In What Ways Do My Spirit Guides Communicate With Me?

In what ways do my spirit guides communicate with me?

by Bob Olson,, &

Our spirit guides are constantly guiding and communicating with us. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of it. Here are the most common ways that our spirit guides send us messages and influence us in the right direction.

First, our spirit guides communicate to us (guide us) through our intuition. Everyone has intuition. I’m not talking about psychic ability, although psychic ability is just enhanced intuition. Nevertheless, your intuition is nothing more than your inner sense about things, your gut feelings, your personal instincts and those spontaneous thoughts that pop into your mind. It’s important that you learn to follow these signals because much of this is guidance from your spirit guides.

Second, our spirit guides communicate to us and guide us through coincidence. Some call this divine coincidence or synchronicity. Unfortunately, many people erroneously use the word coincidence to mean luck, fluke or chance, which is the kind of shortsightedness that will lead one to overlook valuable guidance from their spirit guides.

Coincidence is when two or more events occur that have no obvious relation to one another, yet result in a meaningful connection or result. So if you have three totally unrelated people recommend that you see Chicago at the local playhouse this weekend, that’s a coincidence that might be a message from your spirit guides. What’s the message? Well, the possibilities are endless, but it could be that you’ll meet someone there who will positively affect the rest of your life.

My wife, Melissa, crossed paths with a woman from town that she knew but rarely ever saw. In fact, she bumped into her three times in one week. When Melissa told me that she saw this woman again for the third time, I asked her what this woman represents to her—what she thinks of when she sees her. Melissa said she only knows the woman because the woman supported her friend while the friend was treating for breast cancer. Coincidentally, Melissa had an astrology reading and I had a psychic reading that both mentioned Melissa should get checked for breast cancer. So with this final coincidence of seeing this woman three times in one week, Melissa got a checkup with her doctor. Sure enough, she was diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage, which she subsequently treated for successfully.

Third, our spirit guides communicate with us and guide us through messengers. Messengers can be people, animals or things. For example, you might be fretting over how you’re going to pay a bill when a stranger on the subway tells you that she just traded in her unwanted gold jewelry for hundreds of dollars. Or you might be watching TV and see a segment on dangerous toys only to discover that your granddaughter has one of those toys in her crib at that very moment. Or you might be walking your dog down the street when your dog suddenly stops, turns around and begins walking the other way, only to learn the next day that gang members robbed and shot a man on that same street around that same time of day that you were walking.

This is how spirit guides communicate to us with messengers. If they can find a messenger to deliver a message or lead us in the right direction, they’ll do it.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, I suffered with a brain disorder that doctors could not treat. Although I searched for a treatment that would work for me for five years, nothing worked. At one point, my doctor told me that I had tried every medication that existed and that my only hope was to retry medications that had already failed me. He told me to think about which medication I wanted to retry.

One day I went hiking and got lost due to my brain disorder. When I found a highway that I recognized, I began walking down it, which was miles from where I lived. Some kind strangers saw me walking and pulled over to offer me a ride. I explained to them why I got lost, and one of the people in the car mentioned that her sister had taken a particular medication for the same brain disorder and it worked for her. Although I had tried that medication already without success, my doctor and I decided it was worth another attempt. Seven days later, the medication worked and has successfully treated my brain disorder ever since. That was in 1994.

The fourth most common method spirit guides use to communicate with us and guide us is through events—things that happen to us or around us. For instance, you might get fired from your job only to land a more enjoyable job with better pay. Or your boyfriend might break up with you, which might lead to a new relationship with someone who is more loving and compatible with you. Or you might even break your ankle and begin writing that novel you’ve always dreamed of writing, which might become a New York Times bestseller.

When our spirit guides communicate to us or guide us via events, it’s not always going to be a seemingly negative event like getting fired or breaking an ankle. It can also be wonderful events. I met a woman who found a wallet once and ended up marrying the man who owned it. Melissa and I were given tickets to a conference once where we met a woman who became one of our closest friends—both her and her husband.

Sometimes our spirit guides guide us using two or more methods of communication and guidance. I have a friend who was given tickets to a concert and while driving to the concert hall, he got into a fender bender with another car. Following the minor accident, his car was towed to a body shop because the fender prevented the front wheels from turning. Once his car was in the body shop, an auto body mechanic discovered the car had a gas leak that could have caught on fire or exploded at any moment.

Could spirit possibly have influenced the person to give my friend the concert tickets knowing that he would get into a fender bender, which would lead to the discovery of the gas leak? I’ve seen too many coincidences that had significant results like this to not believe that this is how spirit works.

In a final example, I was once working on a book and got stuck on which direction to take it. One night, while out with friends, a friend suggested I read the book The Razor’s Edge. He thought it would help me. My friend was the messenger, but I didn’t catch the message—or at least I didn’t follow through with it. So when I didn’t buy the book, my spirit guides used coincidence to emphasize the message. That same week, just three days after my friend suggested the book, my TiVo DVR “randomly” recorded The Razor’s Edge movie. In case that wasn’t clear, the machine recorded the movie on its own. I watched the movie and it turned out to be exactly what I needed to help me get past my writer’s block.

This story is a great example of how our spirit guides don’t just try once and give up. If we miss one opportunity to be guided, they continue trying until we get the message. But it sure helps if you stay aware of your intuitive feelings, the coincidences in your life, the messages brought to you by messengers, and the events that are attempting to lead you in new directions. If you do, you’ll be helping your spirit guides to guide you and you’ll be a whole lot better off for it. &
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