When Does Our Spirit Leave Our Body At Death?

When does our spirit leave our body at death?

By Bob Olson

Our soul-self (higher self) is really in charge of this choice, and a lot depends upon what our soul wants to experience. Since the purpose of life is to have experiences that can only be known in physical form—including both positive and negative experiences—our soul might or might not feel any benefit in going through a particular dying experience. While our own personal free will does play a large part in how we die, it is our soul-self that ultimately decides when to pull our spirit out of our body.

Many people in spirit have communicated through psychic mediums that their spirit left their body before the plane or automobile crashed, before the bullet hit their body, and before the pain of any death experience got too bad. When this occurs, we experience our death while out of our body, yet still connected to it spiritually.

On the other hand, some souls want to know what a particular death experience is like in order to truly know it, which, in turn, allows that soul to have compassion for other people going through that experience because that soul has now undergone that experience for itself. For example, a soul might want to experience starving to death or dying from a particular terminal illness. While this might seem foolish from our human point of view, the spiritual view is that life is about experiences and any specific type of death is an experience that teaches us something that is valuable to our eternal, spiritual growth.

So your spirit might leave your body at some point before death. Or your spirit might remain in your body in order to experience everything right up until the moment that your physical body dies. Still, even if your spirit stays up to the last minute, the good news is that the second your spirit leaves your body, there’s no more pain, no more fear, and no more suffering in relation to your body. You have separated from your physical essence and all pain and suffering is now gone.

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