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The Home Study Audio Program Instant Download MP3s & Workbook PDF
The Home Study Audio Program
Instant Download MP3s & Workbook PDF


In a weekend workshop I gave in Kennebunkport, Maine, I taught more than 120 "advanced" psychics and mediums the simple steps necessary to raise their standards to a higher level. And I taught them how to give readings that are absolutely extraordinary.

At the same time, since no psychic or medium can help people unless the public knows they exist, I also taught them how to promote themselves using the most effective yet simple techniques available in order to attract more clients and prosperity into their lives.

This training workshop was an enormous success. All the psychics and mediums walked away from it as better psychic mediums and better marketers, which is why I'm so glad that I had it professionally recorded. Now, thanks to these recordings, anyone can listen to this workshop right on their computer or MP3 player. In fact, this recording is available now as an instant MP3 download, so you can be listening to it just minutes from now. Hundreds of psychics and mediums already have.


Nancy Jo GrahamThe workshop you…put together was a true blessing. You have helped to bring even more integrity, clarity, professionalism and love into the lives of those of us who do the important and often misunderstood work of mediumship. Thank you so much! Once again, Bob, thank you for all you do.”

Kristine Rassi, Sunnyvale, CA “I was one of those people who wasn't sure if I should be attending the workshop or not....however…even as a beginner there was so much valuable information. First of all, Bob, WOW....I left my corporate career 3 years ago, of which I was a VP of a Joint Venture, between two Fortune 500 companies. The different companies I have worked for spent several thousand dollars sending me to different management and marketing seminars. I can't think of one that gave me more valuable information than what Bob Olson imparted onto us. From a business perspective, I thought is was fabulous - not to mention fun. This was an incredible weekend workshop that I would highly recommend to the very experienced, as well as those of lesser experience.”

Training For Both Advanced And Beginner Psychics & Mediums

This workshop was given to "advanced" psychic mediums, so even the most experienced psychics and mediums will learn a ton of new information from it. But you don't have to be an advanced psychic or medium to benefit. It turned out that some beginners signed up for the event without my knowing, yet they later told me that they gained a life-changing amount of information from what I taught them. They also said that they began implementing what they learned the very same week they returned from the workshop with amazing success.

So, whether you’re highly experienced or just beginning, if you know how to give a reading but you have room for improvement (and everyone does), this program will teach you how to transform your readings to levels you might never have believed were possible.

Having said that, this is not a workshop that teaches complete novices how to develop psychic or mediumistic abilities from scratch. You should already be giving readings, if even on a part-time basis for free. As long as you know how to give a reading, this audio program will teach you how to take your current readings to a new, higher level, from poor readings, mediocre readings or even good readings to absolutely extraordinary readings.

But that's not all you'll learn. I also teach you how to attract more clients. Learn to turn your part-time or even struggling practice into a successful calling (profession) that brings you greater fulfillment and security, as well as increased prosperity. Because of the vast amount of business and marketing advice that I teach, this workshop literally pays for itself because it teaches you how to turn your psychic or medium practice into a lucrative and successful calling in only a few simple steps. Many workshop attendees later told me that they earned back the workshop fee and all their travel expenses within two or three weeks using what I taught them—all while giving their clients greater benefit and satisfaction, too.

Taught By Bob Olson

Bob Olson
Bob Olson

I’m the author of Answers About The Afterlife  and The Magic Mala. I'm the host of And I'm the founder of

As a former skeptic and private investigator who began investigating psychic mediums and the afterlife after the passing of my father, I’ve been researching, testing and working with psychics and mediums since January 1999. I now train psychics and mediums how to improve their readings and increase their professional success, fulfillment and client satisfaction based on what I've learned through this vast analysis and experience.

Even if you are already familiar with my work, what you might not know is that, in the past decade, I’ve become a leading authority on the subject of psychics, mediums and the afterlife with TV, movie and documentary producers, journalists, book publishers, event promoters, as well as law enforcement agencies and private investigators. I’ve also been responsible for helping numerous psychics and mediums get on national television shows, obtain book publishing contracts, get booked by major event promoters around the world, and get interviewed by journalists and talk-show hosts in every media venue—TV, radio, print, Internet and documentary. Consequently, I share the very best of all my experiences and expertise with you in this workshop.
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Laura Wooster It was an amazing weekend jam-packed with information. It gave me insight into what I needed to work on and validation of what I'm doing right.”


