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NZ Australia, USA, UK, quality Psychic phone readings with a best respected professional psychic clairvoyant.

***DEB SINCLAIR is an advanced Level Professional Psychic Medium, Medical intuitive, and Empath with a solid Reputation Internationally for proven consistent accuracy in evidential readings.

There are many 5 star psychic reviews on Google, and many other platforms worldwide from satisfied clients.

"The very best intuitive that I have found, her psychic skill set is above and beyond..."

Debs ability to connect instantly needing only a first name, giving specific detailed accuracy has seen Debs awarded with top honours for accuracy, professionalism, and ethics, through genuine testing of in her abilities by the top world's psychic providers (you can find out who on her website).

"Deb Sinclair is in a psychic and spiritual league of her own. There are not enough stars to give her, she is truly amazing. She is a very high level psychic who has the ability to pick up incredible detail and accurate information." - USA clients review

Debs warmth yet direct and honest nature and a friendly sense of humor, amidst real accuracy when reading, brings in many great and genuine references from clients around the world. People feel her genuine connection and enjoy engaging with her energy. They appreciate the instant proof of a true Spiritual Connection, without Debs having to ask them to explain themselves.

"Validation is a key factor, points of evident reference that the client relates to. Relevant and key information that can be incorporated into the clients life. This connection is made very quickly and once in place , we are also connected in Spiritually, and readings flow from there. I have complete confidence in my ability and what Spirit shows me, they have tested me many, many times, in order for me to become very fine tuned".

Give Debs a call, within the first minute you will experience proof of her true Spiritual and psychic connection for yourself.


This woman is amazing! I called her in first time around August ,2018 about my job . She told me then something would happen against all odds. Today actually it happened exactly the way she said after all these months! Amazing I can't even know how I should thank her! You are extraordinary woman. I'm glad I have you in my life! Thank you very much for being there for me ! Enke R - USA

"Hands down one of the best psychics I've been to! As far as predictions go and my past, she was 100% right on! She also has an added quality that other equally gifted psychics don't. She is able to see the emotions/ expressions from people that only we could know and have experienced. A VERY GIFTED lady!!"
posted on September 1, 2018 by Ericka Murray USA

"Fabulous!!! This woman is the real deal! Fast and detailed- and very easy to talk too. She reads your life like she has been living it!! So amazing and happy I called!! Thank you! I will definitely call again"!
posted on August 10, 2018 by Kim Mazzella USA

"I have never met Debra, but the things she came up with about the loss of my darling husband were amazing. I would highly recommend Debra to do a reading at any time. There was so many things we had talked about that Deb would not have known. She was spot on". Gwen B - Australia

Please visit my website, as there are many options available to help you on your journey.

Her understanding of the world of Spirit, energies, consciousness, and how it all works, all with a warm and comforting, personality and a good sense of humor, means you will experience a truly accurate and uplifting reading.

Psychics (Intuitive)Medium (Spirit Communicator)Animal Communicators Tarot (Card) Reader, Crystal Reader, Medical Intuitive, Relationship Intuitive, Past Life Reader, Akashic Records Reader, Angel Reader, Chakra & Aura Readers Intuitive, Ascended Masters Channel, Spirit Artists Intuitive ,Psychic Coach, Energy Healer, Psychic Detective

Additional Information: 

Debs has a genuine ambition to help people and offers you a wonderful range of options. A combination of any of these will come through in your reading as directed by Spirit. Being a specialist energy and aura reader, you are assured of an excellent reading with Debs:

Spiritual Counselling  Medium-ship  Emotional healing  Soul Reach/Retrieval  Automatic writing  Life Coaching  Synchronicity  Aura reading and insight  Clairvoyance  Psychic Vision  Clair-audience  Clairsentience  Empathetic  Energetic reading  Heart Centred Balancing  Chakra healing  Validation of your journey, past, present and future  Soul Mate Connections  Life Lessons  Higher Awareness  Health and well-being energy psychic readings  Medical intuition  Near Death Experience Insight  PTSD insight  Life transitions  Relationships  Psychometry  Out of body experiences  Déjà vu  Past Lives  Empath  Astral Travel  Understanding the Higher Self  Arch Angels  Mind, Body, Spirit  Body and Aura Scanning  Medical Intuitive  One consciousness  Higher Consciousness  Divine Spirit  Ascended Masters  Law of Attraction  And more…..

