How Can I Communicate With My Spirit Guides?

How can I communicate with my spirit guides?

by Bob Olson,, &

Since our spirit guides can read our minds, we are always communicating with them because we’re always thinking. But since it’s common that we send out mixed messages by thinking that we want one thing and then following that with a thought that we don’t deserve it or are never lucky enough to get such things, it’s helpful to take the time to communicate directly with our spirit guides.

The easiest way to communicate with your spirit guides is to talk out loud to them, as if they were right in the room with you (because technically they are). If you want to request something from them, tell them what you want, although follow that statement with “this or something better.” It’s important to say “this or something better” because it’s impossible for us to consider all the possibilities that might be similar but better than what we’ve requested.

When you talk out loud to your spirit guides, tell them how you’d like your request to look or sound, how it will make you feel, and even what it will taste or smell like, if that applies. The more details you give them about your desire the better. And I’m not just referring to material possessions here; I’m referring to every request: a request to help someone who is ill, a request for your interview to go smoothly, a request that the tornado won’t hit your house, or a request that your missing cat finds his way home.

Tell your spirit guides what you’re going to do to make your desire happen and say that you’d appreciate their assistance. Too many people ask their guides for something and then just wait for them to make it happen. If all you’re doing is sitting on your sofa and watching TV while waiting for a modeling agency to discover you or a publishing company to offer you a book contract, that makes it pretty difficult for your spirit guides to help you. But if you actually go to modeling agencies and show them your portfolio or create a professional book proposal and submit it to publishers or agents, now you’re helping your spirit guides to help you.

An alternative to simply talking out loud to your spirit guides is writing to them. You can write them a letter on your laptop, in a handwritten note, on a chalkboard or in a journal. Write them a letter spelling out the details of your request or how you’d like your future to look. Some people are more articulate in writing, so use your talents in this endeavor. If you’re a gifted artist, feel free to draw or paint your communications, as well. You might even consider burning your letter to watch your spirit-guide communication turn to smoke and dissipate into the air. Be careful, of course, not to burn yourself or start a fire, as that would likely be distracting, not to mention dangerous.

What’s great about writing a letter is that it encourages you to add more detail about your request. You might feel silly talking out loud to your guides with no visible presence in the room, which might influence you to cut your communications short. But it’s perfectly natural to write a letter, so it’s more likely that you will communicate more fully than you would talking out loud. And writing is something you can do at work, on the subway or in a coffee shop.

Our spirit guides are helping us every day. The amount of assistance and guidance they provide is never ending. So don’t just ask for assistance; take the time to communicate your gratitude for everything they do for you, too. Again, you can do this by talking out loud to them, thinking it or by writing them a letter. Since we can never know everything our spirit guides do for us, all we need to do in this exercise is communicate to them how much we appreciate our blessings in life. Take one blessing a day or list as many as you can think of in one sitting. Regardless, it’s important that we communicate what we appreciate in our life so that our guides know to help us have more of it.

How can I be sure to never communicate the wrong message to my spirit guides?

There are actually two ways that we communicate to our spirit guides—through attention and intention. “Intention” is when we intentionally use our thoughts and actions to communicate our life’s desires to our spirit guides, our soul and the Universe. For instance, we are using the power of intention when we request something in prayer. Attention is what we focus our thoughts, words, time and energy on. I’m going to focus this answer on “attention,” because this is how we most commonly communicate the wrong message to our spirit guides.

You are communicating to your spirit guides with attention when you complain about how broke you are, how unhealthy you are, or how nobody likes you. The more you say it, the more you request it by giving that aspect of your life energy.

Keep telling people about how unlucky you are and you’re setting yourself up for bad luck. Continue talking to your friends about those mice in your basement and you’re sending out the message that you want more mice. Complain to your wife about how much hair you’re losing or how bad your eyesight is getting and expect these issues to get worse.

When we communicate via attention, we are giving energy to the object of our focus, be it positive or negative.

