Should I Protect Myself From Evil Spirits?

Do I need to protect myself from evil spirits?

by Bob Olson,, &

There are no evil spirits. There are only evil people. Therefore, no, you don’t need to protect yourself from evil spirits because they don’t exist. The phrase “evil spirits” is actually an oxymoron. Spirits, which by definition means they have gone into the light of the afterlife, cannot be evil, since nothing evil can exist in the light of the spirit world. For this reason, spirits vibrate at a high frequency. Evil, on the contrary, which means wicked, malicious and corrupt, can only vibrate at a low frequency. So the two concepts cannot resonate as one.

There are evil people in the world. And the best way to protect yourself from evil people is to distance yourself from them energetically. This means raise your energy by being a more loving person. Love is the highest energy, so if you live your life as the most loving person you can be, you will attract other loving people into your life, while at the same time you will distance yourself from negative, low energy people.

There are some people who believe in evil spirits and who suggest that it can be helpful to say a prayer of protection so you aren’t bothered by them. If you are particularly superstitious and feel the need to say such a prayer, keep your prayer along the lines of this:

“I am surrounded by the love and light of the Universe (God, Source, Creative Intelligence), which protects me from all lower energies including dark or malevolent beings, people and energetic imprints. I am surrounded by only loving beings of the highest light who have only my best interests in mind, and I express my gratitude for this love and protection.”

Are there such things as poltergeists? Are exorcisms necessary?

If by poltergeists you mean dark and evil beings that can take over one’s body and mind, again I say no. Poltergeists are the stuff of movies and outdated religious beliefs. And people who claim that the devil made them do something bad are just looking for an excuse to not take responsibility for their actions.

Exorcisms are also an outdated religious ritual that only a few fanatics continue to perform. And a performance it is if you’ve ever witnessed one, for both the person performing the exorcism and the person claiming to be possessed. Aside from the entertaining theatrics, there’s nothing authentic going on here.

The only things that are evil and can take over your body are the following: drugs, alcohol, jealousy, envy, greed, selfishness, stress, desperation, depression, mental illness and physical illness. I could add more to the list, but you get the point. Avoid these maladies and vices in your life and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

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