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Listed since: May 4, 2016


Really informative session, Debs was able to pick-up current issues and had really good advice on solutions.
So accurate, very insightful and to the point. No fluff! Much appreciated at times of doubt. Thoroughly recommend.
Debs is an authentic and accurate psychic clairvoyant who truely cares for people. She always spot on and is a beautiful, caring soul. She has helped me make important choices many times and I thoroughly recomend her to get genuine and accurate advice. Thanks Debs youre the best
Debbie picked up straight away on my situation and was very accurate in what she told me. I’m looking forward to see what happens in the next few months for me. Debbie was very compassionate and lovely to speak with . Well worth the reading:-)
I came to Deb to seek guidance regarding a long standing issue. She was reassuring and accurate in her assessment of the situation, offering constructive advice and helping me to fully understand what is happening. After the reading i felt a huge sense of relief along with a renewed belief in my own instincts. Thank you Deb for being such a loving,supportive & guiding lightIn gratitude.
Deb you are wonderful..I am blessed to have had the privilege of connecting with you.I hadnt had such a detailed reading before. You truly are blessed with such a great gift to help everyone and anyone. I had a very bad time and I was losing my hopes ..but predictions happened in the time that you gave me.Your guidance is full of compassion and is grounded in reality and the insight of your spirit guides.You are "Out of this World" (literally)Thank you DEB from the bottom of my heart.
Debs is the clearest and best intuitive medium that I have come across, you do not have to tell her anything about yourself, and she gives an amazing reading. Her empathy and her psychic ability are top notch. She sees and talks with Spirit and explains people and situations them in a way that not only makes sense but promotes healing, please call her, you will see how great she is!
Debs is one of those rare highl gifted psychics that can tell you things about yourself, and your situation,even your emotions and experiences without you even having to say anything except a first name! I loved the fact that she gave real validation, with factual information and amazing insight into a very complex situation. Her readings go right to the heart of the matter and she channels through advice so clearly. This lady has true Spiritual gifts. I cannot recommend her enough.
Debs was amazing, she was very clear and to the point and I made very good sense of her reading. She made me feel a sense of calm and clarity which I was very much in need of. I highly recommend her and can’t wait for another reading in the future thanks Debs
I am so thankful for talking to Deb. She is genuine & very gifted. She is kind, truthful to the very smallest detail & that makes her so unique. I called her because of uncertainties and difficulties in my daily life and she changed my day, put me at ease and gave me great advice in approaching and handling things that was lifesaving. My grandmother who passed away over a year ago came through during our conversation & Deb delivered her messages to me that is was such a heartfelt experience.
Debs is an outstanding reader, so clear, so accurate, very tuned in. Full of compassion and honesty but also to the point. She has a very powerful Spiritual connection, and the things she said blew my mind, things no one else knew. I cannot recommend her enough. The real deal.
This is the sixth time I have had a reading with Debs because EVERYTHING she predicted in previous readings has happened in my life. She provides specific details of upcoming major events that unfold precisely how she described. She is the real deal. She is a kind, funny, compassionate and very gifted individual. She is also spot on with her descriptions of people and situations in your life. Highly highly highly recommend Debs!!
Simply the best. Honest, sincere, quick connection and very accurate. Non judgmental. Helped instantly put my mind at ease after a really rough night. I call on Deb anytime I’m feeling off and she’s always there. Truly wish I found her earlier In life.
Thank you Debs for your accurate and amazing insight, the clarity that I received from my reading with you has helped me so much. Everything that you mentioned was true, and I look forward to moving on with my life.
I was very lucky to get a reading with Deb she is amazing and was spot on about my real mum and that i would get a picture of her which i did. she open minded friendly warm and u feel like u talking to a friend u knowen for yers
