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What You Need To Know About Schools And Certifications For Psychic Mediums

By Bob Olson

Mediumship (spirit communication) isn’t being taught at Stanford, Yale, or Harvard, at least not yet. However, the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, focuses its curriculum on psychic and mediumistic development. And more and more psychics and mediums are traveling there for a week or two at a time.

Does a week or two at the Arthur Findlay College make an excellent psychic medium? No, not in itself, but it shows that the psychic medium who goes there is doing what she can to improve her ability. So it’s a sign that she is serious about improving her ability if that psychic medium has made the investment in herself, which isn’t just the tuition but also the travel expenses and time required.

Second, there are dozens of psychics and mediums that offer instruction for psychic or mediumistic development. Most of these classes are for beginners, but a few offer more advanced development classes. Of course, it’s important to note that just because someone is a good psychic medium doesn’t necessarily mean they are a good teacher. While some of these instructors are surely talented teachers too, some psychic and mediums are not.

I’m impressed when a psychic medium invests in a program of some sort in order to improve his or her ability. To me, it’s evidence that this psychic medium is doing what he can to give better readings. But then it’s also important to me to know who is behind the organization offering the program and/or who is teaching it. In my mind, if it’s a reputable organization and a reputable teacher to boot, it adds credibility to that psychic or medium’s résumé. Yet on the other hand, when I see a psychic medium who has trained with a teacher who I know needs training herself, that reflects poorly upon my first impression of that psychic or medium.

Some psychics and mediums present themselves as “certified” by some person or organization. This is because some of the classes being offered give certifications to the students who complete the class. However, certifications of this type don’t hold a lot of weight in my opinion because there are no governing bureaus accrediting these “classes” or “instructors,” and therefore, there is no one evaluating the class or holding the instructors accountable.

Basically, in these cases, the certification means the person passed that class, though we (the consumer) have no idea what requirements exist in order to pass the class or how difficult (and thorough) the class was in the first place. It’s possible that every student passes just by paying the fee and showing up.

As of the time of this writing, there are no certifications for psychics or mediums that indicate that a “certified psychic” or “certified medium” is the cream of the crop. Nonetheless, I like to see both psychics and mediums being trained to improve their ability, so any certification at least indicates they are taking classes or courses to improve their readings rather than floundering on their own without instruction. On the other hand, since it’s also possible that underqualified teachers are training these psychics and mediums poorly or even improperly, certifications hold little weight in my mind when choosing a psychic or medium for my websites or myself.

There is also no code of ethics that governs all psychics or mediums and no board or governing agency that oversees psychics and mediums. There are laws that protect the public against fraud, which are usually governed by the state attorney general’s office, but these can differ from state to state.

Don’t be fooled by websites that have appointed themselves as a governing agency, association, or bureau in the psychic or medium field. There are no such organizations acting on behalf of the government or any consumer group, regardless of how official their website looks.

In most cases, such websites that present themselves with the image that they are a governing or overseeing board in this field are merely promotional venues for an individual psychic or medium to advertise themselves. The evidence of this is that you’ll notice one psychic or medium (often the owner of the site) is posted all over the site in order to promote his or her reading services. It fools a lot of people, which is why they do it. But now it won’t fool you.

While it’s great to have a psychic or medium who invests in himself to improve his skills, a certification may or may not be evidence of this investment. As with all business and services, there are ethical and unethical people so let the buyer beware and do your own research before deciding to work with a psychic or medium.

This article is an excerpt from Bob Olson’s book, Answers About The Afterlife.

©2014 Written By Bob Olson

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