How Do Spirits Communicate With Other Spirits?

How do spiritual beings communicate with other spiritual beings?

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This is just another one of the bonuses of spiritual life. We communicate through our thoughts. There is no need for talking. There is no miscommunication, no misinterpretation of our words, and no misunderstandings. Communication is pure. And since other people in spirit can read our thoughts, there is only honesty, truth and authenticity. People in spirit cannot tell a lie.

Being that there is no distance in the spirit world, two spirits can communicate regardless of what they are doing or where they are. I could be overlooking a waterfall in Venezuela and you could be watching polar bears in Greenland, yet we could have a conversation at the same moment. Of course, this is where it gets rather complicated from a technical standpoint, because spirits can be in more than one place at a time. Therefore, you and I (as spirits) could have a conversation together while peering at the Eiffel Tower and, at the same time, I could be in Venezuela by the waterfall and you could be in Greenland with the polar bears. How cool is that?

When we die here in this lifetime and return home to the spirit world for our homecoming celebration, we might still imagine ourselves with a physical body and think we are talking with our mouths. But at some moment during the party, we’re likely to notice that our loved ones already know what we’re going to say before we say it. At this point, we’ll probably smile and say, “Oh, I get it. You can read my mind. I was wondering why I knew what you were saying and your mouth wasn’t moving.” This is when we’ll stop talking with our mouths because it is much easier and faster to just converse with our thoughts.

What if a spirit at a lower level wants to communicate with a spirit at a higher level?

Because we, as spiritual beings, vibrate at different frequencies, it is generally believed that we congregate with other spiritual beings of the same frequency (like attracts like), which translates into different levels of the spirit world. In light of this, it’s said that spirits can visit levels lower than their level (lower vibrations) but not higher levels (higher vibrations). But that’s not to say that we can’t communicate with spirits of a higher level.

All we need to do is call upon another person in spirit who is of a higher level and they will come to us, just as we will go to spirits who are at lower levels than our own. So communication is never an issue. Just think of the person in spirit with whom you wish to connect and they’ll instantly be aware of your call to them.

The only difference the levels make is that we must wait until we have increased our spiritual awareness and wisdom, and therefore our vibrational frequency, before we can travel to these higher levels on our own. This is just one of the many motivations for ongoing spiritual growth in the spirit world. But communication between levels is never really an issue. &
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