I have had a few readings over the years, and Debs has proven to be the most thorough of readers. This is because she is immediately connected, and so incredibly clear when she gives messages and guidance. Her ability to see what is the heart of matters is something that I have not yet found in another reader.She also identified personal information from my aura,which in itself is unique. No tools,no cards, just real,true psychic ability. She is the best!
Very kind, amazingly accurate, and knew things about me no one else knew. Debs is truly gifted.
I wanted to write to express how wonderful I think Deb is as an advisor and overall human being! I have sought out guidance from so many advisors in the past and I have finally found “THE Mindblowing” advisor that I searched for, for what seems like forever! Debs is AMAZINGLY accurate, honest, compassionate, patient and so ethical! I hope anyone reading this review heeds my advice and calls her! I promise you will not regret it in the least bit!!! Thank you so much, Debs! Much love! Jessy
I'm really happy to have met Deb. Truly connected within a minute. She is very down to earth and warm. Easy to talk and listened. He abilities are amazing. I'm totally new to this but find great comfort and at peace. Psychics are another human with greater ability to sense at a higher level. She is highly recommended. I'll be catching up again with her soon and looking forward to extra help and guidance in this journey. Thank you so much Deb. Really appreciate it!
I have relied upon Debs to give me clarity in some very testing and confusing times. She has a unique way of explaining things, and maps things out so to speak in a way that gives direction and deeper understanding. So much more than psychic, she has many strong intuitive abilities. I thoroughly recommend her.
Thank you Debs, you are accurate and real. I will be calling back.
I always come back to Debs because she has been so accurate and has a connection with Spirit that gives higher advice that she channels. It has been very helpful in my life because it is so realistic and relateable to my actual circumstances. I feel more confident now, and have learnt to trust me and my own intuition.
Mrs. Debra is definitely one of a kind. She doesn’t change her readings even when I give her different information that may have been changed in my personal life. She sticks to what she sees and it’s always the same. I talk to her a lot and she has been very supportive and comforting to me and my situation. I really do look forward to living her readings that she saw for me. She’s the only psychic I can solely trust on this website. I don’t like to bash other readers but she is #1!
I 100% recommend Debs as a Psychic-Medium, she is amazingly accurate, so comforting, and gave me personal insight that no one could have possibly known about. I will be forever grateful for her clarity and her non judgmental approach, she is so easy going and open. A true Star among psychics.
Debs is an absolutely incredible psychic and I know I can count on her time and time again, as she's proven herself and her abilities over and over. Her gifts are out of this world, she is so specific, not vague at all. She is also very down to earth, and having a reading with her is like talking to someone you have known forever. Shes super talented and friendly, and puts you at ease with her insight.
I had an amazing reading with Debs, I thought I was going to be given a reading about the future, and some of it was, however Debs identified some very personal blocks that are holding me back and channeled through guidance and tools to move forward with from Spirit. She knew me through and through, she is awesome! She turned things around for me, I feel so much more positive about the future now. A lovely person, so genuine and gifted, bless you Debs
Deb is such a fabulous lady. She is so kind and supportive and has been spot on in predicting two very important events in my life. I highly recommend her.
Had a reading done with Deb. Deb has a real gift and it all came true what Deb advised me.
I have been getting my readings through Debs for a while now and she always is always on point with timing and picking up on characters. She's also very patient and calm and professional; and is very straight forward but in a passive way. She's amazing with a highly developed gift and I am so happy I have the opportunity to speak with her. She's definitely a personal guide to success and happiness. A firm favorite for sure.
Debs is super gifted! So fast to bring through accurate and personal information that can only be from a real psychic and Spiritual ability. Her descriptions, both visual and emotional are outstanding, and the clarity and comfort she provides is second to none. She has an extra "something" that is hard to describe and you will understand upon speaking with her or meeting her. You come away feeling at ease and connected. I fully recommend getting a reading with her.


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