What Can I Do To Help My Loved One In Spirit?

Is there anything I can do to help my loved one in spirit?

by Bob Olson, BestPsychicDirectory.com, BestPsychicMediums.com & AfterlifeTV.com

You can honor your loved ones by keeping their memories alive. Keep their photos around. Or, if you don’t have any framed, pick out one or two good ones and get them framed for your wall or mantle. It’s nice for you and it’s nice for them to still be a part of your life in this way.

Your loved ones are pleased to have you talk with them whenever you think of them. In many cases, the thought of them will likely pop into your mind if they’ve dropped by to see you. So if you find yourself suddenly thinking about your deceased spouse, parent, grandparent, sibling, child or friend for no apparent reason, it’s probably because they’ve shown up. Acknowledge them whenever you think this is the case. Tell them what’s happening in your life and in your other family members’ lives, and talk to them just like they had dropped in on you for a visit. You might even ask them if they have any messages for you and then just be aware of what thoughts randomly pop into your head.

Although it might be difficult for you, your loved ones are not going to mind if you discard or give away some of their belongings that are only taking up space in your home or life. Equally, people in spirit are happy to see you redecorate their bedroom or office. Perhaps you could turn it into something that will benefit you, like a library, sewing room, TV room or billiards room. Our loved ones in spirit live in the present moment, so they certainly don’t want us to live in the past. Keeping their bedroom, office or workshop exactly as it was when they left it, like some kind of museum or shrine, is not anything they desire.

Unless you are in therapy, it doesn’t serve you (or your loved one in spirit) to talk trash about them with other people once they’re gone. If we have issues with our loved ones, it’s best to deal with these issues before they pass. To disparage a person once they are no longer around to defend themselves just isn’t fair.

That said, it’s healthy for you and them to talk about any issues you have even though you can’t likely see or hear them. I’ve mentioned in other answers within this book that our deceased loved ones are in the room when we talk to them, so just go ahead and talk right out loud to them. Tell them what they did, how it made you feel and express any anger, resentment or other emotions you might be feeling toward them. They are going to fully understand since they were able to know firsthand how they hurt you when they experienced their life review. So it’s good therapy for you and them to discuss these issues privately when you’re ready to do so. I wish more people realized that their opportunity to work things out with people doesn’t end with someone’s passing.

This is a useful exercise because our loved ones in spirit seek our forgiveness. Once they arrived in the afterlife and had their life review, they saw everything about their life from an entirely new perspective. They saw the errors of their ways, so they know where they fell short or even failed. At the same time, they understand why you might have fallen short or even failed in reference to your relationship with them, and therefore, they forgive you for anything you might have done or failed to do. This is why having a conversation with them, even though it will seem like a one-way conversation, can be helpful to both of you.

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