What Does It Feel Like To Be A Spiritual Being?

What does it feel like to be a spiritual being?

by Bob Olson, BestPsychicDirectory.com, BestPsychicMediums.com & AfterlifeTV.com

People in spirit who have communicated through psychic mediums, people who have had near-death experiences, and even people who have experienced the spirit world during a Life Between Lives regression, all agree that there are no human words to fully describe what it’s like to be in spirit form or be in the spirit world. All the same, this is what we know.

One of the first things people notice is how incredibly liberating it feels to be outside of the physical body. If you remember as a child being trapped inside a heavy Halloween costume and mask for a day, you get the gist of it, although that image still doesn’t do it justice. One of the challenges to our spirit when choosing a physical life is knowing that it will be confined within a body. So it feels fantastic when it is free again.

Next, the feeling of weightlessness is frequently mentioned as one of the first things we notice and enjoy. The ability to float around unencumbered, controlling where we want to go with our mind, is apparently extraordinary. We are light. There are no limits. Simply think of your grandmother in spirit and you’re with her. Think of your husband on earth and you’re with him. Think of a Hawaiian beach and you’re sitting on it. Think of the planet Mars and you’re exploring it. We have no limits as spiritual beings. We can float around like a helium balloon in the clouds or a hawk over the Grand Canyon. The experience of existing as a being of light is like no other.

Then there is the sense of peacefulness. We have no worries, no stress and no fears as spiritual beings. The sense of inner peace is awesome. We are no longer a slave to our regrets of the past or our fears about the future. Present moment awareness is built into the spiritual experience. All that exists is now, and everything in the now is perfect.

Since we are beings of light, the bright light of the Universe moves through us, oozing through our aura like the sun’s rays filtering through the atmosphere on a clear day. We feel Its love for us. We feel more deeply connected to It and to one another than is even possible as human beings. We feel completely protected by the light.

Because we feel loved, safe and connected, and we are living so peacefully in the present moment of the afterlife, we feel nothing but joy. In fact, we are drunk with joy. And this happiness encompasses all that we do. It drives our decisions. It affects our relationships. It encourages playfulness.

This is not to say that spiritual life is a constant vacation. We work. We learn. We grow. And we deal with the errors of our most recent life. But we do this in a loving, joyful, safe and peaceful environment. Being light is our nature. So while words cannot nearly describe it with any real accuracy, this is what it feels like to be in spirit.

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