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Discover your destiny, explore the future, know the truth, find real answers and change your life.

Anthon St. Maarten is an international psychic medium, spiritual advisor and destiny coach with a global clientele in more than thirty countries spanning five continents.

He has been consulting as psychic medium since 2004 and has since established himself as trusted spiritual advisor to a diverse client-base from all walks of life, including business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities, luminaries in the arts and sciences, and thought leaders all over the world.

Anthon is also a sought-after metaphysics teacher and podcaster, spiritual blogger and author of 'Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny.'

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Anthon's leading-edge metaphysical guidance service is available globally by phone and video conferencing. ​


* Psychic Reading *

Receive extra-sensory information and metaphysical insight into your past, present and future. Discover your destiny, explore the future, know the truth, find real answers and change your life. Inspiring and uplifting advice, guidance, and prophetic insight for self-empowerment and spiritual growth. The best way to predict a better future is to recreate it.

* Mediumship Reading *

Receive spirit messages and afterlife validation from your spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed to the other side. Communicate with spirit to gain a better understanding of your destiny and your unique spiritual journey in this lifetime. Mediumship seeks to validate, console, heal and uplift with guidance received from the spirit realm.

* Destiny Coaching *

Live your life by design using spirituality and metaphysics. Identify your true life purpose and calling, change your destiny, achieve personal fulfillment, and attract lasting success and happiness. Reach beyond the confines of standard life coaching to create and attract the relationship, career and lifestyle you originally intended to have when you came into this world.

* Relationship Reading *

Discover the truth about your partner and the future of your current relationship. Release the pain and trauma of past relationships. Explore the mystical power of higher love and sacred romance. Manifest your soulmate and attract the intimate relationship of your dreams. ​Learn to harness universal spiritual laws and apply metaphysical tools to create and attract the ultimate love connection and find your ideal life mate.

* Business Reading *

Extra-sensory insight, metaphysical resources and spiritual guidance for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and private individuals aimed at individual and organizational transformation. Support in various aspects of business, including start-ups, marketing strategy, product development, financial challenges, dealing with competitors, change management, conflict resolution and hiring of employees.

​* Annual Forecast *

Your birthday, anniversary, or the New Year, is the ideal opportunity to set new goals and strive for greater fulfillment in the year that lies ahead. An annual psychic forecast increases your chances to enjoy a more fulfilling and prosperous year by offering you a sneak preview of the foreseeable future, and reveal some of the highs and lows that may be coming your way over the next four seasons of the coming year.