Two Workshops Included In This One 6-Hour Audio Program

Included in this audio program are the two subjects I taught during a weekend workshop in Kennebunkport, Maine. During this weekend, I taught A) THE CRITICAL CRITERIA FOR GIVING EXTRAORDINARY READINGS and B) BUSINESS & MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR PSYCHICS & MEDIUMS, both which I taught to more than 120 psychics and mediums.

These two workshops, each lasting 3 hours in length (a total of just under 6 hours), were recorded so that I could share this material with other psychics and mediums like you for home study. My material lent itself perfectly for an audio program because I taught it as a lecture.

There is so much valuable information here that the psychics and mediums who attended wrote frantically in their notebooks for the entire six hours, which is just another reason why I wanted to make these audio recordings available—it is the type of program that you'll want to listen to over and over, and each time you'll keep gaining new beneficial ideas.

I also give you a workbook in PDF that you can use to follow along so that you won't have to write frantically like they did. Instead, you can print the workbook pages out and follow along as you listen while filling in the blanks that I inserted to maximize your memory and comprehension.

Just so there's no confusion, both workshops from that weekend are included in this audio program. The two lectures presented in this audio program include every tip, secret, analysis, anecdote and advice that I gave the psychic mediums that weekend—many career-changing suggestions that I had never shared with any other psychic mediums before.

I am so very excited about offering this training to everyone who was not fortunate enough to attend the live workshop. I had many people around the country who were upset that they had prior engagements and were going to have to miss out. But now you and those people will be able to attend without having to travel or even leave your home or office.

While listening, you’ll be able to hear what a wonderful group of psychics and mediums we had in attendance. Everyone was so cheerful, playful and ready to learn. What’s especially nice about sharing this with you is that you get to feel like you were right there by hearing both me and the audience, listening to the exchanges and the laughter, and even hearing questions from the psychic mediums followed by my answers. Nothing is left out. You’ll even hear when a chipmunk entered the room to say hello for a brief moment. My wife, Melissa, had to coax him back outside.

Before I give more detailed descriptions of each topic taught in this workshop, here are a few of the many raving responses from the psychics and mediums who attended:

Heather Tobin “I had the honor of attending…Psychic Mediumship Training: Raising The Standards... It was nothing short of phenomenal and I gleaned incredible knowledge... This workshop weekend was the most valuable investment I have made in terms of bringing my practice as a psychic medium to the next level. I recommend it highly!”

Galit Shearouse “Bob, your advice on how to set up and promote my website was great. Also, I was never really sure how to go about setting my pricing with regards to the length of the reading. Your discussions on both helped clear that up for me. Having the chance to engage in conversations with other mediums about how they run their business, combined with your exceptional marketing and promotional advice, was priceless. Your comments and suggestions during the readings and exercises were always done with respect and with the genuine intention of making us better mediums. Thank You. I recommend that any psychic or medium who is thinking about attending future workshops needs to do it.” ~ With Love and Light

Lisa Kumaradjaja, Psychic Medium and Angel Therapist® “I'll be putting your ‘Psychic-Medium Best Practices’ into my work from now on. I learned so much from you last weekend, I'd hire you as my consultant because I know I'd benefit so much from it! I found your class to be structured, well organized and jam packed with highly useful information that will help me solidify my business methods.

I love your approach, it's practical, down to earth, business sense, that obviously comes from a strong knowledge base of research and investigation that has made you an expert. I'm so glad to hear from your experience with so many readings and psychics, it gave me a great perspective on what the best psychics do versus what not to do. Again, it also was actually very helpful to get a view from the skeptic sitter's side of what makes a good reading. Now I feel well equipped to do a great reading. Because I have had a long career in the 'regular' business world, I was so glad to see you…give us ways to bring that kind of professionalism to what we do as Psychic Mediums.”


