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Spirit Artists Draw Portraits Of The Spirits They See

By Bob Olson

A spirit artist is a medium who draws portraits of the spirits they see. Essentially, we’re talking about a psychic medium who is also an artist since they have the ability to draw a picture of the person in spirit with whom they are communicating.

Usually, the spirit artist gives you a reading verbally at the same time that they are drawing this visual rendering of your deceased loved one. It’s quite an amazing experience because it takes the reading of spirit communication—which is usually intangible evidence—and turns it into tangible evidence, something you can hold in your hands and show other people (the portrait).

I’ll never forget the first time I had a spirit drawing done. The spirit artist drew my deceased grandmother. She got my grandmother’s hair, chin, eyes, and even her typical clothing style correct. In most cases, there is going to be one to three key features that clearly identify that the spirit artist has connected with your loved one. There might be some slight variation from what you remember of your loved one’s appearance, but this happens even when artists draw people who are alive and standing right in front of them.

My second session with a spirit artist was done over the phone. I had a fantastic reading where my great-great-grandfather came through. The spirit artist told me my great-great-grandfather was wearing a Civil War uniform and had a cleft chin, deep-set eyes, and long hair. This all sounded accurate as I had seen a photograph of him years prior, and I knew the photograph was of him in his Civil War uniform.

After the phone session, the spirit artist mailed my spirit drawing to my post office box.

At the same time, I called my mother and asked her to mail me the only photo that existed of my great-great-grandfather, which she had to get from my aunt. When the photograph and the spirit drawing both arrived, I was astonished to see how alike they were. The only slight difference between them was that my great-great-grandfather appeared a little older to the medium than he was when the photo was taken. But looking at the two photos side by side, it was unmistakable that it was the same person.

A session with a spirit artist is a great way to have tangible evidence of your loved one in spirit and ease any skeptical thoughts you may have had about visiting a psychic medium. To see my spirit drawing beside the photo of my great-great-grandfather, visit this page:

For a list of psychic mediums who offer spirit drawings as a service, visit

This article is an excerpt from Bob Olson’s book, Answers About The Afterlife.

©2014 Written by Bob Olson

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