very sensitive and she handled them with a great amount of care. The advice she offered was both thought provoking and insightful and opened up dialogue for further exploration into the matter at hand. What a beautiful, loving, caring and very gifted psychic and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.
I was extremely pleased with Ally. She started with a time in my life I had completely forgotten about and I thought she was going to be way off. I only remembered after my reading and she was spot on. She also brought up some of my childhood and explained it better than even I could have and it was extremely personal. She is the real deal and I definitely was pleased with her sweet attitude bringing me all the did. Thank you Ally .
I had a session with Ally, she is truly gifted. She described my children and their characteristics correctly. She also talked about the challenges they are facing which were all true. She talked about what they need to grow and flourish and gave advice about the best way to parent them. It was very interesting and helpful for me to further understand my children and their needs. I recommend Ally 100% without any doubts. She is truly gifted and a real psychic medium.
Ally did a reading for me the other day and I must say I was impressed by her accuracy. She has a natural ability to see and feel what is going on in a person's life. She described my work/career status to the smallest detail. Ally is compassionate, accurate, supportive, and a sweet person. I recommend her to anyone who needs guidance from the Spirit world. Thank you, Ally.
I had a session with Ally yesterday and to tell you that I was blown away would be an understatement. No one knows the details about what I went through with my ex-husband. I had no idea that Ally would pick up on it but she did. The messages she gave me were very healing. I now know why things happened the way they did because it all made sense to me now. I feel that I can move forward with my life with greater confidence, forgiveness and peace. You did that for me Ally. Thank you so much.
Ally is a truly gifted psychic with a refreshing undertone of being grounded and down-to-earth. She intertwines irrefutable evidence with psychic guidance, which is unique in comparison with other psychics I have experienced, many of whom jump right into the guidance portions of their readings without first proving legitimacy through evidence. Ally is the real deal, highly recommend.
I had my first reading with Ally today. It was a general psychic reading, meaning I didn't ask her a question to focus on. She picked up on so many things accurately in my life including many specific details about my profession, and family members outside of my nuclear family. Ally is very generous with time. I actually had to leave before she was ready to finish. I felt relaxed, knowing she would stay there with me if I had any post-reading questions.
Ally is a very confidant Psychic Medium her readings are so accurate and she is very considerate and kind when she delivers them. I highly recommend Ally Black as a Psychic and Medium.

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