What Are Hauntings?

What are hauntings?

by Bob Olson, BestPsychicDirectory.com, BestPsychicMediums.com & AfterlifeTV.com

Hauntings are generally unexplained paranormal phenomena. It could be that someone has seen a vision of some sort, heard an unexplainable noise, or has claimed to see a chair move or a door close without cause.

This question leads us back to the subject of ghosts, because there are many people who believe that ghosts are behind the phenomena of hauntings. And there’s no denying that fictional books and movies have added to the public’s belief in ghosts and hauntings.

My investigation into the afterlife has led me to conclude that there are no such things as ghosts if you define “ghost” as an earthbound spirit. As I discussed earlier in this book, spirits do not become lost and earthbound on their way back to the spirit world any more than they become lost and earthbound on their way to being born in the first place. Instead, ghosts—if you even want to use the word—are just spirits, and people in spirit do not “haunt” places, at least not in a scary way.

So how do we account for all the claims of haunted houses and ghost sightings? Well, there’s no doubt in my mind that people see spirits all the time. But these spirits are not trying to scare anyone. They are more likely just trying to let their family and friends know that they still exist and that they’re not dead and gone forever. Unfortunately, some people misinterpret the “after-death communications” of their deceased loved ones as the stuff of ghosts and hauntings. It’s quite sad, actually.

So one explanation of hauntings is that the witness to the phenomenon is merely getting an after-death communication from a loved one in spirit, but they are interpreting that phenomenon as scary or evil. That’s understandable. If it’s dark and late in the night and you hear a voice or see an apparition, that’s likely to scare the bejezus out of you. But just because someone gets scared, it doesn’t mean the spirit behind the communication is evil. We get scared by people we know all the time, even when they don’t mean to scare us. This is when we usually say, “Oh my goodness, it’s you. You scared me. Don’t sneak up on me like that!” So rather than assume what they’ve seen or heard is a scary ghost, they should just say to their loved one in spirit, “That scared me, so don’t do that to me again.”

Another explanation of hauntings is that there is a practical reason behind whatever it was that someone heard or saw. It might be a mouse, a strong breeze, an electrical surge, a faulty wire or appliance, squeaky floor boards, wind blowing into a bottle, shadows caused by trees outside the window, et cetera. I know some folks will accuse me of being the eternal skeptic, but if you’ve read this far into the book, you know that I’ve seen more evidence of an afterlife than most people will ever see, so I’m not being over skeptical here. I’ve investigated quite a few alleged hauntings where I found practical explanations behind them. We can’t discount the fact that many people are tormented by little things due to an overactive imagination.

Another explanation of hauntings is what’s called an energy imprint. When a tragic event such as a deadly accident, murder or suicide takes place in a home, on a ship or on someone’s property, that event can leave an energetic scar in the aura of that location. When this takes place, anyone who is sensitive or intuitive is likely to feel the negative vibration of that energy imprint and be affected by it. Because the aura of that place holds the memory of that event, sensitives are likely to pick up on the tragic event like a television. They might see what happened (or parts of it), hear what happened (or parts of it) or dream about it if they’re sleeping there.

An intuitive download of this sort is only a memory, however. It doesn’t mean the spirits of the people involved are still in the house or on the ship. If the people involved are dead, they’ve long returned to the spirit world. They are not reliving the event over and over, as many people mistakenly assume. It’s only the energetic scar that remains, which certain people who are sensitive enough to tune into it will intuit.

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