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What To Expect Your Reading With A Psychic Medium?

By Bob Olson

If you’ve never had a reading with a psychic medium, you may be wondering what to expect. In this article, I’ll talk about how a typical reading might go and you’ll see there can be big differences between working with an experienced versus one who is not as skilled or gifted.

At the beginning of your reading, most psychic mediums will begin with some small talk, a few instructions of what you should or should not do (e.g., only tell them if you understand or don’t understand a message, but don’t feed them information), and a quick rundown of how they work. Some mediums might say a brief prayer or statement of intention. Then they will usually jump into the reading.

There might be a brief pause as the psychic medium connects with the spirits who are present. In most cases, one spirit will begin the communication, and the psych medium will tell you a few details in order to identify who it is. It will usually go something like this (this would be a really good reading):

“I have a male in his midthirties who has been in spirit only about two or three years, definitely less than five years. He has dark hair and is of medium build, though he’s rather tall, maybe about six feet in height. He’s telling me that he died on the job. He was a police officer. I’m feeling a blow to the head, like he died due to striking his head on something. It feels like he was in a car accident. I’m getting that he was chasing someone in his police car and hit a tree. He says he died instantly upon impact—no suffering. Does any of this make sense to you?” At this point, you say yes or no. The psychic medium will then tell you more information about this police officer and perhaps describe his personality, his hobbies, and his position in the family (middle child, for example).

Another example of a reading might go like this:

“I’m getting the name Sal or Salvador. He liked to play soccer. No, he’s correcting me.

He loved to play soccer. It was his favorite pastime. He’s making me feel like he hurt his knee at some point. Either he hurt his knee playing soccer, or his knee bothered him when he played soccer. And he wasn’t married, but he’s showing me a ring—it looks like an engagement ring, so he was either engaged or he was about to ask someone to marry him. Yes, he’s telling me that he had bought the ring but hadn’t asked her to marry him yet. That seems to be a regret of his—that he never got to marry his sweetheart. Oh, he’s telling me that you are his sweetheart. You are the woman he planned to marry but never got to ask for your hand in marriage and give you the ring. Is this correct?”

The psychic medium might ask for some confirmation that she’s on the right track and then continue.

“Sal’s larger than life. He’s showing me that he’s animated when he talks and the kind of guy who likes to put his arm around people and give them a one-armed hug. He’s very affectionate. He really loved his family and his friends. He has a big heart. I’m getting that he was the oldest of maybe five kids. He’s showing me two girls and three boys. And he’s showing me the number 1, which usually means to me that he was the firstborn.

“Sal is now letting me know that his father met him when he crossed over, so his father is in spirit. And his mother is still alive. She is taking his passing very hard. She’s still having a difficult time with it. He wants to be sure you tell her he acknowledges her and that he’s okay. I’m getting that you aren’t in contact with her often. But if there is a way that you can get that message to her, maybe through one of the other siblings, it would be helpful to her.”

The typical reading with a psychic medium goes something like that. This, of course, would be a reading with a highly gifted, well-trained, and experienced medium. The less gifted, less trained, and less experienced would probably get some of these messages but with less detail. Still, even if you only got half this detail in a reading, it would still be quite healing.

You never know how long any psychic medium might spend on one spirit. She might spend the entire reading on one spirit, or she might get messages from three, four, or five spirits.

Since every reading is limited by time, the more spirits that come through, the less detail you’ll get from each person in spirit. You can certainly let the psychic medium know ahead of time what you prefer. You might tell her that if your father comes through, you’d prefer she stay with your father until he’s said all that he has to say before moving on to another person in spirit.

Psychic mediums (aka mediums) with less training and experience have less control over their readings. So a reading at this lower level of ability might fire off random messages from several spirits, often confusing which spirit is delivering what message. In one of the best readings I ever had, the psychic medium told the spirits in attendance to line up so she could read them one at a time. But many mediums don’t realize they can do that, so they tend to tell you what they’re getting as they get it as if a group of people in spirit are all yelling messages at the same time, and the psychic medium just tells you what he’s hearing.

With the best psychic mediums, once they have identified the physical characteristics of the person in spirit, their personality, their cause of death, their hobbies and interests, their relationships, and the memories they had with you, they usually end with some messages of love, forgiveness, or advice. They might tell you how much they love you, how proud they are of you, or how they are watching over you or encourage you to do something that will be positive in your life.

At some point, when the reading is coming to a close, the psychic medium might allow you the remaining few minutes to ask questions. Once your allotted time is over, the reading comes to an end.

With these examples in mind, you can feel more comfortable about seeing a psychic medium and to look for a skilled medium who can make the most of connecting you to your loved ones in spirit.

This article is an excerpt from Bob Olson’s book, Answers About The Afterlife.

©2014 Written By Bob Olson

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