Jyll Hoyrup

Jyll Hoyrup
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Playa del Carmen


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15-Minutes $40, 30-Minutes $80, 45-Minutes $120

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Visit https://www.jyllicious.com/book-session


Get accurate Guidance on Love, Relationship, Career, Life Situations from a Master Psychic Healer (well versed in all the Clairs). I tune into what is happening energetically to facilitate the best shift, release, and transformation possible.

I am a master at releasing stagnant energy and setting up energetic protection, boundaries, and filters (great for Empaths!). Lately, my work has included a lot of Inner Child Work and Past Life Healings.

I am the founder of the Jyllicious™ Ignite Your Intuition Academy where I teach and mentor you how to tap into and improve your Intuitive and Spiritual Gifts so you feel trust and confidence in the messages you are receiving.

I began my studies in 2003 with Matrix Energetics and later become a Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healer. In 2011 I created my own Jyllicious™ Healing style that encompasses everything I have learned in other modalities, my own Intuition, as well as Channeled Information from my Spirit Team.

I look forward to helping you receive Healing shifts, Guidance and confirmation of your own intuition as you Journey through life!

Additional Information: 

Every Sunday on my Facebook page, I host the Manifest It Show where we energetically Activate your intentions then have a short Q&A on topics that are coming up for you. It is at 11 am EST/4 pm London/9:45 Nepal and 3 am Mon AEST. Hope to see you there!

Listed since: Sep 19, 2018

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