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How Long Should You Wait After Someone Has Passed Before Getting A Reading With A Psychic Medium?

By Bob Olson

This is a common concern for the recently bereaved as it’s only natural to want to connect with your loved ones right after their passing. But is there a right time to get a reading with a psychic medium and should you wait?

After all my investigations into the afterlife, I’ve concluded that there is no proper time to wait before getting a reading with a psychic medium (commonly referred to as just a medium), despite what some mediums might tell you. If you want a reading, go ahead and get one regardless of how much time has passed since the person died.

The most common reason some people say you should wait weeks or months after a person has died is because those people believe it takes time for the newly deceased to acclimate to their new existence as spirits. My investigation into life after death suggests otherwise. There is no concept of time in the afterlife, so there is no need for a waiting period, at least not for the reasons these people argue. The only reason some people believe that there is a transition period when returning home to the spirit world is because we, as humans, can only think linearly—that is, we can’t imagine what it’s like without time.

I do believe in a transitionary phase from our physical death to our spiritual return, but not in terms of time. This transition can happen in a heartbeat, even though it might be quite complex for the person in spirit. So I’m not suggesting that there isn’t a transitionary phase. I’m merely saying that it doesn’t take any time. It can happen in an instant.

I have witnessed mediumistic readings where people who died that very same day came through. In some of these cases, the sitters having the reading didn’t even know the person had passed. In other readings with psychic mediums, it had only been a few days or a couple of weeks. In all cases, the people in spirit came through loud and clear as well as happy, healthy, and at peace. After all, a spirit knows no other state of being other than happy, healthy, and at peace. This is true even for people who have taken their own lives, which is a circumstance that some people believe requires extra time to acclimate once the deceased has crossed over to the other side. But when there’s no time, there’s no acclimation period in the way that we commonly imagine. Again, everything is happening instantaneously.

Having said this, while I’ve seen no need for waiting for the sake of our loved ones in spirit, I do feel it’s occasionally healthy to wait to get a reading for the sitter’s sake. It is traumatic losing a loved one. Grief hits us on many levels, many of which we are unaware. It often requires weeks, months, or sometimes years for some people to be ready for a reading with a psychic medium. I personally recommend that people wait a few weeks, at least. Otherwise, your state of bereavement might be such that you are feeling desperate and hopeless, which are not good emotional states for a healthy mediumistic reading.

When you are finally able to talk about your late loved one without falling into a fit of sobbing hysteria, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve healed enough to get a reading with a psychic medium. You’ll likely cry during your reading, which is expected and normal. But the key is that you want the reading to be healing, not distressing. Most psychic mediums are not therapists or counselors, so they are not equipped to help frantic, inconsolable clients who are emotionally distraught by the mere thought of connecting with their loved ones in the hereafter.

Worse, some psychic mediums can misinterpret messages that might add to a bereaved person’s fearful concerns rather than comfort them. Hence, it’s important that you be mentally stable enough to be able to accept only those messages that make sense and discard any messages that seem in error. Sadly, those who are desperate for a connection to the recently departed tend to accept everything as true, and that’s simply not healthy. It’s also not reality. Psychic mediums misinterpret messages at times.

In the end, I don’t believe you have to wait for a reading for your departed loved one’s sake, but you might want to wait for a reading for your sake. You want to be sure that you are emotionally stable enough to be discerning with the messages that you get. When you feel you are ready at this level, that’s the best time to get a reading with a psychic medium.

This article is an excerpt from Bob Olson’s book, Answers About The Afterlife.

©2014 Written by Bob Olson 

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