The Critical Criteria for Giving Extraordinary Readings

In this workshop of just under 3 hours, I teach you what you need to do to transform your readings from poor, mediocre or even good to absolutely extraordinary. And, as I said, it’s a lot easier than you might expect.

In my research of psychic mediums since 1999, I’ve tested hundreds of psychic mediums from around the world. What I recognized from this research and testing is that many psychic mediums with exceptional natural ability gave me poor readings simply due to the inadequate structure and delivery of their readings. At the same time, I also discovered the opposite, which is that some psychic mediums with average natural ability gave me fantastic readings simply because the structure and delivery of their readings was excellent.

After hundreds of test readings over the years, I analyzed the best readings in comparison to the worst readings and discovered the critical criteria that made the best readings extraordinary. I compiled this data for eleven years and then spent an entire month of eight to ten hour days organizing it for simplicity and comprehension in order to teach it at this workshop. The result is what is contained in this audio program.

Here is just a small fraction of what you’ll learn in this program:

  • What it takes to pass my famous (yet never revealed) 15-Point Test.
  • What mistakes weaken and undermine even your best readings so they become less than extraordinary.
  • What is necessary to include (and avoid) in your readings for the sake of ethics, professionalism, integrity and responsibility.
  • How to make a good reading absolutely extraordinary so that you’ll stand out from the crowd of psychic mediums in front of clients, the media and live audiences.

Here are a few more comments from workshop attendees specifically about The Critical Criteria For Giving Extraordinary Readings:

Loretta Vasso Bob's Critical Criteria for Giving Extraordinary Readings and the 7 Steps for Spiritual Communication were so practical, well thought out and presented very clearly. Also, I wanted to let you know that I, and my friends that attended, felt that our abilities took a big leap forward after the weekend in Kennebunkport. I feel more confident in my work and I know that my psychic abilities became more finely tuned as a result of working with you... Thank you for your expertise and for offering such a great training.” ~ Namaste

Elige Stewart I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful workshop experience, and to tell others how amazing this training session was. This trip was well worth the time, effort and monetary considerations. I've gained so much knowledge and made so many great connections. The techniques that were covered helped me to take my readings to the next level, improving the experience for my clients. The criteria for an extraordinary reading was incredibly helpful in understanding what it takes to provide the best consultation possible for my client, and the formats for providing a reading were revolutionary. Thank you all so much for a fantastic program!” ~ Brightest Blessings

Karen Roberts HickeyThe information that you put forth is logical and useful - and I often refer to the many pages of notes that I took during that weekend. As I am just beginning to build my business, I am now putting into place what I learned. It has helped me understand that this field, which does not offer a tangible commodity, can give something much more lasting with the right structure and technique that can finely tune the psychic medium's gift. Lastly, I thank you for the Mala bead prayer which I say while counting them morning and night; and for helping to raise the standards of our very important profession.” ~ In appreciation & service


Business & Marketing Strategies for Psychic Mediums

This part of the workshop alone is worth one hundred times the cost of this audio program. I originally included it because so many psychics and mediums need help in this area. In fact, any Mind/Body/Spirit practitioner could benefit a great deal from listening to this program.

Even though many psychics and mediums from all over the United States and Canada spent more than $1500 to attend this live weekend workshop (with travel costs), several told me that they earned their investment back in two or three weeks due to what they learned from this program alone. Several actually doubled the number of clients they normally get on a weekly basis within two or three weeks after the workshop.

In this workshop, I teach you how to:

a) Increase your income (by increasing your clients and more),
b) Increase your personal fulfillment from your work, and
c) Increase your client satisfaction (which will increase your referrals and repeat business).

Many psychics and mediums also said that they've been getting a better quality of client since applying what they learned in these workshops, which makes perfect sense to me.

You’ll quickly discover that just one new and innovative idea can catapult your practice as a psychic or medium to a whole new level. Yet I give you dozens of new and innovative ideas in this workshop.

Even better, I keep everything conveniently simple because I teach you the “big picture” of business and marketing. Once you understand the big picture, you understand how all the tools and strategies fit together. Never again will you wonder why your business is slow or your marketing isn’t working. My approach for business and marketing is to always keep things “simple and easy” over “complicated and overwhelming.”