As an example of the positive, I read about a small business owner who hired a marketing writer to create a flyer for his company. The marketing writer made the flyer and sent it to the business owner. When the marketing writer called the business owner months later to ask how the flyer was working out, the business owner told him that business picked up instantly. However, the business owner confessed that he never used the flyer. The moment that he hired the marketing writer to create the flyer, business increased and never stopped. His action alone—his focus on increasing business—was enough to communicate to his spirit guides what he wanted.

A great example of the negative happened to me a couple years ago. I began to worry about a potential problem that might occur with a new project I was creating—a project that was near-and-dear to my heart and was something I’ve wanted to do for years. For some reason, my fears took over and I became focused on one potential problem that might possibly occur someday, though it was most unlikely.

That Saturday night, I got together with three friends whose opinions I particularly trust and respect. I presented this imaginary-yet-potential problem to them in order to get their feedback. They, of course, already knew about the project, since I had shared it with them in the past, but they never considered this potential issue.

The conversation between the four of us focused on this topic for over an hour. Different people had different opinions, and some even changed their opinion as the debates continued. For the most part, however, everyone thought I was being much too concerned, even though I kept arguing for my fears. The consensus among my friends was that I could avoid the problem altogether by being cautious with my communication, which is exactly what this answer is all about.

After an emotionally driven hour of talking, we moved on to another discussion, yet I was still feeling fearful about the issue, maybe more so.

The next morning, I checked my email and couldn’t believe my eyes. A complete stranger in some other part of the country had read an article I wrote several years prior that was related to my newly desired project. And wouldn’t you know it, she misunderstood how I worded it and challenged me to explain. Just like that, the problem I had feared showed up at my door.

I knew instantly that the energy and emotion I had given to the issue the night before—discussing the subject with friends for over an hour—had attracted the very thing I feared into my life.

The coincidence of my talking with friends about my hypothetical problem and the email from the stranger—both within a matter of hours of one another—awakened me from my absurd thought pattern. I stopped being fearful about what might happen and started feeling supported by the Universe.

This event got me thinking about the power of attention versus intention. While there has been a lot of articles, books and DVDs covering the power of intention and how to harness it, there has been much less on the power of attention. However, the power of “attention” is much more subtle yet just as effectual. Moreover, it is the concept of attention that often leads us to unconsciously communicate the wrong message to our spirit guides.

To really drive home this point, attention is when we focus our thoughts and actions upon something, thereby activating its energy field. Attention puts energy into the subject of our focus. And, in this way, what we focus upon expands.

When it comes to attention, everything begins with a thought. Thoughts, of course, include everything we think about, but they also include the feelings (emotions) we associate with those thoughts. The higher our intensity of emotion (associated with the thought), the more powerful it is.

So that’s our thoughts and feelings, but what about our actions? Actions are the result of thoughts and raise the energy of a thought one step further. Actions include writing, talking and doing. In order of intensity of energy projected, we think about it, we write about it, we talk about it, and we take action in response to it. And with each new concentration of attention (and the emotion attached to it), the subject of our attention expands.

In relation to my story above, I initially thought about a potential problem that might occur and nothing happened (not yet anyway). But then I put more energy into it by talking about it with my friends. Talking (our conversation) was an action. The conversation then increased the emotions I was feeling in reference to it. Plus, I now had four heads thinking, talking and feeling emotion about it instead of just one (I had quadrupled the power of my attention).

The energy of attention had now multiplied exponentially (from thinking to talking, from one person to four people, and from low emotion to high emotion). And that’s all it took to influence one stranger to just happen to find something I wrote a long time ago, read it, misunderstand it, and email me about her misunderstanding. Voila! The potential problem I focused upon became a reality because I had sent my spirit guides the wrong message that this was what I wanted.

Just imagine if you followed this same process but for something positive. What might you manifest in your life using the power of attention?

There was a time in my life, long before my years of investigating spirituality, when I would have written off that email as a mere fluke. I now know that coincidence often shows up to tell us something. In the case of this story, this coincidence showed me to be more cautious about where I focus my attention because my attention is a direct communication to my spirit guides, my soul and the Universe that this is what I want. &
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