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Listed since: Jul 6, 2010


FOLLOW UP: Anthon nailed it by saying I would meet a great guy in January! Anthon is genuinely one of the sweetest and most sincere people I have ever met, and he just has a great way of calming situations down. While it gives me peace of mind to know accurate future predictions, Anthon's advice for the present has really eased my worries and has made me much more confident and independent in my daily life vs just having me impatiently wait for future events. Thank you so much again!
A reading with Anthon is comforting, reassuring as well as spot on validation that life for our loved ones in spirit is simply changed, not taken away. The messages that you receive be comforting and leave you peace and positivity. Schedule a reading and enjoy this time of love and validation from the other side.
Anthon is an amazingly kind, intelligent and gifted human being! He was able to help finally close a very old wound, and help me get the closure I truly needed with my father. He also helped me gain a greater understanding of my purpose, and I am so eternally grateful!
I came to get help with my boy & school troubles. He mentioned how the guy I'm interested in is seeing another person but all is not lost it's just not the right time, & also how there's a great guy in my future as well. He also put my mind at ease with school & said I'll be able to go to the school I want to (maybe just later). The most intense thing was him bringing up my grandpa & his name who passed last year. Ending the reading with kind words from my grandpa really helped me, thank you! <3
From the start of my Skype consultation with Anthon, he felt like an old, wise, and caring friend who had my best interest at heart. I trusted him from the start and appreciated his empathic, warm-hearted, humorous, and light touch. He’s a straight shooter but delivers his amazing psychic insights with compassion and love. A true wounded healer. Anthon, thank you for validating my beingness, calming my fears, encouraging my devine destiny, and stoking fire in my heart. Peace, brother.
This was my second session with Anthon and I must say that his mediumship skills are absolutely mind blowing! No psychic ever has been so accurate to details! Thank you Anthon from the heart for your practical and intuitive advices, your gift is invaluable!
Anthon has a true gift and I have never had anyone be so accurate in all the time I’ve been on this planet. Not only is he a gifted medium but you can tell he has a beautiful heart. He gave me information to help me move forward in my life to complete my calling powerfully and help me realize where I am stuck. I lost my mom six months ago and was able to communicate with her and my dad in a way that I know it truly was both of them. I urge you to reach out to him for a true experience . Tanya
Anthon’s reading came into my life at exactly the right time. As soon as I picked up the phone I knew this reading was much needed and I was right. Anthon is a straight shooter and I love that. He confirmed all of the signs, thoughts and feelings that I have been receiving from my angels and the universe without me even saying anything. Our conversation left me feeling confident in what steps to take next to create a life filled with greatness, joy and service. Thank you so much for being born.
Usually, I don't give information so freely as I like the person to confirm with my own inner wisdom. Surely enough, Anthon told me most of the key inner knowing I have, and think about without any prior knowledge. That's is how I ascertain when someone has a gift, and Anthon certainly has. He made me feel relaxed and reassured of my past, and gave me goals to head towards in the near future. Truly a gift Anthon! Thank you so much and I look forward to our next conversation.
I recently lost my grandmother and was desperate to connect to something that would let me know she was ok. The moment I spoke to Anthon he picked up on that and was able to connect me with my grandpa. He not only gave me confirmation he also tapped into my business as well. I was blown away by Anthon and will be calling again. I have also made all my family members schedule and appointment :) Thank you Anthon !! You are amazing .
Anthon is incredible! He was able to offer great insight, and the way he delivered the message took it far beyond the parameters of the situation. His candor and wisdom, along with the accuracy of the information, made it a memorable session. I am happy to recommend him as a caring, wise, and accurate psychic. Thank you, Anthon!
This man is good! I am a skeptical person by nature and at first was not impressed. It turns out that his entire reading was so accurate it was shocking! I will use him again and again! He is worth his money and also very professional! Sven-Namibia
Anthon was amazing, he read information regarding my wife’s father and her friend who have both passed. The detail he was able to read was astonishing. He gave over 7 points of fact for my wife to verify it was him. Other parts of the reading were also spot on and Anthon read and clarified information about my plans and explained what I needed to do. Thank God I recorded the session and both my wife and I have reviewed it. Very helpful reading. Very in depth.
As a psychic myself, I have high expectations when getting readings from others. Anthon doesn't disappoint! If you really want his insight, don't interrupt his flow with your questions. Just let him talk! Anthon zoned right in with uncanny accuracy (and humor!) to explain my current challenges. He offered very tangible advice to help me move forward when local psychics couldn't help. He really shines as a spiritual coach; for the advanced, it's worth checking in every quarter. Top rated!
Like a compass pointing true north, Anthon has the ability to accurately determine my life's calling, as well as the skills to articulate this beautifully, honestly, and with humor. With much gratitude & Blessings to you. Thank you.