Here are some of the little known strategies you’ll learn in this program:

  • How to increase your income while also maximizing your personal fulfillment and client satisfaction.
  • The absolute must-know marketing basics, the big picture of business growth.
  • What you need to know about getting published, obtaining media interviews & working with radio & TV producers.
  • Internet & website know-how specifically for psychic mediums that can boost your exposure & response overnight.

Here are few comments by workshop attendees specifically about the Business & Marketing Strategies For Psychic Mediums program that I taught:

Diane Murray, Ontario, CanadaI was not sure what to expect from Bob Olson and now I believe his lecture was the reason I had to attend! I was never convinced to commit to the business side of this industry. Bob has helped me to see that it is very real and certainly a business that can and should be promoted. I have taken a completely different attitude (my husband is very thrilled!) towards my mediumship and have already implemented several ideas from the seminar. I cannot believe the whirlwind of activity that has been happening since the workshop. Thank you so much to all for helping me to move beyond my comfort zone!” ~ Many blessings

Lisa Miller, Sacred Light Circle The Advanced Mediumship Training is the best ROI (return on investment) I have experienced in my four year practice! I left motivated, focused, creative and ultimately "manifestized" by focusing on just one suggestion out of many. New and repeat client appointments increased from three to seven a week average, consistently. What a sense of satisfaction I receive from helping others find comfort and closure while realizing the fulfillment of my life's mission! Thank you Bob…for generously sharing your experiences and expertise in a most humble and down-to-earthy style!”

Lisa Bousson, Spiritual Medium & Psychic I can't put into words how valuable the recent seminar was. Since attending the seminar I have reinstated a media page on my website, and now offer weekly processing sessions. There's too much in the planning stages to mention here, but your Marketing the Metaphysical has truly proved its worth. I have recently filmed a documentary for Michigan State University and will be featured in The Travel Channel's, Haunted Travels, which shoots this weekend! Previous marketing helped secure these two events, but I truly believe that using your suggestions helped to lock them in place. I would recommend this seminar to everyone.”  ~ With sincere gratitude

How to Purchase this Instant Download Audio Program

Many psychic mediums have told me that this program would be a bargain at $395, because that's what the workshop cost. But it’s important to me that as many psychic mediums as possible have the opportunity to purchase this workshop. I truly believe that this information can help to improve the entire psychic medium industry by helping each psychic medium, one at a time. So the cost of this program is only $197, which is much less than the cost of the live workshop, especially considering the cost of travel, hotel and rental car that many of the 120 psychic mediums had to spend.

For most psychic mediums who charge at least $99 for a reading, you'll quickly earn the cost of this audio program back in your first new client (and you'll be getting a lot more new clients after you begin implementing what you learn in this audio program). Plus, unlike the live workshop attendees, you get to listen to the workshop in the comfort of your home or car, or anywhere you can take your MP3 player, with the added benefit of listening to it over and over.

This program is available as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD. It is not sold in any other format, since you can also use the MP3s to burn your own CDs right on your computer (or have someone who knows how to do it burn them for you).

This means that after you pay for the audio workshop, you will automatically be brought to a download page where you will download 7 files (3 audio files for the Critical Criteria workshop, 3 audio files for the Business & Marketing workshop, and 1 written file for the workbook). Full instructions will be provided on how to download them right there on the download page (and will be emailed to you). It’s super easy to do.

The six audio files are MP3s, which you can listen to on your computer, MP3 player (iPod, iShuffle or iPhone, for example), or you can burn them onto a CD or DVD. The one written file is a PDF, which you can open on your computer and print on your printer.

It’s worth repeating that all the step-by-step download instructions are right there on the download page PLUS they will automatically be emailed to you after your purchase with a link to the download page in case you accidentally close it. And if you ever have any issues downloading your product, you can always email my reliable assistant, Jen, at If Jen is not available to answer your email right away, don’t worry, as someone in my office attends to email every day.

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My warmest regards,

Bob Olson
Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher

Afterlife TV host ( founder
Author of Answers About The Afterlife (
Author of The Magic Mala (