What Do We Wear & Eat In The Spirit World? Where Do We Live & Sleep?

What do we wear and eat in the spirit world? Where do we live and sleep?

By Bob Olson

When we initially cross over to the spirit world after dying, some believe there is a period of transition where our spirits get reacquainted with the spirit world. In this phase, the recently crossed over are said to imagine themselves as they were in their physical lives (human lives). Since we can do, be and have anything we desire in the spirit world, this becomes their reality. Subsequently, from their perceived reality, they might also have a body that seemingly needs food, sleep, shelter and clothing.

During this early stage of reintegration back into the spiritual realm, some spirits imagine themselves in the last home they knew in their physical life, some imagine being in their childhood homes (because they felt most comfortable and happy there), and some invent the home of their dreams that they could never afford during their physical life. The choice is yours for the making. Wherever you wish to be, whatever you want it to look like, you can have it. Your only limits are your imagination.

Since we can do, be and have whatever we want in the afterlife, this is also true for what we eat, what we wear, and what we are able to do. Want to drive a Maserati? Want to play a musical instrument? Want to be a talented gymnast? Want to dress in Armani suits? Want to eat chocolate all day and never get fat? Whatever you want and can imagine, that can be your life in the hereafter.

As good as all of that might seem, my investigation into the afterlife has taught me that imagined realities are not our true nature as spiritual beings. Food, cars, clothing and houses are possessions of physical beings. Spiritual beings have no interest in such possessions. So once our re-entry back home is complete and we’ve had the opportunity to readjust, our desire for such things disappears.

I personally question this idea of a transitionary period altogether because I’ve never heard a person in spirit ever mention it, and I’ve had hundreds of private readings with just as many psychic mediums and witnessed hundreds of other people’s readings, as well. Plus the idea of a transitionary period implies time is involved, which doesn’t exist in the afterlife. So if time doesn’t exist in the spirit world, this idea of a transitionary period sounds an awful lot like a fictional story that a human made up in their mind in a failed attempt to contemplate or describe the afterlife.

What makes more sense to me is that we continue to learn and grow in the spirit world. And this includes learning and growing by reviewing our experiences in our last human life, which could easily be misinterpreted as a transitionary period.

I once had a reading where my father in spirit came through expressing regret and sadness for things he’d done in his life. Yet, at the exact same moment, my wife, Melissa, was getting a reading with a different psychic medium where my father came through expressing joy, love and excitement regarding his human life. Since both mediums gave us compelling evidence that they were in fact communicating with my father, what this says to me is that my father was able to choose his point of reference depending upon the situation (in this case, depending upon who he was communicating with, Melissa or me). So with Melissa he was referencing experiences about his life that made him joyful, and with me he was referencing experiences in his life that made him regretful—in order to convey different messages.

We can learn a lot from these simultaneous readings Melissa and I experienced. For instance, one might have quickly interpreted my reading by saying that my father was still in a transitionary period in the afterlife because he was feeling regret. But when considering the two readings together, it leads one to believe that my father is learning and growing from all the events of his life concurrently. He’s neither in a regretful and sad transition nor a joyful and excited transition; he’s simply experiencing it all at the same time—no transitionary period necessary.

Our true nature as spirits is light. We are pure energy. Although we are clearly recognizable to one another in the afterlife (by energetic vibration), we have no bodies. We don’t even have faces. We communicate by thought. To travel somewhere, we merely need to think of the place or the person we want to visit and, like magic, we are there. Consequently, as beings of light, we have no need for food, shelter, clothing or sleep. But we get to create whatever reality we wish, if we have any desire for it.

So why do people in spirit communicate through mediums that they are still fishing, playing bridge or painting in the afterlife? Because they are conveying a message to their loved ones through that medium that they are okay and they are happy. And because we remember our loved ones being happy when they were doing these things that they most loved to do, that message eases our minds that they are in a joyful, peaceful place in the afterlife. The message is more of a metaphor than an exact description because it’s incredibly difficult to explain to us what they’re really doing in the spirit world (especially during a brief reading). Given the circumstances, it’s the best way for them to tell us they’re okay.

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