Anthon did the best reading I've ever had. He was spot on with where I was at in life, he was very truthful not holding back, extremely clear and concise with telling me the direction I needed to go. He took his time to ensure I had a clear understanding on the things I needed to do to reach my life purpose. He gave me the clarity I needed to move forward in life.
I am immensely grateful to Anthon for articulating so much truth and honesty that he articulates so well during my read. I have been going through a 3 year transition/transformational period in my life and coming right out of this recent eclipse season, Anthon's insights and ability to connect to my situation reaffirmed the direction my life is now taking me to. I am blown away by how spot on he is about aspects of my life. Thank you for being such a light of truth Anthon, my heart beams :)
Immense gratitude to Anthon for the wonderful reading I had with him! His gentle approach, made the messages I had to hear, but not necessarily wanted to, come across with light and optimism. I found him to be very accurate and straightforward. His insight and guidance will definitely assist me in finding my path back to enlightenment. The advice he gave me has had a profound impact on the negative feelings I have had over the years, this reading has definitely changed many aspects of my life!
My session with Anthon was nothing short of life-changing. Anthon helped me to connect with Grandma and Grandpa and the joy and peace that this has brought to me and my family is priceless. I have always been a believer, but a session with even the biggest skeptic i think would turn believer. I also had him read me for my love life and he was on point with every single detail. I plan to use what he saw for my future as spiritual guidance. I will be checking in with Anthon again. Do it!
I have had a number of readings with Anthon over the last year and he is, by far, the best intuitive I've ever met. His psychic abilities are truly astounding. In our readings, he has accurately read the thoughts of others and predicted future events too many times to count. But, Anthon does not just predict the future, he is also a gifted life coach who uses his knowledge of the future to help you manifest your dreams and guide you onto better paths. And, honestly, that is truly priceless.
I met Anthon almost 2 years ago during a very hard time of my life. I had talked three more psychics until I talked to him. He said exactly opposite things that the rest of the psychics had said to me. I was disappointed, and did not believe that he said since he was not telling what I wanted to hear. I wish I listened him. He is a very intuitive,talented and caring person. His calming voice make you feel calm and he knows things! You will never regret, call him.Thank you for everything.
Amazingly intuitive. One of the best reading I ever had. I will contact him again.
Anthon has The Wisdom of The Ages. Not only does he provide practical answers, but he goes deep into the Spiritual, providing insight that will help you to help yourself. During my last reading, I could feel his healing energy then and during the next week. An awesome psychic and healer and highly recommended!
I recently had a session with Anthon. I had been very stuck, extremely resistant, frustrated and angry when the session began. Anthon was up for the “challenge” though. Within a few minutes, he identified things about me that to others wouldn't know. He is the real deal. He is a straight shooter and said what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. I am so grateful for Anthon because he provided both practical tools and psychic guidance so I would create something different!
I have had many readings with different psychics. But I was blown away by Anthon from the start. When I booked my reading I left an overall description of what area in my life I needed some clarity and as soon as we made the contact he already knew what specific issue I had and was actually describing it back to me. By the end of the session my fears had dissolved.
Anthon is, hands down, the BEST psychic/medium I've ever been to in my life. I grew up in this world so I've known hundreds. He is truly gifted and he radiates love and healing energy so his filter for the information is extremely pure. On a deeper level, I feel like I also received a healing while he did the reading. He knew specific things about my mom and my brother who recently crossed over that brought me great peace of mind and clarity. I also can't believe how inexpensive he is.
I had my reading Feb 3, 2015 with Anthon St Maarten. He is an incredible , gifted psychic, with a depth to his soul not often seen in a younger man. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading . I have a lot to work on yet in this life and he helped me redefine my goals and purpose- all in the most empathic, kindest tone. Thank you for being you!
The reading started off 5 minutes late, which was great for I was 5 minutes late to. Even the spirits ensured our time would match up. Anthon’s reading was only supposed to be 15 minutes, but turned into 45 minutes long. I was surprised by his ability and how accurate he is. What I really loved about Anthon was his voice, which was like mediating in a calm and peaceful place. Anthon relaxed me emotionally then charged me full of positive energy, which caused me to mediate twice that day.
Thank you Anthon for an amazing reading. I was so amazed by the some of the information he knew about me that I had to ask myself after the reading whether there was any way he could have got access to it! I felt inspired and motivated by his predictions as they were an exact match to what I was already planning for my life. He gave me the confidence to proceed and I certainly plan to contact him again. Would highly recommend him to anyone.
I can't thank Anthon enough for this mind blowing reading. He is an outstanding psychic with a great down to earth manner. Even 24 hours later the only thing I can say is wow. wow, wow, wow. He is 100% accurate, honest, helpful and friendly. I couldn't recommend him more. I bow to his gift.


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